anita urias

hi my name is anita urias i am from lufkin tx i am writing to to tell u i found u in my 2008 country almanac and love ur look where is ur shop at i would love to come look i love the cottage look so very much i am into apples in my kitchen hpe to here from u

Marty Howe

I would like to send you some pictures of my two cottages and red barn my hubby built.
I want to start a blog. My friends have been trying to do one for ages. My houses are shabby country. I hope to hear from you.
I have lived in Round Rock for thirty years.

Marty Howe


Tina Lee,

Love your new banner - it looks just like Tina Lee.......

Heart Cha!



Several of my blogger friends have recently talked about your delicious chocolate cobbler. Being a chocolate lover, I decided to pay your site a visit. Not only is your blog beautiful, but imagine my surprise when I saw that you are from Henderson, Texas. My Mother is from that area. I have so many wonderful memories of time spent there with my grandparents on their watermelon and cattle ranch. We still have relatives there!
I can't wait to come back and read through your past blog posts. Love & blessings from NC!


I Googled "Poppy Seed Chicken" today to fix for a sick friend. I saw your name and by-passed all the other recipes. I should have known to start here!

Hope you enjoy your cool, sunny Sunday. Isn't this a nice change from all the rain and cloudy weather we've had lately?

Kay - No Richland Hills, TX


Hi Tina,
I love love love your style! I live in a log home but am thinking about getting a 1919 farmhouse. We have a lot in common, but I cried when I read the part about your husband...he sounds very special and I KNOW that a loving, giving, and supportive man who supports a woman's creativity is one in a million...I'm happy you found your needle in a haystack. I ESPECIALLY love the relationship he has with your daughter. Again, extremely special. Thank you for sharing!


Gorgeous BLOG! I love, how can I follow it????


Your blog is wonderful! I stumbled across it by accident and what a suprise. I love your ideas... Thank you so much for sharing
East Texas


I love your site, only thing, either i am not seeing it or it isn't on here. I can't look at your old post back in different months. I don't get on long and i normally go thourgh the months i have missed??:(( Let me now, Tina B


We wanted to go back and look at the fabulous table decorations you did for your daughter's wedding. Could you please give me the date of those postings?

Absolutely love your blog!

Thank you!



this is shafa.

I've seen your house picture in your nice blog…

that is wonderful, and i want too make my house like yours...the colours, red, yellow, white...everything...i lllllllove it

so,i wanna ask you something ,if it doesn't matter for you,i want you too send to me your house pictures and all aspects of its decoration

I'll be so happy if having more information about you,

take care dear,


this is my email by the way ...

Maura (in Kansas)

Hi Tina, I stumbled across your blog (again) while going through some archives from My Yellow Farmhouse which is another wonderful blog site. I just want to say THANK YOU for the wonderful inspiration you provide all of us who love to decorate. I LOVE your's 'me'! We just moved from a beautiful huge Victorian in a small town to a little farmhouse on 5 acres in the country here in Kansas. Your blog site will give me LOTS of great ideas to give our little farmhouse lots of cheery charm. I'm so happy to have found you again.


Hi Tina, a friend just told me about your blog today. I have not had much time to read it, but I read your profile. I, too no longer have my father here, and he and my mother were married for about 46 years. I was thinking about your dad "going home" on Thanksgiving Day. I know that was so sad and would make future Thanksgivings sad, but just think how wonderful it was for your dad that he got to see Jesus and be in Heaven on Thanksgiving Day. Definitely something to be thankful for from his perspective. Just thought I would post that so that you could think of Thanksgiving Day in a different day.. a day of Glory for your dad.


Hi Tina...
I just found your blog and LOVE it...and I forwarded you on to my "kindred sister".. We both love all things vintage. Keep up the charm!!!!


Hi Tina,
I'm fairly new to blogging...I know...
And love your blog so much I have to comment. I will be starting one where I sell some things I make and also some fun vintage finds. Like a tin cake holder from way back with...cherries on it! Made me think of you.
Went through Texas pan handle once many moons ago. Always wanted to go back to see more. Never did. But now I can be there through your cute blog!
Thanks for being so *fun*

Vivra (Pat)  Beene

Tina--I just love your home, it reminds me so much of my home growing up in England. By the way--I live in Henderson, too. If I had the money (which unfortunately I don't) I would like to have my home done in a similar way--but with roses, and call it Rose Cottage.
My birthday is March 23rd--I'm a few years (ahem!) older, though.


coucou tina I'm Michelle and I live in france. je préfère parler en francais car mon anglais est tres limité. je trouve votre blog bien fait il est joli a regardé et votre maison semble magnifiquement bien décorée. J'espère que ces quelques lignes vous feront plaisir et que je pourrais encore continer à visiter votre blog. A bientot.


tina - I drove through east Texas Monday - I thought of you and wondered where you live!!:)


I just found your blog while searching for something else. I used to live in East Texas, still have a few relatives there. Coincidence: my birthday is March 25th too! However, I was born in '75. A little younger. Anyway, neat blog. :)

S. M.

Tina, when I try to email you I get an error message. My question is about the chunky pearl necklace. How long is it?

Valerie in SC

I love your blog and your creative ideas. Are your paint colors posted somewhere? I have been looking for the right yellow and yours looks perfect!

Hassie Kirschenbaum

What a wonderfully lucky lady you are!! I, too, came by your site in a "happenstance" sort of way. So happy that I did. Love the photos of "your world." You are a lady after my own heart. Keep up your creativity, although I don't know how you can improve on your surroundings -- everything is absolutely beautiful! I will certainly make your site a "favorite." Regards, Hassie (Start, LA)

Olivia Taylor

I love your blog. I was born and raised in Southeast Texas (Port Arthur) and now live in Round Rock, Texas. I miss East Texas!!! but am glad to be in an area where so much Texas history is and the wonderful days at Round Top, Texas in the spring and fall(talk about wonderful finds!!) Take care.


Love visiting your blog. It takes me out of my often crazy day and makes me pause for a short but lovely breath of simple pleasures. Hope to meet you someday. (I will be in Canton at the end of this month. Will you?)

Mary Smith

Oh Tina, I arrived on your blog this morning and could not leave! I felt I was visiting an old friend, such a warm delightful place to be.

Love your music!Love your house!

God is so good to us!


Martha Kay

Hi Tina,
I love your blog. Your home is beautiful. I live in SC and cottage style has always been a favorite.
I just wondered if you have any ideas on storing earrings. I looked at the mall and I need some cute ideas.


I'm very excited and interested in the "little booth" and the outdoor festival you are doing with a friend. I hope all goes well with that. You'd do great having your own cottage business! I hope you blog more about this little venture!



Hello Tina,
Well I spent my whole day cleaning...just because of you....wanna come to my house and help me make it pretty. I stumbeled on your site yesterday and just sat and cried...I want a beautiful house! I have never been a good keeper of my home and I want nothing more than that now and have no idea where to begin.
I love your are an inspiration!!
Thank you!!
New devoted fan,

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