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October 23, 2009



Hi Monica! you got a very nice and stylish house. This cottage looks so incredible! Your blog is an inspiration for everybody especially for me who is looking for a wonderful cottage design. This is awesome Monica, great job there!

Angele Hudson

Luv this!!

Nicole Vickers

The roofing trim was brilliantly done. It's simple, and yet clean. From the outside, the house looks cool because of this. I was stunned by the chocolate chip cake. It made me remember the pains of my diet. Nonetheless, I like the indoor plants.

Lupe Rodriguez

It's such an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful
home. Lupe in Texas

Lupe Rodriguez

Your home is so pretty! I really enjoyed your pictures. You truly in-
spired me . Thanks.

Linda's Blue Gate

OHMYGOSH..... I know Monica is your BEST friend but I had no idea what kindred spirits you are..... You two need to start a consulting business and show others how to have such style..... or maybe professional shoppers.... oh yes.... I think you would be a a very marketable team.... what a pair of talented friends..


To view my sister's cottage home on my blog, click here~




What a neat space, love all her cottage touches, very pretty!!


Ahhh....Monica's a girl after my own heart! No empty spaces! Oh how I love a FULL counter! Everything's just lovely.



Who is Monica? Is she your sister? Her house is beautiful just like yours Tina but I can not figure out if she is your sister or a good friend. Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful pics of both of your homes. I am trying to mimic everything you do....already have the beautiful red and white quilt at the foot of my bed like yours Tina. For those who dont know the quilt is from JCpenneys. Have a wonderful Blessed weekend everybody!!


Monica's home is wonderful!


Tina please thank Monica for allowing you to share her home with us. Its absolutely gorgeous and I can see why you two are such dear friends. Can't wait to see more!



How cute this all is. Does she have room to cook in that adorable kitchen? :O)
Thanks for sharing...and can't wait to see more. Also would like to see somemore of your cute house and your sister's!
You are such an inspiration to me....


Monica's house is so cute. I'm sure she has an adorable personality to go with it! Thanks for the tour. Love it.


Hi Tina,
Thank you for the nice comment you left about my blog, that is such a compliment coming from you! I;m really flattered. I have visited your cottage several times, you are obviously sooo talented! Love all you do. Well off to the Funky Junk Show in the morn, gotta get some shut eye.


Oh my goodness Tina! Are you two blood sisters or what! Darling, darling, darling! Monica has sweet touches throughout her cutie pie home to! You girls make blogging so much fun! Thank you for sharing her home with us!

Tina, are you Tina Lee? I saw someone call you that here! Well, I am Maryjane Lee! People always thought Jane was my middle name, but it's Lee named after my Grandma and Grandpa!

Thanks again for all your sweetness you have bestowed upon me!

Big hugs back to you darling!
Maryjane Lee


How cute! her house is darling. Its so fun to see the homes of such talented people! Thanks for sharing.


What a lovely kitchen,, I would love to have one like that... and her Halloween decor out side is so cute... thanks for sharing with us.

Have a great weekend..



Monica's house is so sweet! I love all the pictures of family everywhere.

So did you get lots of pretty jewelry?



Tina , her house is as awsome as yours ! LOVE IT...

Pamm Muzslay

Monica's house looks a lot like yours! Which means, of course, I love it!


Brenda Gipson

What great ideas Monicas home is beautiful just like yours.

Cindy~My Romantic Home

It's so adorable and so much like yours! Thanks for sharing!

Ann at the Handley Bungalow

How cute!!! I can't wait to see more! What a BEAUTIFUL house! Thanks for sharing! Her cottagy home is so darling, just like yours. Such fun to see.


You two are no doubt two peas in a pod... love it all .. thanks for sharing.. emailed your baby girl about the recipe book... too cute!!



Thanks for sharing Monica's house with us and Monica, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to tour your kitchen.

So warm and cozy! It's no wonder that you and Monica are friends. :-)

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Julie Harward

What a darling, cozy home..just loved it..thanks for sharing it! Come say hi :D


Gosh! That was fun! Thanks so much Tina, and Monica. Love Monica's house!


Miss Tina - you are a wonderful tour guide and you know the best places to go! -amy


I have to be your biggest fan and now I am a huge fan of Monica's. You both have such a talent for cottage style...I love it!!!

I wish you could run over to Dallas and help me out with my home;)!!!

I don't really have a cottage but I try like the dickens to get that look going...I think I need more stuff and less restraint!!!

Love...love...love ya'lls homes!!! Can't wait to see more of Monica's!!!

Elsie Andrews

Thanks for the tour of Monica's. It is just
as I expected......F A B U L O U S.You two
make a great team,what one doesn't think of
the other does.I love her bread sign, I have a Bunny Bread sign in my kitchen,its yellow,red,blue and white,my father-in-law opened the first store here in 1964. I can't wait to see the rest of Monica's.:O)


Your blog is the silver lining of my day! It is rainy, chilly and overall just a yuck kind of day. Your pictures of your friends home are just what I needed.

Thank you, thank you for sharing!

chris mohnasky

Such a cute home. I just love all your pics. I recently found an apothecary jar like the one you have in one of your pictures! I was so excited! I filled it with fall gourds. I hope you can tell me what you think. Check it out at


I love the red bread sign too... I have one hanging in my kitchen. :-) I can't even remember where I got it I have had it for years. Great pics! :-)


Darling...Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl Goode MacKinnon

Oh I Love It~ Everything is Great, but really envy the little island table with the small dresser with drawers... who would have thought to stick plates in it like that~ So Creative!

Everything looks so Inviting, just want to sit & have a cup of tea.... gave me some ideas for my Blaaahhh Kitchen!


Monica's home looks as sweet as yours. Love the pics of the kiddos in their Halloween costumes. Tell Monica thanks for letting you be her reporter today!


I love it. I'd like to see more too :).


Fabulous! Thanks Tina & Monica!! :)

Kelly~Rose Vine Cottage

Her house is so cute and it reminds me of yours, you two must shop/decorate together. I have a question that I've been wondering and since someone else asked in another comment above, did you take the pic's of your sisters house off of your blog or am I just not seeing them somewhere?? I love to look at your house and hers occasionally for inspiration.


if only i could stay in Monica's kitchen for a lllllong-llllong---LLLong time!


Cute, cute, cute. Can't wait to see more!


Love it. Thanks for sharing Monica's house. I look forward to seeing more.

Debbie Hooper

Sooo many cute ideas! My colors, I can't wait to see more!! Loved it!!


Tina Lee,

Love it - you did a fantastic job....can't
wait for you to do the rest of Monica's

Heart Cha!



Adorable! You have a lot in common. :)

Tina I was wondering, is there a way to look back at old posts on your blog? I haven't been able to figure that out. I enjoy the Flikr pictures but would love to see the actual posts themselves.

You inspire me daily!

Staci Bryan

I love it Tina!! It makes me want to be at Mom's house right now!! Thank you for posting her kitchen. I think it is cute just like yours! Also, thank you for joining her at the party!! I bet yall had some good food! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I am homesick now!!
luv ya

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