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September 12, 2011


Hermes Kelly

Very, very nicely done!

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Michelle A

So cute, if it didnt fit my decor I would have painted it. But it looks great as is in your room.


Come back Tina!!

Crafty Mermaid

That's wonderfully lucky!


That's an amazing piece of artwork. It looks wonderful in your cozy home.


Tina I just love that wonderful windmill...it looks perfect next to your great chair....aren't friends a blessing...have a great evening

Karena "A Loblolly Life"


So darn cute!! Monica is a treasure but I bet she thinks the same of you:)


What a great friend! This is my first time to your site and I love it...I went back and read so many posts...I am now a follower!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

I agree!!! I agree! It is perfect for your red home! Looks great!



Love that windmill - it would also look beautiful outside surrounded by plants. :-)


Tina....love your windmill and so happy to find your blog via Becky @ Sweet Cottage Dreams, she shared in her post today your delicious chocolate cobbler.....I made it this evening and it was soooooo good! I just love blogland! By the way, I was born and raised a Texas girl and still have loads of family there, including 2 of our kidos! I am in love with your blog!



Room looks great and so the windmill.every color compliment each other and contrast looks great.


Just when I think you can't get one more darling thing in your house...there you go! And it never looks cluttered. Are your rooms large? Always fun to take a peek!


That is the sweetest windmill gift you could have received! AND you have found the perfect place for it. I wish I had one of those...
Have a wonderful day!

Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Decor

Tina, you are so lucky!! I just love the windmill. If you ever get tired of it you can send it to me. lol


How like Monica to do something so nice for you! Isn't it great to have a bestest friend?!


What a neat windmill! You are so lucky to have a friend like Monica! Can't wait to see BOTH of your homes decked out for fall (hint, hint)!


It is very nice like it is, it was sure sweet of your friend to give it to you, and it does go well in your room. I think though if it were mine I would make it into a lamp. I just love the size of it. It would be beautiful on the table by that chair as a lamp too....


What a fantastic color blue!!
And I love that little bird that sits atop the clock to the left. Love birds!


You are so bad Tina......BAD BAD BAD!!!!
I bet it was silently.LOL. I love it and it looks great in there with your red and white checked chair.


Looks great- bringing in some blue! What a great friend! Keep the posts coming - have missed em!;-)


Your living room really needed that splash of different color. I think you did good!

Sandy Blaxland

Gorgeous piece!
Great friend!

The Time Sculptor

Lovely piece... there's something about rusty tin that is so homely and welcoming (except when it's on a car!). Nice to have a little peek inside your home too :-)
Jane Gray


Very nice!


That is one nice blue. It looks great with your home. Love it.

leslie janson

You two are THE BEST!!!! :) Leslie


Gosh Tina, talk about a perfect gift, and when the baby comes you could put pics on the spokes. Linda


I'm not a fan of blue but it is perfect in your room. My husband is Dutch so anything windmill holds a special place in my heart. Enjoy, you have are one lucky gal to have such a good friend, too.

Susan Freeman

You are a lucky girl!

Susan and Bentley


Monica was very nice!! Thats a great windmill!!

Rita May

Hi Tina & Monica,
Very nice. Tina, what do you have inside the white greenhouse in the background? Just poking around your room!


So cool.....


wow, I LOVE that....really LOVE it!!!!!


How lovely.. having a friend like that is great! Lucky woman!!!

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