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June 15, 2012


Tina Smith

who said it was finished.
I never did.
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guess we dont get to see the finished thing???

Jardiniere curtain

I know many women, myself involved, appreciate the images for motivation as we all have the same objective to have our very own classic trailer! I'm very much awaiting the future images of your little beauty!

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My husband is freaking out he loves this RV. Please show us your completed job when done. . .


My parents had one of these....same color! The inside had red and white checked curtains.



These are just precious....serene!! I think if I had one, it would be with a Keep Out sign when I wanted to dream!!


Bisbee Arizona has a motel called the Shady Dell, consisting of ten vintage trailers!!! Really cute!!


Tina, that is adorable! I so want one too! I love the color...oh you are going to be having so much fun!!!!
Here's a website you might like...I just discovered this one today....www.vintagecampertrailers.com


Hey girlie... I picked up my trailer yesterday and saw your trailer in the shed waiting to be worked on..... soooooo super excited!!!

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Tak for denne lejlighed til at drøfte dette, føler jeg brænder for det, og jeg kan lide at lære om dette emne. Når det er muligt, fordi det samler information, skal du opdatere denne blog med flere oplysninger. Jeg fandt det virkelig nyttigt.

Andrea Rayna

Oh....seems like we all have the same dream....a little tiny space all to ourselves to fancy up any way we want....I want one too!

Rita May

re: Playlist
I'm bummed that playlist is no longer on my blog or yours. I always loved your music and have spent time putting mine together as well. Have you been looking for a replacement?
I was hoping that this wouldn't be permanent. Doesn't 'sound' good.
Cheers! Rita

Jill  Brown

I want one too!!!!!!!!

Teresa in St. Paul, TX

Oh my, I'm so jealous!! I can't wait to see what you do to the inside. I know it will just be adorable. Happy camping!


How fun! I've always wanted to decorate one in a 50's theme in pink with pink flamingo fabric and pink and white checkered curtains!


Tina, go to THE TRAILER GAL on facebook ... on my side links are several folks I visit with and have consulted with when we were remodeling both trailers... if you need a contact for awnings, oilcloth cushions, flooring holler at me.... Paul was here today.. we are taking the gypsy out there tomorrow... dining room remodel!!! yoo hoo!!


Get ready to let go of those purse strings! My sister and I just did one and it keeps adding and adding and adding.

Gloria in Virginia


I'm with Liz, how darling and I also can't wait to see how you doll it up to perfection! Have fun!


Oh my Goodness! How darling is that?! I can't wait for the tour! :)



Oh you lucky girl!!!!!!!!! I've wanted one of these ever since I saw the Sisters on the Fly trailers. I don't care if I get to go anywhere in it - I just want to decorate one!!! Oh have so much fun with it - with your touch it'll be AWESOME! So happy for you!

Jacqueline Meindersee

Hi Tina,
'Happy Camper Girl', 'Girl Camping', and 'Sisters on the Fly' can be found on Facebook, and they have dozens of photos for inspiration. I know many ladies, myself included, enjoy the photos for inspiration as we all have the same goal to have our very own vintage trailer! I'm very much looking forward to the upcoming photos of your little beauty! Enjoy!



I'm sure you'll have it fixed up very cute. Do you camp now? We have a camper (pull behind trailer style), that is not vintage. We love camping and are fortunate to have many state parks and a national park nearby.



A Texas Gal

Pinterest had several pictures of cute trailers like your new one. I started pinning these decorated trailers, and calling them a second home. You are so talented, and I bet it will be so adorable. I can't wait to see your new decorated trailer. Please post pictures. Have fun!

anne roberts


Marissa Polk


Susan Phillips

One word-----------JEALOUS


Wife of Rob

Tina tha is the coolest thing since Sunbeam Bread.....HOLY COW!

Love ya


O.K. Missy I want to see YOU pull that to Canton and park right by me.:) It will be
nice to have a vintage neighbor...LOL. I love it and I can't wait to see how you decorate it. I know you have wanted one for so long and now all the fun starts. What year is it? I would think 50's being aqua. It is wonderful, good for you!!! You know that could be a wonderful playhouse for Marlee Pearl. Tell Milt and David "Happy Father's.

Sue T.

Hi Tina,
A play house on wheels, every litte (big) girls dream !!! Are you going with a "cherry" theme ??? Can't wait to see it
all dolled up.
Sue in FL

Claudia Voorhees

It is just darling !!! I am so looking forward to seeing you decorate your little trailer....be sure to tell us all the details and show us lots and lots of pictures.


Me again, found it. It's Country Living April 2002. 4 pages called "Cowgirl Caravan". More Southwestern than cottage..but the kitchen is cute! If you don't have magazines piled under your bed(ha) let me know and I'll send it. Carly

Tina Smith

...thanks, Id love to see it!

Connected by DROID on Verizon Wireless


I recently came across the Country Home magazine article on vintage trailers. They did a feature on them approx 5 years ago. It's here somewhere! If I find it, I'll send it to you. Carly

Jane Monahan

You have to visit a blog called www.happylovesrosie.com . She has TWO vintage caravans and they are beyond gorgeous.

Teacup Lane

I'm looking forward to seeing how you decorate it...with lots of RED i'm sure! I would love to have a vintage trailer (we have a one ton truck to pull it) but our HOA rules wouldn't let us park it here at home to renovate it. We are already paying a monthly storage fee to store our little travel van.


What a cutie she is too!
blessings to you.


I'm so excited for you! I have a little, vintage trailer and we're starting to redo her. I know you're going to love yours! Can't wait to see more.


I am pea green with envy. I want one of those so much I know it will be fantastic when you are done.
Connie, IN/FL

Lisa~A Cottage To Me

Can't wait to see how you decorate this. I bet it will be so cute! Have fun with it!


Jealous! A girly version of camping - I love it!

Becky from Tennessee

Oh Tina.....what a dream come true! I have wanted an old vintage camper for years. Your's is a beauty...love the color. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Give your precious Marlee Pearl a big hug from Tennessee.


very pretty!
Regards from Greece!

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