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July 27, 2010



OMG! Thanks Tina for sharing all the pics of Kathy's awesome home. I just love that porch, so much to take in....love the golf cart too. Oh and the bike. Just bought an old vintage bike & was considering spray painting it all white, I think I will! Love it all, so fun to look at all the pics.

Fifi Flowers

ooooh LOVE everything... FABuLOUS garden... oooh FUN golf cart!!!


Both you and Kathy are so creative! I love the porch, the white bike, and the use of so much red! What is there not to like??? Wish you both would come to my house and help me decorate!

Farmhouse Country Style

Oh my where's my sweet tea...I'm coming over to sit on that porch! I'm a porch lover and uh....what a beautiful place she has there. So talented! Love it...all of it....even the golf cart. Thanks for showing and sharing!
Take care, Dee

sweet cottage dreams

Jaw dropping cute! I did not know she had a luxury pet care coup! Too cute! Her house is as cute on the outside as it is on the inside! Man! I know she is busy all of the time and takes great pride in her home.

Thanks so much for sharing with all of us girls. Always an inspiration!

love you both,


Tina loved each and every post showing your sister's lovely home. I just wanted to sink into one of those sweet rockers with a glass of sweet tea and take it all in! And, how fun for the two of you to bounce ideas back and forth!! Makes me wish for a sister even more! I would love to know where she found the cute jewelry wall bracket holding her necklaces. I have one which fits flat against the wall and I am constantly untangling my necklaces. Hers looked much more functional. Please thank Kathy (and you) for sharing her beautiful home.

Fay Marie Torzsok

Hi Tina

Thanks for sharing. Lovely golf cart and what a gorgeous Bostern Fern. Love Kath's home, she's very creative.

Fay Marie

Leigh Ann

Cathy's house is beautiful, thank you for sharing! Just told my husband that I want to fly down to Canton sometime in January... for our Anniversay. Can you recommend a great place to stay?
Leigh Ann

Karen Smith

...am so glad I found your site! So fun and the music is relaxin'. I check on you often.


Enjoyed the tour very much! Sorry to see it end. Thank Kathy for sharing her home.
Hope you have a great Canton weekend.


Many thanks to Kathy for letting us all "visit" her beautiful home. And thanks to you, Tina, for posting it.

Does Kathy have a blog?

Oh, those horses!


Tina, Thanks for the visit to Kathy's house. All the pictures were beautiful. I couldn't wait for the next day to see more. Tell Kathy THANK YOU for sharing her home with everyone and THANKS to you for taking all the pictures. Enjoyed the visit.

The Library Lady

House envy. Again! Yard envy. Again! Everything is just so lovely just like your place.

The Library Lady

patricia eaton

Well, once again, I LOVED the photos of Kathy's home...and golf cart! The whole thing...lovely. Why doesn't this girl have a blog?? Thanks, always, for showing us such beauty!!! pat

Cathy Guess

This has been such a fun blog and I have enjoyed the "home tour" SO MUCH!! Her home is so cute and cozy, and I am sure is a reflection of her, even though I have not met her! You are both graced with such talent, Thanks for sharing! Will look for ya in Canton, Diedra and I leave in the morning.....Happy Junkin! Cathy GGJ


What a wonderful porch!! Kathy has such a gorgeous home. And I love her golf cart. What a great job, pet sitting. How fun is that? Thanks so much for sharing Kathy's home with us. I have loved everything. Love & blessings from NC!


Oh my my. Thank you for so much inspiration. Love it.


Oh my goodness! That does it! I want to move in with your sister. I could handle living in your home too. Either one! I could look over the "tour" pictures of Kathy's home and find something new to love over and over! The time and love your sister has poured into her home is astounding! Am I too late to start at 50?


Hi Kathy and Tina,

Thank you for sharing your fabulous home and garden with us. I loved my visit to each room and it would be hard to pick a favorite as each room is cahrming and delightful.

Blessings and Best wishes to you and your family and thank you Tina for your fabulous photographs.


Kathy, Could you come decorate my house? You have freedom to do whatever you want!! I love everything about your home and decorating style. Sorrry this tour is over.


Tina and Kathy~ Love your golf cart,all I've
got to ride is a mossy oak 4x4 four wheeler
which is not cute like Kathy's cart. Although her seats do look like my bar stools,except I put yellow and white polka dot ruffle on them. Oh well. At least she's
got it going on. Love her porch and all of
her flowers, but I know it's hot over there
how does she keep her flowers from scorching? Hers are beautiful, course she
probably doesn't have an armadillo to contend with. Her Rudbeckia is so pretty and
I was just talking about that flower this
morning. It is so drought tolerant, that's the kind I need. I love Kathy's red polka
dot pillows, I just made a big red polka
dot pillow with red and white check piping
for my back porch. I love all of her tables
and tablecloths too. I love her bike and I
thought about you may want to put "Toots" on
yours for a ride.LOL. Kathy's landscaping
is beautiful.
Thank you Kathy for allowing me to visit
your home and thank you Tina for taking
time to post all these wonderful pics of
your sis's home. I have enjoyed every
post. This has been an inspiring tour.":O)


Kathy's house is so beautiful! I love her porch, and her golf cart is so cute...Kathy


Just lovve the golf cart. It is so chic!!! I am envious of the bike!!! I have been looking for one all summer. One day when I least expect it, it will appear. I hope I don't have to wait to long!!! Thank your sister for letting us into her home and sharing all her beautiful decorating ideas. You both are so talented!!! I just love your blog, I can't wait to get home everyday to see what is new in your life and what new thing you have to show us!!! Thank-you!!!


OMG I'm in love with that porch!! Kathy is one talented woman and I just loved seeing all the beautiful things she's done :) Thanks for sharing this!! Have a great day!



That golf cart is just too cute! I love it!!

Again, I'm astounded at the decorating talent possessed by you and Kathy. I love the way you can pull things together and create such charm and beauty.

Thanks to both of you for all the inspiration you have provided to us!

Marilyn (in Dallas)


Thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful tour, Tina!! Thank you!!


Hi Tina...I was here everyday looking at Kathy's beautiful home. She has it very cute! Thank you and her for sharing...you could have done a few more days in my book!!

Becky from Tennessee

Kathy has even decorated her golf cart...
how cute is that?? It has been wonderful
"visiting" her home. The outside is as
pretty as the inside and looks so peace-
ful....especially with their grazing
horses and waterfall. Looks like heaven
to me!! Thanks Kathy for allowing us into
your home and thank you, Tina, for taking
the time to take the pictures and sharing
with us!



LOVE the golf cart...so CUTE!...and I love Kathy's house, her flowers, her fence....ahhhh...I think I love it all. Beautiful place!


What an inspiring tour. Your sister's home is beautiful. I saw so many things that make me think of things I could change around at my own home. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful photos.

Susan Freeman

Kathy lives in the cottage of enchantment!! I love everything about it. Thanks so much Tina for such a delightful tour. What inspiration!!!

Susan and Bentley


Thanks so much for the tour, I love your sisters home, so pretty!!


I love Kathy's house (and yours too). I've enjoyed the tour and have tucked many decorating ideas away for future inspiration.


I want to pick up Kathy, her home, her property, her pet sitting service and plunk all of them right next door to me!!!!


A golf cart?!! Kathy sure sounds like the funnest person ever!! That was the best home tour I've ever seen. Thank your sister for sharing her wonderful home with us. It's the number one house I've seen in all of blogland.


So sad that the tour is over, I enjoyed each and every post! I will just have to entertain myself by looking back over them again and again. I love that Kathy has lots of "stuff". Sometimes I think, maybe, I'm getting too much stuff, but that thought usually passes pretty quickly! Kathy's home proves you can have lots of stuff and everything still looks beautiful ~~

Patty M

Thanks for sharing Tina. It was all so beautiful and the porch and gardens...a little heaven on earth! Patty


*Sigh*...I hate that it's the end! What a fun tour this has been Tina. Thank you so much for sharing your sissy's home with us and please thank her for opening her doors to us. It has truly been a treat.



What a cozy front porch I would love to just sit and visit there! And what a fun bike!

Thank you kathy for the visit!

Stacy Frisbie

Oh my gosh, I wish Kathy lived down the street from me so she could 'sit' with the cat boys. Jack Russell and Oliver would LOVE her!! They are real people kitties, they are more like puppies than cats and require a lot of attention! LOL Oh well....love the golf cart, I remember all the fun we had riding around the neighborhood on YOUR golf cart Tina! :)


What a beautiful porch. Makes me want to redo mine for the rest of the summer. Be sure to sign up for my Gooseberry Patch cookbook giveaway!


Tina, Tell Kathy "THANKS" for sharing her home. It's to die for! Tanya

gloria g.

Hi Tina, I love always checking your blog and seeing such cute houses. I'm just wondering....I used to live in Magnolia, TX, now in Hemingway, SC and had some friends George and Connie Allen. They sold their home, and your pictures sure look similar to that house. We lived in Cimarron Country which was next to this subdivision. Just wondering. It may not be, but it is a beautiful home and grounds. Thanks for sharing. gloria g.

brenda griffith

Tina I have enjoyed all of your posts on Kathy's home it is amazing. What beautiful pictures!! Thank you
The Rusty Thimble

la fénéïre

what a american house !! lovely


All I can say is "CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!!" I want to do a pet sitting service like that!!! Her garden is to die for. Love the Black Eyed Susans...and the bike...and the waterfall...and horses!!!! WOW! Thanks so much for sharing...I just love to look at the pictures over and over. So inspiring!


That golf cart is utterly adorable!!!!!


Love it!! Love the red and white polka dots every where!! What a wonderful house and porch! Thank you sooo much for sharing!


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HER home!!!!!!!!!!!!Colorful, full of life, and fun:) Does she have a blog. I would love to become a follower of such a talented lady?
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens


Oh, my! I could hardly wait for your posts! Kathy's house is absolutely darling! Please tell her thank you for sharing her cozy space. You can tell love lives there.


What a lovely porch and the horses just make the scene complete!!Gorgeous home!Thanks again Tina ( and Kathy)!
Carol in GA


That is one heavenly porch! The golf cart is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Kathy knows how to add her special touch to everything she loves.

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