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April 13, 2012



I guess it's not anymore available on blog platforms like this. If I am not mistaken, it is only available in blogspot hosted blogs. Anyways, you really dont need to change anything from here. Everything looks really fantastic.

Donna Tennant

Cant copy to pinterest the recipe of Chocolate cobbler. I am new to Pinterest. I thought I could at least get the recipe to print stage.Thanks.


I was wondering why your button does not show up on my blog as well. Also what is the deal with those wishlist, coupon tag things on the side? They are bugging my on my blog..do they bug you?

Sharon Yeager

I was so mad when I figured out that Google disabled it for us Typepad members. Grrrrrrr

Deb Huffaker

I did notice that you don't show up on my list of blogs...but I think it has to do with Blogger and that you use Wordpress. So...I just visit you thru Google!!! Marlee Pearl is adorable!!!


I love your colorful blog as it is. The photos are so pretty!

Tina Smith

...so sweet dena!

Connected by DROID on Verizon Wireless

dena palmer

Your blog is perfect just the way it is. The only thing you could do different is post at least once a day. I don't expect much.lol

Miss Janice

Don't change a thing. I love your header and think the photos are perfect!


I think that some Typepad blogs are using Linky followers option as The Bungalow Blog is doing. All the best with that. (All these changes are so annoying.)

Rita May

It seems to be blog trouble week! I can't preview! Google is here to annoy us! Have a cocktail (see the recipe on my blog today)
Cheers! Rita @MAY DAYS


...thanks Katie and Judy!!


I lost mine too :(
Only blogspot blogs are able to use it.


Don't waste your time looking! Spend your time sewing instead ;-) Google disabled the service on all non-blogspot/google blogs in March.

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