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October 27, 2009


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My kind of home. Stuffed with lots and lots of goodies to look at! Just beautiful!

Brenda Kula

It's absolutely beautiful! I've got to get to Canton one of these days.


I just came upon your site through another blog I follow. I really love your colors! Everyone is going for white, white and white, and I am so into colors! I really enjoyed the pictures of Kathy's house. I know they were posted in 2008, but I just saw them! :)

I wish to follow your blog, but cannot find your "Follow Me" option....Help!

Wife of Rob


I'm just catching up on all of my bloggy sistas. Life has been happening around here, so I'm behind in the bloggy world. Your Monica has a PRECIOUS home! I'm sure that she is just as precious of a friend. She has an incredible touch....as you do too! Keep the fabulous pictures coming...you are both an inspiration!

{{Big Alabama Hugs}}

KK at The Sweet Tea Cottage

Monica has a lovely home...it looks like it is filled with love just like yours does. What a blessing to have such a sweet friend! I know you both are a blessing to your families,friends and community!

Roxie Meiske

Like your home, her home is just beautiful. Just like the pages of a magazine.

My only thought is Oh how she must clean all the time..here in central Texas where I am even with the windows kept closed the dust bunnies pile up high. Sometimes the bottom of my draps look like they have 'fur' trim...

It is so pretty. I wish my own 'cottage' looked so good.

Thank you for sharing. I am now pea green with envy.

Kittie Murphy

Hello, I have just discovered your blog and wow I love everything about your house. Was curious where you found the pillowcase for christmas "and to all a good night" beautiful home.


Oh...I just love the new look of your blog...so darling so you!!!

Monica's dining room is beautiful...I love every detail. I can't wait for you to show us the rest of her wonderful home.

I saw you both in Canton today...but it eas so crazy I didn't want to bother you...next time...I bought one of the large grapevine wreaths for my patio...love it!!!

Ya'll shoud sell the burlap tablecloths at the shop...they are darling...I would definitely buy one!!!

Looking forward to more of Monica's!!!

Debbie Kennedy

Beautiful dining room, I got some great ideas from this post.

Thank you,

Debbie Kay


Monica's home is just lovely - so much thought & detail in every room and I especially love her burlap tablecloth with the ruffle.

Your new blog banner is *wonderful*! -amy


What a lovely dining room! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Daisy Cottage

Hi Tina!

Monica's home is beautiful! Every inch is so special - what a treat to see and of course it is always a treat to visit you and your beautiful home. Awesome new banner too!


Teresa, St. Paul, TX

Tina -- Love your new look!! Meant to tell you today when I saw you in Canton that there is not a collander to be had there! Wondery why?! Everyone loves that idea -- I'm on a mission now. . .


Oh my! I just found your blog. I'm in trouble! ANOTHER blog to keep me from cleaning house... oh well :O) Love your home and Monica's too. Lots of inspiration~

paula small

What a fun peek into this house Tina! Wanted to let you know I'm almost done with your sign:) If all goes well with my plans...tomorrow!


Clever idea for the burlap tablecloth! There is so much eye candy. I have to look over and over and just love it!


What a lovely home!

debi bock

I LoVe Your site! HaPpiEsT AutUmN from my cottage in the beautiful PacIfiC NorThWEst!
Thank you for the InSpirAtiOn ;)

Mary Isabella

So much beauty!!


Love your friend's house and I love your great banner and background!


Tina, your new banner is AMAZING! Love it! And thanks for the tour of your friends house!


Ooooohhhh!!!! So so so cute! I love everything!


Susan Phillips

I want those black chairs. Very cute house.


I love all the black and white -- very adorable... AND i love the makeover on the blog... stunning darlin'!! Smiles..

Elsie Andrews

Hey Tina-love your new look. I love Monica's
dining room,its decorated in just my style. I can't wait to see the living room.
See you in Canton........:O)

sandy McClay

Really sweet home! I would just love to have a house decorated like yours or hers! Oh, by the way LOVE THE NEW BANNER!!!!!!

Please feel free to stop by and say hello sometime, I think you will like my blog too! :)


Thank you for sharing Monica's darling home with us! I've really enjoyed it and can't wait to see more...

Cass at That Old House

What a wonderful house, just filled with the personality of the owner. Just as it should be!

Elizabeth Marchus

Hi Tina,
I love your new header and back round paper its just perfect.
Your friend Monica has a lovely home full of fun vintage finds.
I really love her white lamp and chairs in the dinning area and of course I'm a big fan of toile, so I adore her B/W wing back chair.
Its been fun visiting her home through your eyes.
Enjoy your day,

sandy toe

I love that black toile chair....I love it all!

sandy toe

Joanna {sweet finds}

Wow! It's beautiful. She should feel right at home... it looks very similiar to your house & your sisters. :) Right down to the little "blooming" balls. Love the look. Makes me want to go home & transform my kitchen! Joanna

Ashley Schott

Absolutely warm and beautiful:) I want to have dinner in that gorgeous room!


Hey T!!! Love your new look! and your buddy has an adorable place....bet you two have a blast junkin' together...
I did a lil junkin' last weekend close to you and almost spent the night in your town. But I was shopped too long in Gladewater and didn't make it over there. Next time.....let's meet up, k?
May see you in Canton this weekend too!!


Beautiful home. Thank you for sharing. I really like your new banner.


I think you've told me before Monica's house was fabulous but wow you were so right. I so want to go to Canton this weekend maybe if I get enough done I can!
Hope all is well!


Can I just do my Christmas shopping at Monica's house, LOL? I love the toile chair, I have one I am going to have redone in red and white toile. Love everything!

Debbie Hooper

Can't wait to see more!! Love love your new heading!! Hope the weather is great in Canton- am going if it's good! Happy Canton!!!


What a gorgeous house, thank you so much for giving us a peek into it! Hugs, Cindy S.

Julie Harward

The burlap table cloth is really pretty and loved all the chairs and the old cabinet too. Turkey plates are very pretty too..thanks Monica..love your house! (hoe fun to share your friends house!) Come say hi :D

Ann at the Handley Bungalow

SOOOO ADORABLE! I could just hang around in there forever...so many darling things and so cutely displayed. Can't wait to see more! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend! - Ann



Love, love, love the new banner!!!

Monica's dining room is wonderful. The touches of black and white make the whole room sparkle. I am loving the soft yellow on the walls. You don't happen to know the color, do you?

Have fun in Canton, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of Monica's house!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Kathy Sue

Monica,,,, I love your home and I love the table. Everything looks wonderful. Tina, you took some wonderful pictures of her home. Can`t wait to see the rest..Love you,Kathy Sue ( I love your new banner to Tina)

Debbie Bell

Tina...LOVE the new banner!! Looks so much just like "you" sweets! Monica's house is just gorgeous!!! Darling cottage it is! I love the tour..& I can see where she gets her talent!! Gives me idea's for my own home:) Thanks so much for the tour! You girls have fun now!!


Tina - your blog is one of my absolute favorites. your house and style are what I strive to have in my home - but I am still working on it!! Keep up the good work!!

Becky from Tennessee

First of all, I love the new look, Tina!
Monica's home is so cute.....reminds me
a lot of someone else's adorable cottage!
I want to come for a visit! Oh gosh, I
don't know if we can wait until next week!
Have fun in Canton. Wish I lived closer
so I could go. Sigh....maybe some day.



LOVE THE NEW BANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Monicas home is a reflection of yours. I see alot of your taste there...........JAN


Love that table cloth!!!!! Love the whole room. I also love your new look. VERY Cute!
Have a great trip....can't wait to see what you bring back!



Oh man, the suspense. What a gorgeous home. Love your new header. Have fun!


What a beautiful dining room and such detail OMG what a home. I bet it is a real treat to be there in person, thanks for the lovely tour.
Hugs, Diane

Sharon Carstens


Thank you for sharing your beautiful homes. I thought I had a lot of things in my house, but I believe you have out done me. The ideas the both of you have are precious. Monica, I love all of your lamps. They are my favorite thing too.

Rita May

First things first: Did I do laundry? Go to the grocery store? NO, I took my coffee and went over to Monica"s this morning!


I'm loving this tour of Monica's house! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. And I love the new look of your blog - fabulous!

Diane ~ The Library Lady

Lord love a duck...Monica's house is just too cute. I especially like the turkey plates, egg cups that say BLOOM and of course the wonderful Mika COTTAGE banner. I'm thinking I might just need one of those too.

And hey! Your blog has a new face. I like! //(*_*)\\

The Library Lady
"Take surprise and delight in the little things"

Lone Star Queen

You have the cutest blog! I love to go to Canton! I think I'm having withdrawals, I haven't gone in awhile.


Sigh... Cuteness at it's best. You two East Texas Girls have it goin' on. Thanks for sharing!

No. Richland Hills, TX


Be still my heart.....just gorgeous!


Wow! Super cute home! Thanks for the reminder Tina about Canton this weekend! Love Love Love Canton Trade Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love all of her house. Its simuliar to yours but still has her personality it seems. I wish you lived in Arkansas so you could come see my house , its simular , i think you would love it too. Thanks for sharing , Marissa

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