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May 20, 2012


Limpezas domésticas | Prime Clean

Thanks for this recipe I will tray in my home for the kids...


This was delicious. As soon as I saw your post, I got up and made this cake straight from your blog. It turned out great. I think this would make a great end to a Mexican meal - maybe with a bandana tied around the handle of the skillet. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog


What a fun way to make and share a cake! I must try this sometime soon. I just found your blog and I can see it is full of fun. I'll be back!

Jill Phillips

hello, love the site!! how would I get the receipe for the pineapple upside down cake done in the skillet..:) thks


Tina, I also came over from Note Songs by Shelia. And I emailed a link to a friend in East Texas...assuming East Texas extends down to NE Houston. I'm originally from Texarkana, TX. Love your blog.
Helen of Helen's Decor


Came here from Notesongs blog. Great looking recipe!


I came over from Sheila's since she RAVED about your cake! Will have to try this soon.

Cathy Dukes

OK So I made it last night and it was AMAZING!!! I think it was the iron skillet could not possibly be the Chocolate!!!
BTW I had to tear my flower pot wreath apart
yesterday it was completly falling apart. Miss your post. You are so inspiring.
Cathy from Kentucky

Kathie Truitt

Sinful!! But you KNOW I'm gonna try it.


Tina sorry to comment again, but this cake reminds me of the Coca Cola cake we use to
make back in the 70's. The only difference is we put small marshmallows in it. The icing we put coke instead of milk. I was
reading your recipe again and it dawned
on me, I knew it was familiar. This one has
to be good and I will make it. Thanks for


Thanks for this recipe. My mom's 70th birthday party is this weekend and I'll be making it for that. Thanks for sharing! Jean


I'm all about chocolate, so this recipe looks fantastic!

Marilyn (in Dallas)


Hey this looks good Tina! I will have to exercise my 43yr. old iron skillet. I like that every piece is a corner piece.


This sounds so good! I love your pound cake recipe - a favorite in my house. Can't wait to try this! Thanks for sharing.


Look yummy!!


You baked it! I'm glad you liked it!!! One big corner piece!!! Gotta love that!!!! xoxo


I have got to try this!!! Sounds so yummy. Anything that leaves me with less clean-up is a good thing. Thanks Tiny and have a blessed day!

Rita May

oooh! trying this one today! I love my cast iron pans and chocolate cake so it's a match made in heaven.
cheers! Thanks Tina....

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