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October 24, 2009


Angele Hudson

Honestly, I am truely inspired, thanx so much for sharing!!

laundry room sinks

Incredible transformations! i hope to have such a beautiful laundry room some day!

plastic laundry hampers

I love your laundry room. It is simple but I find it really beautiful.

Gwyn Rosser

OMGoodnesss ---- just browsing your blog today and I found Monica's house. So sweet! And yes, I am going to display my ironing board/iron/spray on a white hanky. Too cute!

Gwynie Pie
@ The Pink Tractor


Lots of C U T E !!!

But man oh man I hope she has a cleaning person !!!


Cass at That Old House

Oh my goodness, my "laundry room" is in my spooky old stone cellar; even i don't like to go down there, and I'd certainly never take a camera down.
This is an adorable laundry room -- what a joy it must be to use it!
Thank you for sharing it... Monica has a charming way with her work space!

Cindy S.

I love the way she displays her iron and spray bottle. I can do that! Thanks for the chance to see all of the cute uniqueness. Hugs, Cindy S.


Darling! Love every bit so far. Can't wait to see more.



Two words for ya: Simply Irresistible!

With a cute laundry room like that, I wouldn't mind doing laundy or ironing. Absolutely charming!!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Angela (from NJ)

I have to tell you, that almost looked like my laundry room (without all the decor) - same door, same space next to the door to the left...BUT then I saw more, and to the right of the door, I don't have that kind of space. BUT very nicely done. gives me some ideas. thanks!!!


Tina, that is so cute! Love the chaulk board. DH brought me home an adorable chaulk board and I didn't know what to do with it! Now I do, of course!


Oh, what a precious laundry room! She is good at making pretty, isn't she!! More more please!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)


Who knew an iron and starch could look so darn cute!!!! Might even make me WANT to iron! It truly is so cute and inviting - something I didn't know a laundry room could be. I've been working on mine as well - now I'm super inspired. Thanks to you for sharing and to Monica for letting us peek into her beautiful home. Cathy


Oh I just found your blog for the first time! It is lovely! I will for sure be returning to see more of your beautiful decor pics. I am a cottage decor lover myself. I'm still trying to get it right in my own home though. Just painted my living room and dining room creamy yellow. Now to figure out what to do next???

It's nice to find your blog and to meet YOU.

Lee Ann

Debbie Bell

Tina... SO darling!! Her home is exactly how I thought it would be..with you as her inspriation..how could it NOT be darling!!
Talent for sure runs in the family sweets!
I LOVE my autumn banner!!


I love it!!! Everything especially the print or painting of potted plants under the match holders.



Oh I was so excited to see your post on Monica's home and now laundry! You 2 are just 2 of the most talented out there when it comes to decorating and WOW, so inspiring!!!

Have a great week!


absolutely say a big ty for this blog!! i love all the pretty photos of your home and others and use several of your recipes.....like the music too!! god bless


I still have the whisk broom from my daddy riding in the glove compartment of my car..where it rode with him in his car! AND I have a match box just like those that he kept at his barbeque pit!! Geeze......haven't thought about those things in ages..thanks for the trip down memory lane.
And monica's place is darling, just too cute!

Tracey Rancourt

I too am so anxious to see more.. I love this room.. I have mine decorated, but not like this.. what a great idea.. love it, love it, love it!! Love the small nook with the shutter and the vintage lamps.. great!


Keep the inspiration coming... I may just get in the mood to create something wonderful in my own laundry room.

Laura Lee

Wow! Who thinks of these things? Vintage wisk brooms above the door? So creative! Keep it coming!


Too cute! I wouldn't mind ironing in there! You think she would let me come and iron? There's so many pretties to look at.
Love it!

Cheryl (Copper's Wife)

I LOVE this!!! I can't wait to see more!

Tina Smith

Monica doesn't have a blog!! If she did...it would be fabulous!!


I just can't wait for more!!! Darling, darling


LOVE her laundry room! I just love all the bright colors you both use, especially the RED! Tina, does Monica have a blog?

Hugs to you!
Maryjane Lee (heehee!)


Adorable! That's a tiny little room full of personality.


Can't wait to see more. Adorable!


Yes, i love the matchboxes!! Seriously i love it all....


I see a few things you can sneak out for me!
So cute.

Julie Harward

What a darling laundry room..love it all..but the hankie valance is so sweet! Thanks~
Come say hi :D

Elsie Andrews

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Monica's laundry room, I
love all of it. I want to come live with
you one week and Monica the next.LOL That
is soooo cute,but I bet she wouldn't miss
that tray until she goes out that door. oops,I just said where it is...Love it...I
bet she has a security detector she makes
you walk through before you leave...LOL.:O)


I am in love...too cute!!! I love every detail...the hankie valance...the tray...the ironing board cover...the lamps...everything!!!


I bet ya'll are a blast to shop with!!!

Can't wait to see more!!!



Oooohhh Tina what a gorgeous laundry room! I do wish I had a laundry room too. Lucky Miss Monica!


OHMYGARSH....how much cuteness can a person take? Oh me oh my...can't wait for the next installment!

Debbie Hooper

Where do yall get all this cuteness, you & Monica? So many cute ideas!! By the way Tina, I made your chicken salad and took to my ladies Bible study grp. and it was a hit! Thanks for sharing!

Tricia Anne

What a darling laundry room. The match holders brought back so many memories! We used to have one in our kitchen when I was a child. :o) Tricia


Sadly, I can't wait. Maybe I should get out more.

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