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January 02, 2011



chin up! it will improve. this is advise from a person who has had the worse year of my life last year. totally broke... can't even think about pawning my jewelry because it was stolen by a family member and for some reason half the family feels sorry for her because she is using. so see what i am saying, chin up and to "heck" with the the "others". happy new year and it WILL get better!


Sticks and stones right!

That would be such a cute entry....

I love your blog, you give me joy!

Stay blessed,


Dollys Cherry Heart

I love you no matter what anyone else thinks Miss Tina!
You Rock!

Smiles, Dolly


I just thought of something..when I feel that my feelings have been hurt...where do I run to?...my sister...so go to Magnolia and conoodle with your sister....

I know that does it for me...you can't be together too long before hurts turn to smiles and smiles to laughter...

South Texas


Tina, sorry to hear of the troubles with you, LOVE your blog, please hang tough, don't sweat the petty stuff, consider the source, follow your heart! Take care xo

Becky from Tennessee

Hi Tina,

I'm not sure what is going on either but
I DO know that I would love to be your

Your blog is the first blog I ever visited
and it is the first one I check when I get
on my computer.....I have enjoyed you and
your blog from the beginning. You have
brought such inspiration to so many of us.

My Mama always told me, "Becky, if you
can't say anything nice, then don't say
anything at all." Also, when I would
come home crying as a young girl because
someone had said something hurtful, she
would tell me,"Well, honey, they just had
a good subject to talk about." I think my
dear sweet Mama was a very wise lady.

Just remember Tina and Monica, when some-
one says something unkind, they are
probably just jealous of you....also, they
probably need to sweep the dirt around their
own doors first!(Some more wise Mama wisdom!) ;)

Take care and I know you and Monica are
going to have a fantastic New Year.



I agree with everyone's comments here. Women do like to stir the pot so to speak. Some people are only happy when others are miserable. Stand firm and God bless.


Linda Fluke

Don't know what is going on and it doesn't really matter to me but your blog brings smiles to my face everyday. Keep on blessing us each day with your wonderful posts and pictures.
Love you, Linda

Sweet Cottage Dreams

God has a plan for all of us and prepares us for usefullness. Infact, just this morning I was reading a book and this verse made me think of you, Zechariah 13:9.
Through the bumps in life we gain knowledge and strength. Tina, your blog brings so many of us joy to read. Just continue to be you and shine, shine, shine!


Jan R.

I have no idea what is going on and I agree with the others that I don't want to. We can probably all read between the lines. This will all come around and sadly bite her in the rear! I love your blog. It is joyful, upbeat and positive. I am happy that you and Monica are being very classy and not feeding into silly childish games! I don't know why some people decide to be so tacky. Hold you heads proud.... the ones that really matter know the truth and love you to pieces!

Dee F.

I love your blog. I look at it most everyday and am overwhelmed by the creative items that you bring to my attention. I love your music choises and have it playing in the background most days at work.

Please keep doing what you are doing. It is a blessings to me and so many others.

You are a gift to so many of us.

Fellow collector and lover of red.


I don't know what is going on...but, your decisions and the reasons you have for making them must come from your heart. God is the only one you have to answer to. And, if in your heart of hearts you have been true, then they are the right decisions for you. God Bless you and whatever endeavors your choose in your future. The past is past. <3


The high road is always the best road. And forget all the drama, you've got lots of fans!

Have a good one.


Tina, Sorry about all that is going on, but glad about your new adventure. I can't wait for you to come to my house for a little makeover. I'll be ready soon!


What in the world? I remember when you said someone said something about your daughters art and I couldn't believe that then and I don't know what was said but it is just horrible that you have to have that happen to you when your blog is so cheerful and the first one I go to each day. Jealousy is all that comes to mind.
Never mind...we love you and 58 people before me have said it!
I love that Adele song by the way!
Keep up the cheerfulness for us!


To visit your lovely blog is to know the passion of your heart is your home. It has brought such joy and inspiration to my life. When people say unkind things, it is because they are unhappy about something within themselves.
Thank you for all you share. All good things are wished for you both in this New Year. Elizabeth, Creative Breathing

Julie from Texas

Good attitude. Stand strong.

Lou Cinda

Keep on keeping on girls!! We will all be here...cheering you on! No Worries!

Lou Cinda :)


Stay true to yourself and take the high road. I don't know anything about the situation, but I do know women and business frequently do not mix well. I have seen many friendships broken this way. It is unfortunate because I feel we should all hold each other up and wish each other well. Good Luck to you! I love your blog.


Oh and I forgot to add this reminder...

Remember do as I do under dire stress...be confident and classy...



If it has anything to do with your prior workplace...give me a headup please because I was planning on visiting that establishmednt this spring...and its leaving a sour taste in my mouth....I had plans on going there with the intention of enjoying myself and meeting you!...

So let me know...



It is unfortunate that this person does not realize that by spreading these tales, they are doing themselves more harm than you! Keep doing what you are led to do...no need to explain!

Marissa Polk

Will be praying for you . The enemy attacks those who are Gods children but God gives a peace that passes all understanding .. Trust in him and lean not to your own understanding no matter what people say God knows and he will take care of both of you...


Hola Tina, me encanta tu blog,no entiendo lo que ha pasado pero te doy animos desde SEVILLA (ESPAÑA)besos.


As my momma always said. "This too shall pass"

We all have gone through this in our lives.To forget and forgive is not always
Some people like to hurt others feelings
because it makes they feel in control.

Tina this is the 3rd post I have made
and it doesnt seem to post on your blog.
Maybe I need a new E-mail addy?



Linda Jean's Vintage Collection

Dearest Tina,
All I have to say is anyone that has had the pleasure of knowing you and Monica KNOWS that kindness and sweetness radiate from you both....
Love Ya,


I hate these situations...but stand strong in what you know is right.


Hang in there girls! Yes you are doing right by taking the high road! I always say, Consider the source it comes from! God will bless you both for doing the right thing!! Keep up your wonderful decorating and keep the great blogs coming! God Bless you both!

Cindy Marquis

Tina, I'm sorry to hear that you are having troubles with this situation. Just try to ignore it and eventually it will die down. Things like that always do. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog and how inspired I have been. Thanks!


This makes me very sad....Your blog is one of the BEST out there. I don't what is going on but I say "WHAT EVER" JEALOUSY gets you NO WHERE....


Keep "walking in the light" and trust God to carry you through tough times.


The high road is the best road...
I honestly do not understand those who do this sort of thing.

Blessings on you in 2011!
Dawn xo

leslie janson

Tina, it sounds as if you and Monica have had your feelings hurt. As you know, that will pass, and together with all of your goodness and talent, humor and creativity, it will lessen and fade. The hurt will be greatly diminished in the shadow of all that you are and do today and in the future. Your #1 NY fan wishes you both a healthy, happy New Year!

kim birt

The one word comes to mind KARMA...Those that run with their mouthes have no pride.. let it go.. and You and Monica presue your own with DIGNITY!! You could have posted "the reasons" right here and you did not... Because you two are BiG GiRlS.. So heads up ...high hopes and I am holding my breath to see what you have in store for the New Year.
God Bless....


Tina....I dont have any idea whats going on either...but I DO know how sweet & caring & talented you & your sweet daughter are! Yours was one of the first blogs I started reading years ago..I've had e-mails back & forth with you & Monica...Your both classy & sweet & have always been so kind:) Hang in there sweets..sending you blessings!
There are great things in the New Year for you sweet girls!
Deb:) xoxo


Sorry to hear your going through this. I love your blog you bring a smile to my face.I know from experience that falsehoods will eventually go by the wayside.As those people tend to after awhile find something else to talk about. But I know it's not easy to endure while it's happening.Stand firm.I pray for peace in your life.


Amen, follow God and let the enemy fall.


You and Monica just need to keep on keeping on!!! I have no idea what has happened but I guessed it had something to do with your jobs at Canton. Tina, I'm 61 years old (and proud of every one of those years) and I'm still shocked at how people treat one another. Women are very vicious creatures but I have found that most of it comes from jealousy. Life is much too short and precious to sweat over it. You know in your heart what is right. As I always say "what goes around, comes around". I've seen it happen many times to people who are always wanting to fight about something. Blessings to you and Monica in this New Year and keep inspiring all who read your blog. Spring will be here soon in the south and I'll need new ideas for my home. Made your delicious potato soup tonight so I wouldn't miss Sunday football games. It hit the spot.
Judy In Louisiana


Hang tough Tina and Monica...good things are coming your way in 2011!

Sheila from west Michigan


Tina, when we strive to live our lives as God would have us too, there's always going to be someone who will try to break our spirit and our faith. Just know as the old saying goes, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me," is when we truly lean on our faith and find that with the Lords help, that "this too shall pass." The Lord knows our hearts, our sadness, and the trials and tribulations that we sometimes go through -- it is during these times that we only see one set of footprints in the sand. Fondly,

Tammy S.

Shake the dirt off your shoes and move on! You are cared about by many of us that just don't give a pig's ear what's being said. If other's are mislead, you don't need 'em anyway!


I'm clueless as to what has gone on but truth and honesty always pay off. There will be some along the way who will want to tear you down, try to hurt your reputation, etc. but as long as you walk in God's path with Him as your guide, there is nothing to fear. Those who love you and who are true friends will always be there for you. Happy New Year...don't let the devil and his friends hinder you in any way!


WOMEN ALIVE....All I can say is you know
how I feel. Love you both!!!


Do not be afraid if someone from a nearby town comes up to you someday and says you have a friend in South Texas...if and when I meet peeps from your area...I mention your name like I know you...lol..

Lifes too short to worry about the small stuff...do what I do...be confident and classy...

patricia eaton

Tina, Well, my sweet blogging friend, just keep on doing the wonderful things you do and sharing with those of us 'out here' who appreciate you. And, Monica too. You brighten many of my days, I can attest to that and I will continue to visit you every day.....I love what you do!! hugs, pat


I love your blog, I have visited for several years now. I love your joyful spirit, too.
Hugs, Cindy

Wife of Rob

Jeremiah 29:11-14
I love you girl....you keep doing what you are called to do!


Victoria S.

I don't know anything about the situation but I do know the world is full of people who like to bring others down, even total strangers. aka, the idiots that tried to squeeze us out of our lane today and then laughed about it, but I was taught to take the high road and while sometimes not the easiest route, it IS the most satisfying. What goes around comes around sweetie, so you just keep sewing good seeds and it's going to come back to you, multiplied.

Annie Rae

No idea all the way up here in frozen Iowa what's going on, but it sounds like the same sort of things that happen when women turn catty.

Hate it when that happens.

Try to remember, when she speaks to most people, or at least the smart ones, they will see thru her hatefulness and she that it is she that is ugly.

Hang in there!

Annie Rae
A Misplaced Hillbilly, freezing in Iowa.


Never feel as though you have to explain yourself to anyone.
Those who know you will always know your heart
Blessings for the adventures in this NEW YEAR!!
I know great things are a brewin'!!


Tina, when people speak untruths about others, it shows their true character. My mother use to say "when they are talking about you they are leaving someone else alone". These type of people will move from person to person talking about people. In the end they are the losers.
God instructs us to pray for those that persecute us!! God Bless you!


Tina-- Your blog is the first one I started reading and always the first one I go to for a smile or inspiration! You are a wonderfully talented person and so generous to spend your time on this blog-- we all really DO appreciate you and your talent! Wishing you a wonderful 2011 and God's blessings to you!

Jean Eakin

Tina, Things will work out. Just know that you and your blog has always been like a breath of spring air(I wish it were spring).I look forward to the good things you share, sometimes just a simple photo that brings a smile to my face, or a wonderful recipe. Just keep on keeping on. I know that you and Monica will be okay.Wishing you peace and blessings for this new year.
Jean in Virginia

Charlotte Biscotto

Happy New Year ~ I love-love your blog ~ it has brought so much Fun & Joy to my life ~ I'm not sure how long you have had this blog~ but I have follwed you for several years now. May God continue to Bless you & the joy you bring to others through your work. Let God be God & everything else will work itself out. Charlotte/B'ham, AL.

Dena Palmer

All I know is I love your blog and you are such an inspiration to me. I can"t imagine you stepping on anyones toes, you are a sweety. Happy happy New Year to you and Monica.


Don't know what is happening, but know I love your blog and enjoy you all so much.


Stand firm in what you know if right. God will take care of the rest. Be blessed!


I guess there is and always be people who want to talk about someone else. Makes them feel better about themselves, I think.

Let it go. We adore you! ;)


You must be doing something right! Satan wants to knock you around so you will quit. Don't give up and don't give in!

(Austin, Tx)

Sheree Cloyd

hmmmm - don't know what all that is about- but I do know I love your blog! :))
Best of luck to you and Monica! And a great big "Happy New Year"!

Stacy Frisbie

I am sure it is an uncomfortable situation since you aren't in Canton working with her this weekend...she has to say something, unfortunately she has obviously not chosen to take the classy route and let sleeping dogs lie. Shame on her, if I were you, I'd shout from the roof tops what a $#&*@!! she is, but you know how easily I'm drug into the gutter. ;)


I agree with all the others. I do so enjoy your blog and have become a faithful follower since meeting you. May God bless you in the coming year and guide your steps along the road He has chosen for you both.

Sandy Jacobson

Tina, Take the high road . . . wise choice. When you walk in truth, you never have anything to worry about. God's Blessings, Sandy:O)


I am so sorry you have to go through this trial.

Love your delightful blog and find so much fun and inspiration here. Praying that you will see all those blessings that have been sown in 2011!!


I am very sorry to hear that you're having to go through yet another rough patch.

Your blog is a source of inspiration and joy to your readers. Please keep that thought deep in your heart and soul.

Marilyn (in Dallas)


Don't know what is going on - don't desire too. Just know that when you are doing right by God - then everything else will work itself out. Stand strong on your friendship and on God - He will take care of you. Hope this new year brings you and Monica many smiles just like you always bring to us.


This South Texas Gal never doubted any decision you made.I tell people all the time..I have prayed over what I am suppose to do..and God directs me on the path I take..anytime "they" want to stand in my place and answer to God for their decisons on my life..here you go!!

It always shuts them up...lol

Egg is never in God's face! Stand strong!

Looking forward to your new year adventures!!
I am the one who ask about the children handmade plates last year...we did it at Christmas at the Oklahoma mall store..we knew they wouldn't be ready for Christmas..and we are looking forward to getting them next week.

Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham


No worries here... stand firm, be strong... we all know the real you (s)!!


Mary is right. Sadly, this is just part of socializing with women, whether it be in real life or through social media.
I love your blog, and have since the day I discovered it. Yours was one of the first I found and started reading and still is one of the first I look for whenever I get to take a little bloggy break out of my busy life. Keep on keeping on, you are delightful.


How sad that you to have to defend yourself your blog. Women sure like to keep a lot of noise. Just keep on keepin' on. I love your blog-it is a happy place.

from Virginia

Sharon Carstens

Some people love to "stir the pot". Those of us who have followed both you, Monica and the store know your decision was thought through and done without malice.

Good luck to all and may God continue to bless you in 2011.


and Peace is from God, confusion is from Satan. Stand firm in what you know is right!

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