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July 03, 2011



Hi can you tell me how much gelatin exactly? Either by weight or measurment. We but gelatin differently here in new Zealand. Thankyou :-)

Belstaff leather

I "like" you on Facebook. Would love these for my oldest boy!

Karen Pittman

This is really a great idea. I made some for gifts, but I also pushed in a couple of sticks from the yard before it dried so the birdies will have a perch to sit on when feeding.


Great idea thank you for sharing


I am featuring this wreath tomorrow on my blog...come and check it out! Awesome job! Come and grab a featured button!
Stacey of Embracing Change


LOVE this! Thanks for sharing. I made these with the grandkids. One batch in a bunt pan and a second batch in individual ring jello moulds.
I'll be making these again. And again. And probably even again!


Made this this afternoon!! It's lovely. Will hang it tomorrow so it's good and dry. Can't wait to see it hanging in my backyard for our little birdie friends.

Annie Rae

My squirells don't need a wreath...they eat my house!

Love this!


I'm at your blog for the first time and I just wanted to tell you how lovely it is! I think I'll be trying this out. Thank you!


Love this. Will do with my students this winter for our little birdie friends. Thanks!!

Joan Katafias

I made this wreath last night and hung it on my white picket fence with a red bow. It looks so cute - Great Christmas Gift.

Jann Olson

This looks so fun and easy. My sis is coming to visit in a couple of weeks. We both love the outdoors, birds, and gardening. I know that she would love making one of these. Thanks so much for sharing.


Wonderful Idea. Very cute too.

charity for children

It is best idea you shared with us. I am planning to make mine for Christmas when the birds need some help finding food and put a big Christmas ribbon on it.

Julie from Texas

What a great idea! I'm trying it with my little girl this weekend. :)

A Petite Cottage

Oh my goodness Tina, what a great idea. I love it. It's soooo cute too. Can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs and Kisses,


I always find joy when I visit your Blog, Tina!

Thank you!!

Susan Freeman

Love this! Thank you and have a great weekend!!

Susan and Bentley


Hey Tina!

Let's see some more photos of the inside of your beautiful home. I love getting inspiration from your decor!!


Wow!! This is great! I can't wait to show my daughter this.
Have a great weekend.

velina @ http://anniesgingerbreadhouse.typepad.com/

You always have the neatest ideas. Love your website...

Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Decor

Your bird seed wreath is so pretty. What a great idea. I'm going to make some of these for Christmas gifts this year.

Sandra Lee

I made one yesterday and it is so CUTE!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


My birds thank you Tina, but my squirrels would have a ball with that. If by any
chance we get some rain....hopefully one day,
how does this hold up in rain and damp weather with that corn syrup in it? How do
you keep the ants off of it? Too many questions huh.;0P


OH WOW!!! This is one of the best ideas I have seen in a long time!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! LOVE it!! :D

Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine


LOVE this! Going to save for Christmas gift idea as I think w/all the summer rain we get it would fall apart rather quickly. Thanks Tina!


loving that... very cute!!
saw your baby girl in Tyler Saturday! (last minute shopping for the wedding!!)) hugs!


Now that is darling! :) Very Clever! :)


Cathy Guess

Love it.....and I know our birds would love it too! Will have to give it a try......Hope your 4th of July was a good one! Cathy aka GGJ

Wife of Rob

This is awesome! I love it Tina! Happy 4th of July to you guys!

Hugs from Mobile,


Fabulous idea! I'm going to make mine for Christmas when the birds need some help finding food and put a big Christmas ribbon on it. Thanks Tina!

Southern Lady's Vintage

So CUTE!! I agree with Cindy!! I know lots of people who would love one of these wreaths as a gift!!

Sheri Armout

Another amazing idea from you Tina! I am soooo making this! Just wondering how am I going to keep the pesky squirrels away?!!!! ;)


Thanks for this idea. I can think of many people I could give this as a gift.

suzy in shreveport

LOVE this Tina! I'm going to make one today!
Happy Fourth!
Suzy in Shreveport


Love this idea, and I NEVER would have thought of using a bundt pan as a wreath mold. Cute, cute, cute!!

This would make a great Christmas gift, too!

Marilyn (in Dallas)


A wonderful way to help our feathered friends.. easy and fast..my kind of craft!


Our temps are in the '100's'...my bird seed wreath is just as it was when I first hung it up. Does well in 'extreme heat'.
thanks Carol....


This is adorable! To you think it would hold up in the extreme heat (103) we've been having in Oklahoma? Thanks for sharing this idea.



Thanks for sharing this idea, I'm sure a lot of us will be borrowing it, for the birds of course!


What a wonderful idea and it looks so nice hanging there with the pretty ribbon.


This is a great idea. Pretty, too. Will use it!


Thanks so much for sharing this idea. I know there are going to be some pretty happy birdies around here after I make one of those. So clever!


Such a great idea! I love it. I am gong to have to try this idea. How wonderful to have a nice looking "bird feeder". Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful holiday! ~Sara


What a great idea!! I can't wait to try this!!!


How cute! I made these last year but my recipe didn't have any corn syrup. I think yours probably worked more firmly. Will try it soon. The ribbon just makes it!

Rita May

This is really for the birds!! It is the cutest thing! I love the shape the bundt pan gives it. I'm putting birdseed on my list.


I can't wait to try this. May make a coule, one for me and one for mother. Thanks for the great birdie idea!

Sandra Lee

Oh my gosh I love this idea!!! So cute and just think how happy the birds will be! Happy 4th!

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