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March 02, 2011



I followed the link you provided for this cake but i couldnt get it to load write I could get all the ingredients but couldnt see the amounts for the baking powder or salt. Could you email them to me please?thanks!!!


I just saw the strawberry version of this pound cake. They both look wonderful!

I don't know which version I should try??

Paula Jo @ Home Decor | Outdoor Garden Decorations

Looks yummy! I love to bake, and thats alot of me and my husband's problem. I made cream puffs the other day for him. I'm going to try this recipe this weekend and surprise him. Oh, you and Monica looks like you had a blast, and the picture is sooo cute with the vintage glasses.


This sounds so refreshing!

ann perry

Oh Tina, this looks so good! Wish I had a slice and a nice cup of coffee! Mmmm!

Julie from Texas

I have that exact same cake stand...my dear hubby bought it for me at a thrift store for my birthday last year. :-) I use it all the time.

I made your banana cake (the one adding mashed bananas to a cake mix) but I didn't have any canned frosting, so I mixed powdered sugar, canned pinapple with some of the juice, chopped pecans, and coconut to make an icing for the cake...put it on while the cake was still warm. Talk about good!! Wow...I have to give it away today because I already age three pieces since yesterday.


Oh my, how yummy looking is that cake! Thanks for sharing the recipe.


YUM!! Looks divine! Will definitely try this one, it won't last five minutes in our house! xx

Eco Chic Jewelry

This cake is looking yummy and delicious... www.vivamagonline.com Your really very talented to make such mouth watering one.. Im gonna try for sure, will the taste sounds good..? Very good job!!!

Patty M

What a delicious bite of spring! Looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing Tina.

Lezlee Cheek

yummy, looking up the recipe, now! Lezlee


You're killin' me, Tina!


Oh my goodness this cakes looks so yummy.I love key lime pie.I bet this is even better. Can't waite to make this.
Wanted to share my apron web site with all the ladies that love to cook.



oh my goodness that looks yummy!!


Hey I was just looking at this in my magazine! Was it good? I'll let you try it first then I'll make it. ha! LOve you


Wish I could make this today! Hubs is on a diet and it would be mean to have that sitting on the counter tempting him!


Tina this sounds delicious, i love Key Lime!!

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That looks wonderful and so yummy. How do you stay so skinny cookin' like that?

Sandy Blaxland

I love lime and I love poundcake. This sounds like a great Easter cake to make. Thanks.


Sounds so refreshing! Thanks for the link!


I have been wanting to bake so badly lately but am trying not to. This looks really good.

Do you buy SL's annual cookbooks? I have all of them going back to '79. Of all my cookbooks, they are the best. So I have no doult that this is going to be good!

Thank you for sharing!


My favorite is staying home and EATING cake! LOL Baking is my next fave...I have that issue and have been itching to make one of those pound cakes too! Yummy

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