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June 15, 2009


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You have a lovely home.

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Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

LOVE that Mason jar idea. So clever and welcoming.

Brenda Kula

Absolutely lovely, Tina!

Diane ~ The Library Lady

Love the new door color. I stole that mason jar idea right away ~ printed it out and put it in my idea book.

The Library Lady


Your porch looks wonderful. The front door is very inviting. I might just have to take a look at that color for my new front door!


This is just too lovely!!! I love the color you chose for the door and all of your goodies just make the beautiful picture complete!!!

Enjoy the day!!!

Debbi Howard

I love your "fluff job" - your entryway looks great!


Looks great! I've been doing a little front entry fluffing myself. It's so much fun to come home to a welcoming home!

Becky from Tennessee

Hi Tina, you know I wrote you earlier about
your "new" front door.....glad to see the
full affect. It is so warm and inviting.
I'm like everyone else....can I come over???
I KNOW, we can ALL come over and visit you,
tour your home, and take you to lunch!!! Of
course, middle Tennessee is a long way to
Texas for lunch!! I do think it would be
worth it, though.
You fluff better than anyone I know, Tina!!


CUTE, CUTe, CUte, Cute, cute....


Dear Tina,
Can I come to visit you? You "fluff" better than anyone I know. I love the MS paint on the door. She uses some need old colors in her line of paints. Discovered her in 1997 - love her colors.


Tina, I really love the new color for your front door. Its very pretty & welcoming.


I love that Martha Stewart color!!! Awesome. And your Mason Jar is the cutest!!!

How inviting!


Fay Marie

Hi Tina,
Great entrance display. Very inviting I must say. Always excited to visit and see what awaits me at your home. Keep on giving us all those exciting ideas to try. Hope you don't mind copy cats.
Fay Marie


Hi Pamela,
I just found you. What a great blog you have.
I just love the color of your front door. What an idea for the mason jar. I will have to give that a try.
Thanks for sharing!


Sorry I posted twice because my first
post never showed then when I made my 2nd post they both came up.


Your new fluffing on your front door looks lovely Tina. This lady in her 50s
squinted a little HA but I was able to
see your new decorating.


Hi Tina you are so creative and have so
much energy. Yes I noticed you painted your front door. This lady in her 50s
squinted a liitle HA but I did see your new additions to your front door.
Thanks for always sharing Tina.

Cass at That Old House

Your front door is beautifully fluffed! what great ideas ... love the jar! And also love the new paint, very soft and welcoming color.


I love the jar, Im going to have to do that! Very cute :)



What a pretty picture! It looks so inviting. Count me in as another fan of that green door. Great color!!

Marilyn (in Dallas)


I love the color!!!


Love your fluffing!


I've been "fluffing" my front porch, too. Now, I've got to work on the back. I, too, am loving the mason jar idea! I have a bunch of those and am always looking for something different to do with them. Thanks again for another great idea.


Love your front porch makeover. Have a wonderful day.

Elizabeth Marchus

Hi Tina,
It really looks pretty and so fresh. The flowers are the perfect touch.
Enjoy your day,

Deborah Hays

Again... so inviting. Thanks for sharing. Love your ideas. Have a blessed week.



Your entry is beautiful and I love the color of your door!

Jean Eakin

The green is such a fresh looking color of nature. The mason jar is a great use of something most of have around. Your porch is just lovely.
Have a wonderful Monday.
jean in Virginia


I've just found your blog, and it's so home-y! I'll be back!

Tanya Jones

LUV the new front door color.

Lisa ~A Cottage to Me

What a Welcome you have created! Love the mason jar idea. What is the sign above it? Lovely, thanks for the peek!


I love the door color! Your porch looks so inviting!


Southern Lady's Vintage

Fluffing accomplished beautifully!! Looks great!


it looks sooooo sweet!!! i love the front door color and the mason jar is like my garden vases!!!

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