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April 16, 2011


Red Wing Footwear

Thanks, I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

Angela (Cottage Magpie)

I absolutely LOVE this photo! It's so charming with the polka dots and the grandmother's flower garden quilt and hand-embroidered pillow cases. It really captures the feel I'd like to create in my daughter's room, too. In fact, I'd really like to share this picture on my blog in an inspiration post if that's okay with you? (With a link of course!) Sorry to ask in comments -- I tried to e-mail and it bounced, not sure why? Anyway, I'm a huge fan and I love all you do!




Tina, You continually amaze me with your "finds". Thanks for sharing. Love the bed. You have such a gift for layering linens. I'm pretty sure a trip to Wal-mart needs to be in my near future. LOVE!!!

Karen Hilliard

Absolutely adorable ...I wonder if all Wal-marts carry them......I will have to check ours..thanks for the heads up

Werner Ladders

So cute, I really like it


Does anybody know if the oh-so-cute polka-dot sheets are deep enough for a very thick mattress? I think I need them, but only if they fit!

Kandis Hallam

ADORABLE! Your bedroom is Amazing!
Special K

Patty Boyd

I saw those in Walmart the other day and I instantly thought of Cherry Hill Cottage! I'm glad to see you bought them! ;-)

'''Susan Kellam

Tina, I checked the Wal Mart on S. Broadway in Tyler today for the polka dot sheets and all they had was a set with the comforter. Which Wal Mart did you find yours at? Gotta have them!!!!!


Off work at 4:30.....straight to Walmart by 5:00. LOVE THOSE!

sweet cottage dreams

our wally world doesn't have them!
i will need to go to a few others.
super perfect for your room!



I think I would be in heaven sleeping in that bed. So inviting!!!

Deb in Denver

Hi Tina, I attempted to send you an email with this question but I'm not having any luck, keeps sending a failure notice:( I am a faithful reader of your wonderful blog. I enjoy having the opportunity to look inside (and outside) your gorgeous home. You have certainly been blessed with the decorating gene! I was wondering if you know the name of the color of paint on your kitchen island? I think you also had one of your doors painted a beautiful shade of green. I am trying to locate the 'perfect' shade of vintage green and I love the colors I've seen in your home. Thank you for any ideas you can offer!

Blessings from Colorado,


;-)!!! Polka dots make me smile! Love the sheets!

~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Thank you My Daer. I'm off to buy some. Your bedroom is sweet and comfy.


Very Cute! Love the quilt too.


Leave it to youto find just what I have been looking for! And right under my nose at WalMart of all places! Your rooms arre always so cute and I love the seasonal "updates". Thanks for sharing!


Love your home!! I'm a Canton Georgia lady who visits your blogs EVERY day. We have SO much in common ---Red gingham is my favorite---I LOVE dishes---my house is as full of treasures as yours is. I just signed up for Face Book, and ask for you as a friend. I would love to send you some pix of my home.
Keep up the wonderful job of decorating that you do!!!

Judy in California

I love the Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt!!
And the plates on the wall is a must. I love the red but I have yellow and blue in my bedroom right now. Guest room has a collection of pillowcases also. Don't you just love handwork pieces...they just jump into my arms at the thrift stores. Love your blog!


Those are great sheets :)


Yes, I saw them at my Wally World a couple of weeks ago and thought of you!! Did you see the polka dot throw rugs?? I want one really bad but wonder if when washed would the red run into the white dots....
Happy Sunday, Tina.
PS I made both your chocolate cobbler and the dilly bread...yummy!! Thanks for sharing the recipes.

Cindy at Applestone Cottage

Oh I want some! That room is just gorgeous!


OMG Tina I just looked at those on the mark-down yesterday. YES,I thought of you and wondered if you had any of those. You just answered my question, and they look really good on your bed. I started to buy some for the twins bed here. I figured they would love some dots to sleep on at maw-maw's house. Now I have to go back and get them because I see how cute they are. Thanks!!!


Beautiful room! The red really pops. Walmart also has polka dot shower curtains, bath towels, bath mats, and garbage cans!


Too cute! Now I want some!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Rita May

Ha! I saw those at Walmart some time ago and thought of you.


I have a thing for polka dots. I might have to go to walmart and it takes me alot to want to go to Walmart.


Walmart has a ton of polka dots & stripes going on right now & loads of things in two of my fav colors -- lime green & turquoise. Love the polka dot sheets!


I love them! I will have to make a trip to Wally's World.


I will have to check Walmart out!


Oh, how I love polka dots, especially red ones! Your bedroom looks so comfy!!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

glimpse of my world

OMG!! wONDER IF THEY HAVE IN BLACK AND WHITE POLKA DOT to match my dust ruffle!! love them.. thanks for sharing... happy day....


I'm heading for Walmart , Love them !

Tracey In Paradise Pa.

love love love!! Off to Walmart!! Thanks for sharing.
Granny Trace


What is it about dots that is so adorable? I just love them! I love even more that they are from Walmart, because that means they are affordable!!! Thank you for sharing!


Love them.. Can't wait to find them here in California. Thank you for sharing.


Ohhh so polka dot sweet ;-)



My Blessed Serendipity Life

Those polka dots look so at home on your bed. Cute!



So, so cute!


So Cute!

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