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June 28, 2010


The Hermes Birkin

I'd actually love to review these boxes on my shopping/lifestyle blog. i wonder if they'd send me a sample box to talk about?


Old glass insulators turned upside down in those springs hold a tea light perfectly!
That's what I did with mine and they look so cute on my back porch.


Those bed springs are too cute for words! Where can I find an old mattress to tear up????


I will have my eyes peeled for rusty old bed springs from now on! Love that idea. Lovely photo, Tina.

Sharon Camp

Tina, thanks so much for the plug for our website and our business Sunshine Fabrics. We will be sweating it out at Canton Thursday through Sunday this week.Come by and visit.

Ro Magnolia

Love those rusty springs! What a fantastic idea! :)


The bed spring/jelly jar candle holders look terrific!


Who would've thunk it?! You obviously! What a great idea!!! Now, where can I found some rusty springs...;)bb

Cindy S

I love the rusty bed spring candle holders! What a great idea. Your patio is so nice, I always love seeing it.


What a great idea. I have old bed springs, and that would be a great use for it.


I just love your bed spring candle holders. I must make some!!! For those that are looking for bed springs, Sometimes your thrift shops will get bed mattress in and just throw them away. So if you go in and give them your name alot of times you can get them free. You can probably get 75 springs per mattress. Happy Hunting!!! Thanks again Tina for sharing!!!


Hi Tina~ I've had the old bed springs on my
back porch for a couple of years. They are
hanging on the crock that is holding flowers
and the springs hold napkins. I also have a
cushion on the front porch that I made out of oil cloth and stuffed it with WM bags so
the weather would not hurt it. It's been out
there for about 3 years and still looks good. I just wash it off. I buy oil cloth
from Sunshine Fabrics every year. I love
their selection. I just bought some red and
white check to make some cushions for the back porch. I love your candle holders so
you know I'll have to make some out of my
springs I have left. Then I'll have napkin
holders and candle holders. Gosh I'm just
a true junker...:) Can't wait to see your
cushions. Hurry up please!!!":O)

Kathy Sue

Tina, now how cute is that. I see that is what the juice glasses were for. Aren`t you glad you bought them now?? ha. Love you,Kathy Sue


Oh my God Tina....how cute is that!?! I LOVE them! Don't tempt me as far as coming over for a drink goes. I'd be right over, if I didn't live in Wisconsin.


old rusty bed springs and cute little jelly jars
....... love it- glad I popped in today..I needed some inspiration..thanks (:)


What cute and clever candle holders! :)


Cute idea Tina. Would love to come for a visit and a drink around your cute table with those lights....just wish I lived close enough to do that.



Your killin' me with cleverness! Too cute!



Those are so cute! I would've never thought to do that. :)


Love this idea! Tooooo cute!

Can't wait to see your new cushions!



Cute, Cute, Cute...love it! Can't wait to see your cushions too!!!

Have the best day ever!

Fay Marie Torzsok

What a lovely idea Tina. I don't have any old bed springs, but will keep my eyes open when shopping around at antique shows etc.

Have a good day! :0)

Fay Marie


Hey Tina! What a cute idea....I have a question about your ferns. They look amazing.....mine are not so amazing. I remember a post from you about the Fish fertilizer and I have to admit I did start with it but not have been keeping up with fertilizing. What do you do? Mine look like they are about to die....burnt looking and such. They are in the shade...and i do water reg. Anyway,would love any ideas you have. Have a Great Day! Blessings,Nicole


OH MY! The idea about the bed springs is meant to be! Hooray! I just found a rusty old bed spring on a piece of my parent's land in an old loft of a barn and had no idea what I could do with it. I was sad that the headboard was gone.......but this has renewed my faith in it! YAY! Thank you for sharing....

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