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August 02, 2010


North Face Down

I "like" you on Facebook. Would love these for my oldest boy!


Ack! Love it & I thank you for the inspiration! We just removed a rectangular PINK sink from the guest room & wondered what we'd do w/it. I think it'll be perfect as a flower planter! Thanks. . . . very beautiful!


So pretty! I hope you don't mind. I added a link to my Porch and Garden Party at First A Dream. Your blog is one of my all time favorites.


GREAT idea. I never would have thought of that.

I love the deep color with white, too.
Sit back and enjoy now.


How cute! We have old cast iron sinks in the kitchen and bath, and a cast iron tub (not clawfoot). But they are destined for the garbage when we remodel. They arent as charming as yours! But part of me wants to keep them & get them reglazed...


That is one cute sink...you are lucky!


It's adorable, Tina... bet there are lots of them hiding in salvage yards across the U.S. So glad it's been put to such a lovely use.



Oh my - LOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!! And the fact that it still has its fixtures makes it even cuter. Perfect base Milton! I too love old sinks and have a couple of them. One of these days when I get my farmhouse - my double cast iron is going in my mudroom - someday - oh someday! Have a beautiful week my friend.

sweet cottage dreams

just as cute as can be! who would have thought!??






Just so creative!! You amaze me!!How hot did it get in Canton last weekend? It's supposed to be 108 here in GA tomorrow!!Whew! See ya soon.
Carol in GA

Cindy S

SO sweet, I love those sinks too and I love what you did with it. Sticking it on an old sewing machine stand with a plant in it, how perfect is that!?!?!


What a great idea! I'll be sure to have my son look for one when he does bath remodels.
Also, thank you (and thank Kathy) for all the pics of her home ~ what a treat for me to view ~ you both inherited a unique and creative gene.
Joyce in STL

Rita May

Great repurpose, rescue, reuse, recycle. There's a hamburger joint by the beach , called Le Tub (it was on Oprah) they line their walk with bath tubs, sinks even toilets filled with flowers. Fun place. Your sink looks great on the sewing stand, very charming on the deck. Great Idea!
Cheers! Rita

Comeca Jones

super cute!

Susan Freeman

I love it!!! It's just perfectly adorable precious and too cute!!!

Susan and Bentley


Love it! Looks great on that sewing machine stand.


Me too~I love it. I have a big OLD double cast iron sink...came out of a house remodel...it is in my back yard...just waiting for...flowers? Maybe! :)


Absolutely darling! Too cute! Delightful flowers too.


Just darling~!Love it ..


Darling ~!!
Thumbs up again..


Darling idea and I love it on the sewing machine stand! The pretty blue flowers look wonderful!~Hugs, Patti

Sandra Lee

That is so adorable...love it and I loved your tour too! Thanks for sharing :)


You are just a lucky girl, what a great old sink!


Tina, your sink looks so cute. I love it!! Love & blessings from NC!


You always come up with the ca-yuutest ideas! Love it :)



Oh Tina, this is so darling! LOVE that Milton put it on an old sewing machine stand! Perfect!!!!!!!


Susan Ramey Cleveland

I have one in the basement that I'm planning to put in my backyard for a planter. Yours is beautiful. I've never seen one like it.


Oh My Gosh girl that is the most adorable idea! LOVE it!

Doni Hall

OK...nevermind that! I just realized that I got the cart before the horse! I found your blog from a blog that just started following me! HAH Story of my day! I'm trying to get caught up and just messed it all up!!!
ANYWAY, I STiLL Love your blog! (Laughing at myself and turning red in the face!!). :P

Doni Hall

Hi Tina! Thanks so much for following me over at faithgracecrafts! I'm now a follower of your blog as well. AND I live in East TX too! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Your photos are awesome, and I love what you did with that sink! So cool! Looking forward to getting to know you better by following your blog. Blessings, Doni

Lee Laurie

Great idea! We are doing a bathroom remodeling job and it has a sink like that. I didn't wanna throw it out because it's old. Now I can keep it and use it. Thanks!

Becky from Tennessee

Oh, how absolutely adorable!!!
You simply amaze me with all
your wonderful ideas, Tina!



Fab idea! Very charming use of a practicle item.


That is really cute. I like that much better than my cumbersome bathtub with flowers.

patricia eaton

Well, isn't that the cutest thing? I should quit being surprised at what you do and just expect the unexpected when I come to your blog!! You know I LOVE what you do! Stay cool...about 108 here...pat


I Love It!!!!!

Jody Smith

What a great idea! I want an old sink to use outside by my bbq!


Tina Smith

thanks!! and thanks!


Soo pretty Tina! Your Archives are turned off?


That is gorgeous and the blue flowers in it just sets it over the top. Great idea using a sewing machine base for a stand. Thanks for sharing.

Marissa Polk



Love it!!! Love the sewing machine stand!!!

Kathy Sue

Well Tina that is so cute I just want to kick you and hug you at the same time over the cuteness. You are good!! Also, thanks to everyone for all the wonderful compliments on my home. Tina and I eat,sleep,and shop decorating our homes. Our husbands look at us and shake their heads. But they know we love it and they know to just shake their heads telling us "Yes Dear,that is a great idea" ha. Love you Tina,your sister,Kathy


love it!i have a sink we pulled out of our front bathroom and my son aneel made it into a fountain and im going to mosaic the outside of it. ill post about it when ever i get around to doing it :) ill let you know.


That is so stinkin' cute ! I just love repurposing things! Now I have to go and call my plumber cousins and have them to be on the look out for one for me !

Cathy Guess

I love old sinks......yours is so cute, and I love it on the sewing machine stand!! I also have one, and it sits on a rusty, old milk can!!! Back from Canton, and trying to recoop from the HEAT...was it a HOT one or what??? Cathy aka GGJ


How cute! and I already have the sewing machine stand. Must be on the look out.


Tina I have the sink I grew up with in my
backyard with flowers in it. I never thought
of putting it on my machine base. Thanks for
the idea. I also have a white enamel drinking fountain that my Daddy had hooked
up in his backyard and I have flowers in it
too. I love unusual item to grow flowers in.
Hope you didn't get too hot in Canton and I
hope you had fun and didn't work to hard....rest now.":O)


Tina ~ this is just to cute!! What a great idea and love what you did with it!! LOVE it!


That. is. beautiful.


That is just the cutest lucky you ♥ it


It's just darling Tina!


I want one!!!!!!!!
It is so cute, lucky you.


That little sink turned planter is adorable.


I love old sinks like that, I have an old sink in my mother in laws barn I need to get, but it'a so heavy, that's why after several years it's still there!!! hugs~~~ Daphne


I want one!!!! How cute is that and a new use for those machine bases---meant to be!!! So glad it wasn't a toilet. You DON'T have one do you???
Glad you are back posting again and hope you had a wonderful time at Canton. Soooooo hot tho! I so much enjoyed Kathy's house, saw so new ideas for me-loved the old tubs as tables.
Have a great day.
Judy in Louisiana


Hey that's a great idea. And it is recycling old stuff for new purpose.

Fay Marie Torzsok

Very original Tina. I like that idea.

Hope you're having a good day.

Fay Marie

Lisa Young

Oh that is such a cute idea! You have the best ideas!

Colletta Miller

I love it. Wonder if I can find one somewhere.

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