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February 24, 2011



nice snap.... and blog!


Looks like someone forgot to clean up when they finished a job! Love the rust, nice photo! Lezlee


i meant...thought of u.... :)


i saw these.....

thttp://www.etsy.com/listing/68630513/vintage-inspired-red-cherry-glass-salthought of u


Great picture! We have found soo many rolls on our little HHH Ranch. I just love it and did not realize all the different kinds. I too love walking in the Spring in the country. Have a blessed weekend! aka girls gone junkin- Cathys' Aunt Debbie


That's a great picture!

'''Susan Kellam

Great photo--looks like something you'd see in Texas Highways. On a totally different subject, have you seen the red and white polka dot outdoor cushions at Wal Mart? They look like they'd fit a porch swing or a settee. I've noticed you have a fondness for red and white polka dots!!!!!!


Nice picture, Tina! I've always like the rustic look of barbed wire. Makes me want to make a barbed wire wreath.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Tina Smith


just for that, beware.....

next time I see you, I'm going to tickle you non-stop till you can't breathe!

; - )))


Hi Tina, Hope Tony didn't ruin the moment for you. The wire looked like it had been there for years tho. Like you I find beauty in the simplies things. I live in Northeast Louisiana so it's especially warm here today with storms on the way (from your direction). Yesterday hubby and I worked in the yard getting some much needed chores done before the rain comes and I noticed the first little wild violet in the yard. Spring is in the air and I can hardly wait for all things new and fresh to bare their heads. One of my favorites, Jack in the Pulpits. The are wild in my woods. Enjoy your day and I hope you are spared any damaging weather.

Tony Johnson

Hey Tina! Your twin here.....just so you will know. i put that wire on that fence post just last week.


We found two HUGE rolls of this barbed wire in our old barn, and my husband laughed at me for wanting to keep it! (We still have it!) Don't you think spring walks are the BEST?! I do! It's so cold and snowy here, I'm still walking in the mall until the good weather comes.


Great picture, it's amazing what we notice when we slow down and enjoy the view!!
Carol in GA

Cathy Guess

That is a cool pic....and I agree, probably been there many years!!! Hope all is going well with you!
Have a great day!!!
Cathy aka GGJ

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