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June 02, 2010


Phyllis Dew

These are very good. Just discovered them couple of weeks before Christmas. Surprised to find out how easy they are to make. Haven't made them yet; so glad to find recipe and good instructions. Thanks.

Belstaff Chaquetas Venta

So fun article is! I know more from it.

Manolo Blahnik bottines

I thank thee that I am none of the wheels of power but I am one with the living creatures that are crushed by it.

Wife of Rob

LOVE sweet and salty! This is fabulous! These will be so cute in little Christmas candy boxes!



I made these for Christmas! Perfect!

I'm a Texas girl and you really make me miss "everything" Texas!


Ok after I stopped by and saw these yummy treats I had to try them....They are to die for ...I love them...so easy and it looks like more work than they are. I had to do a post about them but I am sending everyone to you for the recipe. Thank you so much for the recipe..!


Looks delish I'll try those ..
Your blog is just the cutest~!!
Have a happy summer holiday (:)

The Library Lady

I printed off this recipe and shared it with the other library ladies. On Friday morning Lori (my working partner) brought in some for everyone. She said they were eazy breazy to make and they are yum-oh. She test drove them on us because she is planning on using this at an upcoming party. Thanks for sharing.

The Library Lady


I've seen pretzels with a kiss and an m&m melted, but not these. What a great treat! I also wanted to tell you I really love your "blogs I love" list.
Becky in NC


Looks yummy!
I love your blog..so cute and fresh!!!
Im following.. :)

With all my heart...Deborah
Come and visit me here :)

Sharon K

Oh my, I think I will have to try this out, my grandchildren will be here next week, they can help me make these. Thanks for sharing.


These look so YUMMY! I am going to try them myself! Here's another recipe that is similar: use pretzels, white candy morsels (the kind you melt) and top them with M&M's - the color of the holiday! A real salty-sweet thing...
Have a great trip,


My first time here and I'm glad I am. I've never made these but plan to next weekend when the family is over. Thanks!

sweet cottage dreams

Oh my.......

i feel the inches just stacking up by taking in the visual sweetness!


Carol Bennett

Tina, it was so good to meet you at Laurie's today. I've been trying to get to Canton from GA for awhile! It was definitely worth the wait. Ya'll are masters at display, lovely store and booths!!
Carol Bennett


What a wonderful snack/dessert idea! Yummy!


Those turtles look delightful. As soon as I'm off of this diet, I'm trying 'em.


This would be a really fun activity to do with kids on a rainy afternoon. Great idea.


Yum! Have fun in Canton!


oh my! Just when I was starting to count my calories !!!!!!!!!!!


Looks like a fun and easy recipe. Thanks for sharing.

Ro Magnolia

I gave you a blog award today. You can read about it here:


Happy blogging! (and oh boy, don't those pretzel turtles look yummy!!!)


thanks for the turtles!! My youngest is gonna end his terrapin life next year in the 5th grade. I'll either whip these up tonight for friends and block teachers or save it for treats next school year.

I am panting for Canton..it has been too long since I've been there.


Uh oh! This is one of those things that I KNOW I'm gonna love and probably will be sorry I ever saw your post. LOL! Pretzels, rolos and pecans...what's not to love!


Cheryl Luckie

Tina!!!! You have just caused me to gain (another) pound or two. Can't wait to try these! I love your blog!


Tina my stepdaughter and I are going to make these this summer.I am so excited we are leaving saturday morn to mississippi to get her I have lots of summer fun things planned. you blog is a bit of home at the end of a day such a blessing.


oooooooooooooh, thanks. going to Florida to fight the oil spill next week. A perfect snack to take with me for the gang!!


Yummy. I may have to try that one with gluten-free pretzels. Looks easy.


We make these every Christmas. So yummy and SO easy!

Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage

What a great idea and so easy! Thanks for sharing. This is something I am definitely going to make.


Sandy B

Thank you so much for posting this recipe. I'll be sure to try them.


How delish!! Will have to try these soon. Have fun while you're in Canton. Can't wait to see what you bring back.

Jo (in Alabama)



I love things that look like a lot of work, but aren't! :-) These look delicious.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Julie from Texas

What a great idea and so simple. Thanks for sharing.

Karen DeCapite

Those look YUMMY! What a great idea! Have fun in Canton. Can't wait to see what comes home with you . . . one of these days I'll get there!
Have a great day! Karen

Karla Nathan

Those sound like such fun to make too! Thanks.


Tina~ my family loves these. They eat them
faster than I can make them. I made these
at Christmas and they said I should have
made just those nothing else.LOL. They are
delicious.Laurie has a very nice post on
Canton for anyone who needs to see what it
is all about. My daughter is talking about
coming for the day Saturday so maybe I will
get to see you again if I can hitch with


This is ingenious and I can't wait to try it. Have fun at Canton and drink lots of water!

Milisa Moore

Why Oh Why can't Arkansas have all the antique treasures that Texas has! It just isn't fair... Sure Wish I was going to Canton.

I am going to make the rolo treats.

Have fun & stay cool.


Deb Steckly

Thanks for the tip. I love salty, sugar combination. Have a great trip, Tina. Give Jazz a hug for me. Deb =^..^=x5


I have had these before. They are delish!!!


My family LOVES these! They eat them as fast as I make them. Easy and super-yummy!

Tracey Rancourt

how easy and sinful looking.. I'll have to try my hand at these!!! Thanks for indulging us!


Oh yummy Tina! Thanks for a sweet/salty treat! Have fun!



It all looks so yummy!!! Thanks for sharing. Blessings~~~Daphne

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