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January 13, 2010



I just finished my wreath last night!


It´s really cute your wreath !As I am a librarian teacher I´m going to do one, just like yours, to put it on the library door! Thank you very much.
Cheers from Europe (Portugal)!


About how much fabric did you have to buy?


That is lovely!! I'm gonna take the tutorial and run with it!
Thank you!!


Very cute!! Thanks for sharing.

Jayme/The Coop Keeper

Your creativity inspires me! Love the wreath, and your house, and your hair, and your blog........:-)



Definitely smile-inducing! :-) Just the thing on a gray winter day.

Marilyn (in Dallas)


oh oh! i love that!
going to check my fabric stash for red!

Karen DeCapite

OMG! I must have at least 6 of these! I did them years go and even had the project at the kids' Holiday Craft Workshop at their school one year because it is so easy!
What fun! Thanks for the memories! Very, very cute! Most of mine were for the 4th of July - I think I'll do a valentine one also!


I LOVE YOUR WREATH!!!! I went over to the site & told them the wreath & tutorial was great & that I found them here at your site! Thanks for sharing. LOVE IT!


Hello Darling Tina!

What a cute heart project! Looks sweet on your kitchen black board! Wishing you a warm and cozy eveing by your fire with Milton!



So cool! I love it!


Thanks for the adorable idea! I made one today using a pink/brown cupid toile fabric and hung it on my foyer mirror. I used a piece of brown velvet scrap ribbon to hang it. Thanks again, I love your blog.





That's so funny, I just came across the same link this week and I was thinking of making one too! Don't know if I will get the chance, I always start too many crafts at one time! Yours turned out so pretty!

marissa polk

i love it !!


So cute! And great place to hang it.

Brenda Kula

I have that very same polka dotted material. This is soooo cute!

Julie Harward

I remember making these in elementary school..so cute! Love the polka dots.. Come say hi :D

Laura @ Sahm I Am

Love the red, but then, I always love red! You know, your kitchen is such an inspiration to me! When I finally get to do my kitchen, I want to come sit in yours for a day first!


What a cute heart. I saw one of these in a store the other day; they were pricey. Thank you for the tutorial I may give this a try.


Love that!! And you need so very few items
to make that. You could also lay the wreath
down on a table. Thanks Tina!



What a cute heart and I have a bunch of red and white fabric from the Christmas quilt in just finished before Christmas!


So cute!! I'm going to make one....Kathy


Absolutely lovely Tina!!-I want to make one now too-Our 13th Wedding anniversary is on Valentines Day!--I decorate more for Valentines Day, than I do for Xmas.--I probably won't get one done-...-

, I've been laid up with this ugly thing called"Plantar Fascitis" in my right foot and leg.-Pain,-all the time.Anyway, it should heal within a month,gosh I took walking& moving much for granted I guess!-

Wow!-I Love your blog- you really have a lot of members here now-unreal wonderful!-xo--Valery


I used to make wreaths just like that but with a straw wreath that was wrapped in plastic rather than the styrofoam. Looks like the end results is the same. :-))

The Blue Ridge Gal


oh my goodness, this is absolutely adorable! Just the kind of project that I can do...easy peasy!! LOVE the polka dot fabric you used- I will have to look for some like it @ HobLob next time I'm there. Thanks for the inspiration!!


So cute! Love it!


Oh my - what a cute idea. Thanks for sharing Tina - this could work on so many things. Now I gotta go find me a heart wreath ;-) Have a beautiful day! Cathy


I had a wreath like this many years ago -- and my wirehaired fox terrier, Scooter, decided it was a fun toy to play with while I was at work. I came home to find fabric scraps all over the place. :) Your's is very pretty. :) Tammy


Love, love, love this! I have red polka dots in my kitchen, so I think I really need this! Thank you for another cute idea!


Love the darling Valentine wreath and who doesn't love polka dots?!!!



That is soooo cute. I love this.


You are so creative...I got my vintage
valentines (the ones I gave mom when I
was very small)(you can tell by the
writing) and displayed them as well as
my Victorian one.I have one that was
made by my grandfather June 15,l911.
It is an interlaced one. I will have
to try your wreath for the inside. The
outside has to have a Mardi Gra wreath
on the door. Yours is so cute and would
look good in my kitchen. Thanks for the


Oh, that is soooo adorable!

Barb ♥

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