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January 24, 2011



I was wondering -- LOVE YOUR BLOG by the way! Where did you find the mason jars tall enough to fit your light fixture -- I have a similar one but want to put the jars on...none are tall enough! Do they get hot? I just love the idea!

Jill in PA


OMGosh, I am having a hissy fit over that red burlap runner. Does she make them to sell? I would sooo love to have one.
Everything she sent you is precious.


I haven't visited in a very long time but when I got out my adorable Valentine decorations I was reminded of you and Mika. So cute! So thought I best come see what is happening and as usual everything is beyond adorable.
(I need to pop in here more often!) :)


What a sweetheart that Judy girl is!! hugs!

Judy Clark


My name is Judy Clark. No, not the one featured on your blog. I live near Atlanta, GA. Your Judy is very gifted, and blessed with a God given talent. Tina, you are blessed to have such wonderful friends. Maybe I can meet your Judy one day. I lived in TX for two years near Austin. My heart is still there.

Thanks so much for your beautiful blog.
Judy Clark

sweet cottage dreams

Hi Tina! That Judy is soooo talented! LOVE the gifts she made for you!!! Guess what? I got a love box from her, too! I will post my gifties in a week or so. All scottie stuff! I cannot wait till she opens her etsy shop! Wouldn't you agree that her handwork is the most professional?




Wow, what an amazing care package. I'm inspired!


*Judy* is a one fabulous gift giving friend! She deserves a big smooch.
I really enjoy visiting your blog ~ such delight decor ~ cozy and inviting.

Fay Marie Torzsok

Well! How come you got so lucky Tina. They are all so charming.

Lucky girl! :O)

Fay Marie

Sharon - A Texas Gal


Judy is very talented. I just love the pillow and the table runner. I will be looking for Judy's shop coming in March.


You must have been a very good girl!What cool surprises!!
Carol in GA


Judy is a sweetie. Those are all so adorable! The pillow is cute as can be, and what a neat handmade card!


you have the best friends Tina...love your valentine goodies..isn't it the bestest when things arrive in your mailbox?!!

Jan R.

OMG I am in love with the pillow! Can't wait to see her Etsy shop. Thanks for sharing.

Erin Houghton

Hi Tina,

Hope you are feeling better - oh my goodness - what wonderful gifts your friend Judy gave you - love-love everything. The red table runner is ADORABLE . . . Judy is very gifted and talanted. So gald to hear that she is going to have an ETSY shop. Tell her to make lots of the red tabler runners so we can all buy one.

Andrea at Opulent Cottage

It's all so adorable! But the cutest thing may be those tea cups hanging from your chandelier - OMGosh, as you say!
Cheers, Andrea

Tina Smith

Judy will have her Etsy shop ready to go March 1st.

I'll let everyone know when Judy is ready!! YEA!!


You lucky girls! Love all of Judy's treasures!

Linda Clien

I want one of those pillows and a table runner!! Such a sweet, sweet friend to give you that. Let us know if she has some for sale. Blessings, Linda from WV

Becky from Tennessee

Oh my goodness, Tina, how CUTE!!! I
agree with the others....please, tell
Judy AGAIN that your bloggers would
like to purchase her pillows and table-
cloths. Everything is so adorable, Tina.
The tablecloth is perfect for your home!
So bright and cheery!!

What a terrific friend!



What great gifts...I love the red table runner too..very cute!


My husband just started reading your blog over my shoulder. His first question, "Is that lady married?" When I replied about Mil, he instantly said, "That man will be rewarded in heaven for supporting his wife and living amongst all of her lace, gingham, and china." Please send his kudos to Mr. Cherry Hill Cottage :) You are blessed!


Oh, gosh, what pretties!! I sure hope Judy starts selling soon. The Welcome pillow is to die for!


Your valentine gifts are gorgeous!! I especially the love the table runner~


WOW I love all of it and the way you choose to decorate with them. So cute.
I have one question. How do you keep all your lovely treasures from getting dusty? I have a lot of nick nacks in my small apt and it seems I can not keep up with the dust. UGH


That runner is a-dor-a-ble!!! I also want that pillow!! Cute!! You sure are a lucky lady to get a valentine gift from Judy! Wow!


Dear Tina,
Love, love, love that red runner. Please ask Judy if she is making them to sell.
Ah, Tina, Marry me by Train, one of the best songs ever written.

Love, Linda

Tina Smith

Judy love?

....they want to buy!!

Can they?

Annie Joy

I saw one of Judy's pillows at Christmas and told myself that I have to have one! Now, these beautiful Valentines! Are we able to buy them, and could you tell me where? I did some searching, but never found a source. Thank you! Annie


Wow, way too ca'ute..........Tina. Love it.
Lucky Monica, that girl gains on the side lines....see how sweet you are Monica.:)


Che dolci delizie!!!E' tutto bello in casa tua,Saluti,Rosetta

Elizabeth Marchus

Hi Tina,
Oh my goodness, yes indeed Judy is your Valentine cupid....I adore the Welcome pillow she created its the cutest thing ever!
I adore RED and your runner is so perfect and fun on your table, it looks great!
Have a sweet day, hugs~Elizabeth

Victoria S.

What a wonderful Valentine surprise! I love that pillow! And the hankie is so sweet.

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