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April 09, 2011


Miss Janice

I love everything about your Cherry Hill Cottage. Those window boxes are FAB!



Linda from Nova Scotia, Canada

Love, Love, your home and I too love geraniums. I check everyday to see what you have been up to or cooking. Keep beautiful pictures coming.

Paula Jo @ Home Decor | Garden Accents

Tina, you have a gorgeous yard. I love the window boxes, and everything is so beautiful together. I can really tell you love your house inside and out. Such a warm and welcome feeling.


Love, love those red geraniums in the white window boxes! I too have been busy planting, and did some red geraniums! Happy planting!


So fresh and pretty! I love the tray under the star. Very Cute!



The outside of your house is as cute as the inside!


Beautiful! I just joined your blog & haven't even begun to peruse everything you have here. It looks wonderfully amazing & I can't wait.


Oh so beautiful. Love the geraniums in the windowboxes. Your spring comes much earlier than ours in the Pacific Northwest.

I wanted to let you know that I did a Sunday Spotlight about you and your blog. I also borrowed the photo from this post. I hope that is ok with you. Stop by and say hi.


Tina -
I woke up to 12 inches of snow in Utah....thanks for giving us a little hope of spring!

Teacup Lane

Beautiful window boxes!!!! Of course it must be RED geraniums.


Red geraniums in a white window box! It can't get any cuter than that. :-)

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Patty Marker

Your window boxes look gorgeous especially with those awnings...so very chic. I'm hoping to get to my boxes today as well. Always inspiring.


found your site, by accident, the other day and bookmarked it, lucky accident, i should say. garden looks great. im in fl. we must be at about the same latitude because things are blooming here as, as well. yesterday was suppose to hit 90. am planning to make the chocolate cobbler to bring in to work tomorrow. so excited to try.


Now Mika, momma has right to change her mind. Besides those geraniums look really
good in those window boxes. Of Course the only reason I say that is that's what I put in my window box too. teehee. Love your yard, it all looks really nice.

Judy in California

Only one word describes your yard. Jealous.
I just woke up and came to the computer to see that maybe you baked something special and I see your beautiful yard...I look out my window and see dark clouds. Rain,rain go away!

Julie from Texas

How pretty! Love the window boxes.




I love Geraniums, they are my favorite flowers to plant outdoors. New to your blog, but I absolutely love it. Thanks


i thought you were gonna move those geraniums? :)


Perfect time for both. Window boxes are so pretty!!


Very pretty, Tina. I love red geraniums!

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