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February 21, 2011


Scarlett Johanssan

Beautiful, Anita and Kutchie Pelaez of the key lime pie factory did our wedding 3-years ago and seeing your photos made me think of our wedding.
We could swap photos and except for the people we probably couldn't tell much difference. How could two weddings be so much alike?

anyway thanks for the memories
as well as the photos, it warms
my heart. I hope you guys will
be as happy as we are.

Best wishes, Scarlett

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sweet cottage dreams

Your girls did a beautiful job!
I love the candy bar!


Sharon - A Texas Gal

It was a lovely wedding-I know the bride and groom had a wonderful time. You both did an excellent job. Plus, the weather was nice, in Texas you never know what to expect.


Nice job!! I loved seeing every photo. Loved the candy table. All the colors were beautiful together. Makes me wanna get married again so you can decorate for me. :-)

Susan Freeman

You and Monica put on a stunning bash!! Loving those Key Lime pies too.

Susan and Bentley


First off.....Way to Go Girlies,...beautiful job! Awesome. Now....I've been schnooked into having a bridal shower here for my future DIL...and her colors are exactly those! where did all these younguns come up with that green????? What are the flowers in your arrangements and where did you find them? I'm going to need some for shower and rehearsal dinner and I'm having the hardest time finding that color.....hep me. hep me!!


You two never cease to amaze me! Absolutely beautiful. I love the pic of everyone praying. When we are having large family prayers, it always enters my mind that it would be neat to have a picture of it.

Tina, come by and register for the Shabby Apple dress give away that I'm having.

Donna Vaughan

This is your future!!! Did you pick or influence the color scheme? Just beautiful!
What a talent and gift you have.


You and Monica did a fabulous job! I love the colors, very fresh and clean.

The way you displayed the desserts is gorgous. I can only imagine the ooohs and ahhhs coming from the guests as they entered the tent! :-)

Marilyn (in Dallas)


Beautiful job. Love the colors.


AWESOME,AWESOME,AWESOME.......then again I would not expect anything less from you and
Monica. You two have an awesome talent. The
wedding was beautiful for a beautiful bride.

Annie Rae

I showed these pictures to my daughter, who is getting married in middle 2012....and we're totally in love with the groom's pies!


Wow! very pretty. I really liked it. I take it Lime's and Lime pie are a favorite :) The decorations are so great.



great job Tina! Loved the pictures, thanks for sharing!! I really enjoyed!

Shanna C

Beautiful - you did a fabulous job decorating!!! Love all that green & white...

Heidi Woodruff

Everything is just perfect! Reminds me of our daughter's wedding reception. We held it here on our property (I call "Sweet Woodruff Acres"). We had a huge white tent like yours, and filled it to the brim with pretties! I remember that night thinking, "I don't want this night to end!"....and I was only the MOB not the Bride! Hugs, Heidi

Julie Size

Beautiful!! I just love weddings!!


Oh I love the black and white and the candy table how cute!


I love the color combinations, and the centerpieces with fruit is so fresh and pretty! I also love those big glass dispensers for refreshments. It reminded me of something a day Spa out here does - they use those same pretty glass dispensers with the water... and they add lemon (or lime) slices, mint leaves, and the tiniest amount of Country-Time lemonade to it. Thought I'd share that to add to your idea basket -- not that you all need it! Goodness what an awesome job! Oh - love the candy table too!!!


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Beautiful! My daughter was married this past October and had floating fruit and veggies is various sizes of glass cylinders and slits cut in fresh fruit with photos of the bride and groom from birth to present for centerpieces!!!

Miss holly

Stunning, absolutely stunning !!


WOW, what a beautiful wedding!! Tina, you and Monica did a fabulous job, everything looks beautiful!


Tina, this was just beautiful!


love it... a wedding is in our future.... daughter getting married... dates not nailed down yet..... hugs... have a great day!!

Julie from Texas

Lovely. Wonderful job!

anita cavaliere

Tina, you and Monica are the best. I love the pictures and everything you two did for our daughters special day. Thank you so much. It truly was beautiful. Love you both. Tony and Anita


So sweet! I love the candy table!


Tina, you two did an outstanding job!!!


Just beautiful, Tina and Monica. Y'all are so talented.

sandi @the whistlestop cafe

Beautiful photos!
We are having a wedding at the beach in April. I hope ours turns out as well!


What a beautiful wedding! I love the black, green, and white color scheme. Everyone did a wonderful job!

Kat :)

Stacy Frisbie



Oh, My God sooooooooooooo... Beautiful!!!
Cogratulation to them.


Oh my goodness !!
That is absolutely breathtaking!!

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