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October 31, 2011


Nursery Growers

Such adorable nursery..your daughter must be lucky.. :)


This is so lovely nursery. I wish i could have that type of nursery.

Online Nursery

Wow! Im so jealous with this nursery room..This is so cute..


Found this via AllThingsGranny on Etsy. OMG. I love the whole thing. The crib looks like my old one that my parents use for the grandkids now. Beautiful!


Amazing nursery! It's so happy! Can I ask paint brand & color you used? I'm planning on using an aqua in my baby girl's nursery as well. I love the brightness of this shade you used!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

What a lucky little girl Marlee Pearl will be to have this beautiful room.


This nursery is absolutely adorable!


What a cute and adorable nursery! Loving all the colors and decor! Lil baby girl is going to be so happy in there. I also think Di is awesome - she is the sweetest!

Angela (Cottage Magpie)

This is the cutest nursery ever! I LOVE the aqua and red combination. And I love the idea of a settee for a nursery! Really, really cute! My Baby Girl is going to want one, too, I think! :-)


Lora ~ Charmed

Could be the cutest nursery EVER!


So much happiness on this blog! Makes me want to smile from ear to ear! What a beautiful nursery - I can see that there is a little baby on the way who is loved bunches already! Many blessings to all!


Oh this nursery is adorable. I love that yellow crib and the darling shelves and how you've decorated them. Kathi


Very very VERY cute! Our little angel just turned one month old two days ago. I can't wait for your little angel to get here.


Sharon Yeager

I LOVE that nursery. What a happy place for the sweet little baby. How exciting for you.

Sweet Cottage Dreams


Diane's picture is the icing on the cake, too. How perfect, down to the bunting!

Tina, Marley Pearl is going to be thrilled to have such a sweet, sweet room to call her own.


PS: I did a post recently about the gnomes and mushrooms that I found for sale on etsy. I didn't know that Mika likes these!


Hands down the cutest nursery I have seen around!! Stopped by the store yesterday to pick up a few "must haves".. Mika had just left for lunch but since I asked about her ..the gals at the counter are so excited for her they asked if I had seen her nursery.. they showed me on your blog and they were all just giddy over the blog, the nursery, Mika.. I am so happy for you... wishing you well.. If you & Monica ever up this way holler!! :)

Linda Poteet

Isn't that the cutest!!!

Becky from Tennessee

One word.....ADORABLE!!! What a treat, Tina and Mika. Thank you for sharing Marlee's wonderful room with us. I know all of you are looking forward to your beautiful Marlee Pearl to arrive.....lucky baby, lucky parents, lucky grandparents!

Diane Duda

It all looks just perfect! Eli had the same crib (painted red). Aaron got brand new furniture, but was still using it when Eli was born. :)
Congratulations to all of you and enjoy the rest of your wait. I'm sure it will fly by.


WOW!! I just love everything in the nursery!! What a beautiful space for the new baby:) I also LOVE Di's art. I have so many of her paintings in my house. She did a lovely painting for the baby!!


This is the most wonderful nursery I have ever seen! What a lucky little baby!


What a sweet nursery! Good luck w/ the due date! My son was born on Christmas Eve and my grandmother's birthday was Christmas Day and she was able to be there when he was born...my doctor however went snow skiing!
It all worked out, but no one was working on a holiday like Christmas but we didn't even notice we were so caught up in our special gift!



Marlee Pearl is truly blessed and she will be a blessing to you all. What a wonderful Christmas gift from above. There is nothing quite a special as that first grandchild and just think of all the joy she'll bring into your lives. Your cup will runneth over.


This is absolutely beautiful and so warm and inviting! Marlee Pearl will feel so welcome and safe in her new room. Well done to all involved:)

Sheila from west Michigan


So adorable! Marlee Pearl is going to love her very special room.

A suggestion for you: Pose Marlee with either (or both) of her monkeys as a newborn, then periodically over the next few weeks, months and years. You'll really be able to gauge her growth as the monkey grows smaller and smaller next to her over the course of time. :-)

Looking forward to pics of Miss Marlee Pearl!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Pamela Anthony

Congratulations, my friend! You are gonna be the BESTEST of a grandparent!

Hugs from Kentucky!

Patti Hill

LOVE Marlee's nursery! It is adorable and filled with love. What a LUCKY baby to have so many people waiting for her. Congratulations to your family!

Patty Boyd

Absolutely adorable. I'm going back and look again. Cutest nursery I've seen in a while. Makes me want another grandbaby!


What a darling nursery :-)


I wondered where your settee went.


Glenda K. Nelson

Wow....so totally adorable. You all are so blessed and are going to have so much fun with Marley Pearl when she arrives. So very happy for you all.



Jodi Sproull

I LOVE this!!! So very cute. A very warm, happy room.


Ohhhhh Tina!! The room is darling!!! So very cute & cozy for Miss Marlee Pearl:) Love all the colors!! And all the extra's in it are gorgeous! Lucky babygirl:)
I know you can hardly wait...
Much happiness & Blessings to you & your family hon!!!!
Deb:) xoxox

Annie Rae

I love that time, just before the baby comes, when the nursery is so organized and beautiful, and fairly quivering with anticipation!

Many blessing upon your family.

Kandis Hallam

OMG this room is so precious just as Marley Pearl will be! Brings tears to my eyes just to see and feel all the love put into the Nursery!


The room is just beautiful. What a lucky baby. So many pretty colors.

I love the name Marley Pearl. Can I ask how this name was chosen?

My birthday is Christmas Eve. I have always loved being born so close to Christmas. It made me feel almost 'special' for some reason. I am sure that your Marley Pearl will love being a Christmas baby too.

Erin Parker

That is precious. Can't wait to meet her.


So darling! The colors are so pretty and happy. Love all the bedding! And the cabinet with all that cute stuff! Now you just need that beautiful baby and it will be PERFECT! AWESOME job!!!

Debby Messner

I seriously think that is the cutest nursery I have ever seen. Love the paint color of the walls and all the other colors in the room. Oh My gosh it is adorable. The little painting that was your gift is adorable. I LOVE ALL THE VINTAGE. My granddaughter is Mabel
Ann.......Marley Pearl reminds me of that.
Happy Baby.

vivian roberts

This is so adorable !! I know you cant wait for that angel to get here, I loved it when you said youre daughter told you that Marlee Pearl wanted that loveseat, see we cant say no to those grandkids, and Ill let you know now, they never do wrong lol. So happy for all of you.....Hugs, Vivian

Farmhousecountry Dee

That is just adorable! I love the mixture of colors used, it's a cheerful combination. Her name is just too cute! Very creative...thanks for sharing and congratulations on your (pending) grandbaby.


What an adorable nursery ~ Marlee Pearl will be very happy in this room!

A Texas Gal

Super cute! This is so sweet, and just perfect for your new grand daughter. My son was born in December, and we always had fun party themes. One time, we had a Star Wars theme around Christmas decorations. Then the next year, it was Goosebumps-R.l. Stine, scary decorations around Christmas. The 25th is just around the corner.


Sooo precious!


Cute, cute, cute ! Love all of the vintage touches ! Huckleberry Prairie has a cute, colorful nursery if you haven't seen it. I thought maybe you would like it too.

Praying for a happy, healthy little one :).

Angela Curtis

The most adorable nursery ever.... I am honored to have my Owl Baby Blanket included in the mix. Marlee Pearl is such a lucky little girl !!!! ♥ Angela

Tina Smith

thanks Bramble.

;- )


Tina let me first say that the nursery is absolutely adorable and Marley Pearl will be a lucky baby indeed. I have one concern and that is the crib. Not sure if you know ALL side drop rail cribs have been banned from being used , resold, donated etc due to potential issues that have arisen. I know about this because of recent crib shopping with a friend but the danger is real and I just wanted to make sure you knew so nothing could hurt that sweet baby coming all of your way. Peace and blessings.


How precious and all those wonderful trinkets and treasures brought together in the name of love and a baby girl!How perfect!
Can't wait to see pictures of this angel due on Christmas Day!


Oh my goodness. It just doesn't get any cuter than that!

Dena Palmer

I can feel your excitement. The nursery is absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing


Tina & Mika it is absolutely beautiful. I love everything you have done. It is so colorful and bright for that sweet baby's
eyes. She won't ever cry, she has too much to look at. Tell Rebekah I said she did a wonderful job and tell her "hi" for me. BEAUTIFUL NURSERY!!!


Oh. My. Word. So cute, and such a lovely name, too! I love the layers of rufflies on the bedskirt, it is SO YOU TWO! I love it all but the favorite of mine is the cabinet with all the wonderful vintage sweet things to look at and to touch and to read...!

You have done it again!

Rita May

The room looks darling. I love the yellow crib, the books in the basket at the end, the bed skirt, all the cheerful colors. Great job Tina!


So cute!


OMG it's precious! Can't wait to meet Marlee Pearl!


Darling! I've never seen a happier nursery.


I adore the yellow crib with ruffled skirt! Wishing you all many warm snuggles and happy memories in here!

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