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August 04, 2010


Christi Wilson

This may be a silly question, but I've never made preserves... when you say to "seal" the jars, is this done by a pressure cooker, or does the heat of the preserve cause the jars to seal themselves?

Thanks! I love when you post recipes!


PS: Had to go make a whole big pan of biscuits after reading this!!! :)

Butter those biscuits, quit listening to all the bad news. Bless ya'll.


My Nanny used to make whole fig preserves and also watermelon rind preserves. They were so beautiful to look at in the jars! Delicious. have not had watermelon rind preserves since 1952, because that is the year she passed. Love you Nanny in heaven. I am sure you have straightened them out there!!!


Yum! Sounds perfect for my English muffin this morning! :)



Ah! FIGS! Cleopatra's favorite and mine! Thanks for sharing your yummy recipe! Figs are in abundance in Central Texas right now and in my own backyard! Lucky us!


oh my goodness, what a lovely place you have! I really enjoyed your blog, I'm your newest follower!


It's lunch time instead of breakfast, but oh what I wouldn't give to have a hot buttered biscuit (or three) with some of your preserves right now with a cup of coffee!

Hope your weekend is a good one.


This has to be my very favorite preserve. I have the Braswell's fig preserve in my fridge right now. I just love to spread it over my eggo waffle for a quick breakfast. I can recall year's ago my Aunt sending home-made fig preserves home with us whenever we'd go for a visit. I've never tried putting them up myself. I may give this a try. Thanks for the recipe, now I just need to find some figs. And oh! by the way, I love the new songs on your playlist especially "Use Somebody" I've never heard of Laura Jansen, she has a beautiful voice and I love her style. I find new favorites from your playlist each time I visit your blog that I would probably never hear otherwise.

Blessings to you,


Yummmmmm!! My daddy does his pear preserves almost exactly like this. Just peel them, slice them up, cover with sugar and let them sit overnight. Cook them down the next day. ( He doesn't add the Karo syrup ). Seal them in jars. Hot buttered biscuits and pear preserves...delish !! You and Monica will have to try pears next. Oh, and good country cooks never measure anything !


I love the idea of those flavors together. Must be delicious!

I enjoyed your playlist this morning while sipping my coffee. I may have to go to iTunes and spend some pennies ;-)



I love to make jams and jellies, but have never had access to figs. I love fig newtons, so I know I would love fig preserves. Thanks for the recipe. Love & blessings from NC!


Well, my goodness. I've made this room full of jams, jellies and perserves but never with just the fruit and syrup.

I dearly love figs but we don't raise them here in West Texas. I never even see them in the groc. store.
Thanks for this recipe...I just bought peaches and will give it a try.
xo bj


Yum! I love figs and this sounds like country goodness in a jar. I'll bet it smelled wonderful too!


It never fails, every time I look at your awesome site, I recieve a special blessing. This Georgia Girl misses her mother more than ever this time of year when her greatest desire was to put up fresh vegetables and make her delicious preserves. Our favorite was of course, her fig preserves. We haven't had any in quite some time, but a friend gave me some figs yesterday while I was visiting in Georgia, so what a great surprise to see figs on your site today.
The sweet smell reminds me of my mom.
Thanks for sharing recipe.


Yum-o!! Makes me want to make some hot biscuits!!
Carol in GA



These preserves look mouth-watering good! The peach crop must be particularly good this year because the ones I've been buying have been excellent.

Think I'll get some more, plus some figs, and try my hands at making some preserves.

Marilyn (in Dallas)


I love fig preserves. My sister has a tree and makes some for us. I can't wait to get mine...Yummmmm!

Teresa, St. Paul, TX

That sounds like a recipe from a "wonderful country cook" -- no measurements included! My grandmother's favorite was "a right smart" of this or that. I have lots of figs so I guess I'll use all of them and use however much sugar covers them all, but did you really cook it for 4 hours?! Yikes! Do I have that much time? Oh well, I know it will be worth it.


LOOKIN' GOOD TINA!!! I so need to pick the
trees that are in my daddy & mom's yard
down the hill. I forget to early and it's
been so darn hot here,115 degrees in the shade. My daddy used to love those figs,
one time the man that worked with him came
to pick from dad's trees and he ate one
of the figs fresh without washing, daddy
said, "you might want to cut that open
sometime spiders get up in the bottom of
the fig." That man took a big bite and
low and behold there was a spider inside.
That man started gagging and spitting and
sputting, daddy laughed about that for
years to come. The funny thing is he never
told me that and I used to eat them right
off the trees by the gallons. Mom used to
make them with strawberry jello too. That's
good. You and Monica have certainly been
busy this summer. It will be worth it in
the end.":O)


It must be meant for us to get some FIGS! We never talk about figs, but just tonight my husband were talking about FIGS! :)
Yummy recipe!

 Queen of Dreamsz

Oh, how I love fig preserves...what a simple recipe. Now if I just had some fresh figs! ha Thanks for sharing your recipe. :0)


I just picked some fresh Figs...Food of the Gods!


Seriously do you and Monica ever sleep??? hugs darlin'!

Tanya Madden

My sister in law told me about your site...and I love it!!! Will be back again and again...You have a beautiful knack for making things look BEAUTIFUL!!!!


YUMMY! You and Monica have all of the fun;)!


Wife of Rob

Going to be making both of those soon....will have to use these recipes! Got my canning jars all lined up!


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