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May 09, 2012


Marble medallion

The red chairs are so cool. I really like them.
What a pretty new change they make in your dining. xoxo

~ Herman Swan

marble flooring design

First of all it is a great deal of 6 such nice chairs @ $100. You hit the jackpot! Your idea of oilcloth cushions (different in each chair) sounds good.

- Herman Swan

Antique Chairs

These chairs can definitely add value to home. We can instantly update chairs by replacing old. Anyone can give the illusion of a completely new atmosphere by using these chairs. Thanks!

SEO Melbourne

Great info, quite useful for my research. Thanks for sharing! :-)

grammycarolynn..."Chenille Cottage" Blog

Red...I can't imagine a home without this cheerful color! My home is dotted with red...There is just nothing more cozy and cottagey!
I enjoy your blog, Tina!

home theatre seating

I like simple and sober designed chair, which you sharing here.and Red makeover paint is a make more pretty for this chair.


I am in LOVE with these chairs. How did you prep and paint them? I want to try this out, but not sure of the best method. Yours look fantastic!!

Adam Bradbury

Oh and PS - feel free to join in the English Vs American cottage debate - I would love to here your opinion seen as your cottage is alot nice than some of the english cottages I have seen, any photos you have to back up your comments would be amazing!

You can join the debate here -> thecottageforum.com/cottage-forum/Thread-American-Cottages-Vs-English-Cottages

Adam Bradbury

They are beautiful!

An amazing find (especially for the price you paid but I suppose that's what craigslist is for).

You have such a flair for interior design, if you would like to come and introduce yourself and post a few snapshots of your cottage on our Cottage Forum (see the bottom for the link) - our readers would love to hear from you and share some of your stunning ideas.

Were only a small community and only a few days old so we need passionate cottage owners such as yourself to band together and share ideas on a global basis.

Feel free to drop by and introduce yourself and promote your website in the process.

We would love to hear from you.




philippine real estate

Great centerpiece, tables and chairs looks nice, I like the color too.


Sweet Cottage Dreams

So cute, Tina! And Marlee is growing up so fast!


Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Decor

I just love your kitchen. You done a wonderful job with the chairs. So adorable!!

Carrie Mizell

Wow! The chairs look great. I thought I was doing good buying two antique twin beds off Craigslist last week for $175, but I think I like your chairs better :)


Red just makes a room pop! Your room is so cheery! My eye is always drawn to red. Love it! You definitely have what I call "the decorating gift". What a delight such eye candy!


You can't go wrong with red is my motto!! BUT what I'm noticing is under the table, is that painted tile? I've been thinking about painting the ceramic tile backsplash in my kitchen....how did you do it and does it wear well?


Love them!, Where did you get the wonderful rug??? painted canvas??? Did you paint it?? The chairs look great!!! I love the red!!!!!!!

Susan Freeman

I love them ~ I really love them! They are the cheeriest chairs. Kathy Sue is so lucky to have received 2 of them for her birthday. You must show us where she is using them in her adorable cottage. Love the oil cloth seats too ~ pretty and practical too. Have a very Happy Mother's Day!

Susan and Bentley


Testing testing-- have tried numerous times to post to you and it will not post-- need your email Tina- if you see this post-- Miss you!! Lots of catching up to do!--xo,Valery

Kathy Sue

Tina I am loving my chairs to. And I love yours with the different colors of oilcloth. Love how Milton paints them .Thank you a million times for my chairs. I feel very lucky !!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes.


Gorgeous! Certainly can't go wrong with red!


Wow! Love them!!!!


Love that run under the table!!

Rita May

Oh Tina! How perfect those chairs look in your kitchen. I had (brown) pressed back chairs just like that and sold them years ago. :( Look what I could have done! Painted them. Just when I though your kitchen couldn't get any cuter...there you go!
Rita @ May Days


Love the cheerful red color and the fact that each seat is different. So pretty!!

Marilyn (in Dallas)


The chairs look great. I'm so glad you painted them red. I painted my kitchen chairs red awhile back and I love them. The oil cloth seats are the cutest! Have a Happy Mothers Day and Happy Lollie Day to you!


BE STILL MY HEART!!!!! Love these chairs!! I would have never thought of oil cloth for the seat but what a cleaver idea, easy to clean and so cute. I've got oak patterned back chairs that I am so tired of, hmmmmm red??? My favorite color in the kitchen too. The wheels are turning. You get my in soooo much trouble Miss Tina!! Thanks and enjoy your NEW chairs.

Lisa~A Cottage To Me

Great color for your home!


Love Love Love the red chairs with the white table. Do you paint with a brush or do you use a spray paint machine and what kind of paint do you use?


Love these chairs. Could you tell us how you prepped and painted them? I just painted two chairs for my grandchildren which I prepped with Kilz and then painted and the painted is scratching off.


Those chairs are so cool! I really like them.
What a pretty new change they make in your dining. What a great price!


dena palmer

You hit the jackpot. The different oilcloth cushions is such a cute idea. I know your busy Lolly, but I sure miss your posts.


Tina I love your red chairs. They look really good with your table, painted white. I visit the Camp's every time I go
to Canton, really nice people. They always have something I can't live without. I love the way you used a different print on each one. You always find the best bargins on Craigslist. You lucky duck and tell Kathy Sue happy birthday and I'm jealous she gets
two of the pretty red chairs. :)




I love them !

My husband would flip - red is his favorite color. I use to have a country blue kitchen when I was single. Got married - now it is RED hah

I love your entire home - so warm, cozy !

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