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June 09, 2009


Linda Williams

Died and gone to Heaven, on a chocolate cloud.


Tina Smith

We love it too!!
...youre welcome!!!

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Made this 2 days ago and we hurt ourselves eating it. Passed some to my neighbors and they loved it also. This is a keeper for me. Thanks for the delicious recipe!!

Glenna Barnes

Just popped one in the oven. It couldn't be easier and I'm sure nothing could be more delish!

Erin @ Making Memories

AMAZING!!! This is in the oven right now. Thanks so, so much for this amazing recipe. My house smells heavenly!!!

Linda Rowan

This method is EXACTLY how my Grandmother made all of her fruit cobblers! I have done this with peaches, blueberries and apples. The boiling water must be something unique to the Chocolate cobbler. With the fruit versions, you just pour the batter over the bubbling butter, then dollop the fruit and sugar mixture over the top of all. The fruit sinks to the bottom and the crust risesd to the top. I call it "NO FAIL Peach Cobbler". Can't WAIT to try the Chocolate version!


This is a truly yummy dessert, but I altered it and made an even better one -- cinnamon cobbler! I just substituted cinnamon for the cocoa. SO good.

Fran Lucas

My son made this for our family's annual Hobo Supper we host to raise money for Relay for Life. It sold out very quickly. Plus everyone as asking for the recipe :) We have never had a dessert that was any better!


am making this right now! I love this stuff had at a bistro and didn't think they would tell me how to make thank you now I don't have to pay 6.00 for a spoon of it with ice cream yay thanks!!!


Omg, I can't wait to make this! Thanks

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Thanks, I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

karla nathan

I have GOT to try this one!! Wow, looks great.


I tried a recipe just like this last week but it had 3 Tbsp of cocoa added to the flour mixture. I'm gonna try this version today.


Ms Alice at work made this the other day....it is like heaven on earth!


I was researching chocolate cobbler for my blog (and OK, I was going to eat it) and came across yours. Pleased that our recipes were so similar and feeling that chocolate would therefore work in mine, I made the substitution and it was exactly what I was looking for. Hope it's okay that I gave credit where credit was due and linked to your blog, which I adore. Here's my link:


I just made this tonight and it was delicious! Thanks for the recipe!


I made this last night and it was a BIG hit! Just awesome, thank you! (And thanks to Lallee of Lallee's Cottage for telling me about it!)


HOLY CHOCOLATE! THAT looks absolutely divinely delicious! Definately putting that in my favorites...heck I might make it tonight! Looks so easy and thanks SO much for sharing!


I have tryed a recipe kinda like this, but it just had a little oil in it and no butter. The batter was chocolate not just white. I think this sounds better since it has butter. Have you tryed the chocolate batter one, and is this one better. I am going to try it for sure! THanks! Lisa


I know it's been a while since you posted this - but I wanted you to know that this is now my official "go to" dessert when I'm making dinner for someone. In fact it's in my oven right now - I'm taking it to a young family from church and I know they are going to love it as much as everyone else who has tried it. Just wanted to thank you for this delicious and EASY recipe!!

Aurora Murdock

I knew it!! This is the recipe I've been looking for! Just made one from another website and it called for oil instead of butter and it was not good. I commented on it and said in my opinion, it needed butter instead of oil. I can tell by the above photo of the finished cobbler that this is the recipe that my SIL's mother makes. Can't wait to try this one!



Sweet Cottage Dreams

I made this for Father's Day and it is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A good recipe for a choco-holic!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you! We LOVED it!!



thanks for sharing i have saved this one to try out :o)

Sweet Cottage Dreams

.......you are killing me! I MUST try this one out - toss out the diet for a day...or so. **sigh**



This was so easy and delicious!


I just made your chocolate cobbler and loved it. It was really easy too. Thanks for sharing.

Scrappin Not Nappin

I made this tonight. I used gluten free flour and buttermilk. Used buttermilk only because I had some in the refrig. Used Pamela's Pancake and Baking mix in the amount listed in the recipe. It was great. Nice recipe for kids to help make.

Served warm with unsweetened whipped cream and chopped pecans.

Dreams and Decor

Chocolicious!! I went out and bought all the ingredients last night and plan to make it this week!!! Thanks for all your great comfort-food recipes!!! Patti

Theresa@TakeASentimental Journey

This sounds like a keeper Tina.Think I will try some pecans in mine !


Girlfriend, you are NOT right! I have a hard enough time dealing with my husband's addiction on top of my own addiction! I could roll around in this! Holy cow that looks YUM-O, as Rachel Ray would say!

I even have those exact dishes to serve it in!!


How have you been??? I have been away TOO long! I am gonna make this for Father's Day. How totally yummy.


Chocolate cobbler??? Today...yes, today, I think, is a good day to make this absolutely mouth-watering dessert. Thanks for sharing the recipe!!!

Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

Wow - that looks fabulous! Thank you!


WHOA - this sounds like a great hip padder - it's going in the recipe box for my next peep get together.

Hugs - karen


Looks delicious! I have to make it tonight!


That looks great! Thanks for sharing this recipe with us.


I've never cooked with Coco before. What kind/brand do you use? Is it sweetened or unsweetened?


Cheri Peoples

Just found your blog and added it to my favs. I wanted to let you know I have a GIVE AWAY that ends to day.



That is simply decadent! Yum Yum

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Debra Lynn

Please tell me how you stay so thin making this stuff please tina tell me your secret. Debra Lynn I make stuff like you do but i have to walk 3 miles a day just to keep it off.

Debbi Howard

That looks wonderful! It sounds similar to my Hot Fudge Pudding Cake, but different so I'm going to try it!

You have a very nice blog!


Oh. my. stars. Cobbler and chocolate!?! This is going on my "must make" list! Thanks so much for passing this little gem along :)


T I N A !!!
Saw it, Loved It, Had to have it, Made it! Yesterday morning, for breakfast!!!
I was so worried it wouldn't be good cold,
WRONG!!! So,so,good.
(Just between you and me, I am not giving this recipe to anyone-my(your)little secret!)

Linda's Blue Gate

Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday and I wanted to make him something chocolate and he loves cobbler so this will be perfect..... I and My father thank you...... I know he will LOVE it..


You had me at melting butter sticks;) Sounds interesting. Who can resist chocolate? Yum!


This will be my next dinner party dessert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You know, I wanna make this....but I'm terribly afraid I will eat the whole thing!! Oh who cares, I'm gonna! :) It looks sinfully delicious!!


Tina! Oh my gosh this sounds so delicious! I have got to make this, thank you so much for sharing it with us. You always have the best recipes :)



Oh my, I think even I could make that! It looks amazing...Thank you for sharing.


I made the cobbler last night and it was unbelievable....wish I had never gone there! lol I think it's my new favorite dessert. When i was a kid, my mom used to make biscuits with "chocolate gravy" and it tasted just like this. Wonderful!

Linda Witte

How yummy this looks!! I am not a chocolate person, but I plan to make this at my next luncheon. The girls will LOVE it!!

I have my swing up from your inspiration swing on the blog now....you can find it here. I didn't have time to iron a white linen....so it stayed red.


Warm Hugs,


Oh my that looks yummy! I will be making this tonight!! Thanks for sharing.


I stumbled upon your blog and see we have some things in common. I'm from Southeast Texas. I'm a twin (identical). We're the same age. I have one daughter (almost 23)... and I love chocolate cobbler! I remember the first time I heard the name. I went "Ugh," but once I tried it, I sang a different tune. It's divine!

Shannon @ Silver Trappings

Oh, wow. I've already printed out this recipe. I can't wait to try this!!!


oh! The agony! It looks divine! Terrible woman to post such delectable, sinful, wonderful food!

Cindy~My Romantic Home

OMGosh! that looks so good!!!

Your comment you just left me made me laugh out loud! Maybe you should send your brother to California!!! ; )


Can't speak - must have chocolate! Someone wipe the drool off of my face. This is bordering on torture.

Tina, when are you going to give in and write a cookbook?


Looks to delicious for words!! I must give this a go. But first, I have one question, how is it that you can make even the whip cream on top look like a dainty little flower? LOL.


This looks so wonderful, we must try it!
My family thanks you ;-)



Just a quick comment Tina, HI! Cause guess what? I'm going make that cobbler right now!!! Later,Lori


Oh I am definately making this one! Thanks for sharing Tina :)
Marilyn xoxo

Teresa, St. Paul, TX

Okay, I just took mine out of the oven . . . it smells fabulous. It has to be -- it's chocolate!

Barbara Hilbrich

Tina, How in the world can you bake and eat even a small amount of all the great things you bake...I gain weight just looking at your blog.

Can't wait to make this cobbler.

Rita May

I want to try this, but it's too much for the two of us. Do you think I can cut the recipe in half and put it into a 8" square pan?
Cheers! Rita

Fay Marie

Hi Tina,

Chocolate! My favourite thing. That looks so yummy. I'll have to try it. Thanks for the recipe.

Fay Marie

Southern Lady's Vintage

Seems everywhere I go tonight I am tempted by food!! This looks sooooooo good! Going to have to try it!

Jean Eakin

Looks like chocolate heaven to me.
Jean in Virginia


I've got all the ingredients(i never have self rising but can make my own) so this is our dessert for dinner tonight..
thanks so much


I've never heard of chocolate cobbler. I have made several different fruit cobblers! Thanks for the recipe!


Thanks so much for the recipe. Can't wait to try it. My husband will love it, think that will be my dessert for father's day. Again, thanks for your great recipes.


Looks so good!!! I'm going to try it...Thanks


OMG, I am salivating just looking at that. One day, I'll have to try it. You have the best recipes.



Heaven on a plate! Wow... trying this for sure!


How about coming to Potsdam, NY and helping me decorate? You could also do a bit of baking! You rock! LOVE YOUR BLOG. I check it out every day!


Looks delicious. Would be great to serve at our family reunion. It is interesting that you don't have to stir a lot of the ingredients together. Some of the ingredients must melt together when it bakes. How creative! I will have to try it especially if it is made with chocolate.


Oooow, I make this here in Australia, but we call it, 'Chocolate self Saucing Pudding'.....'Chocolate Cobbler' just sound way better and much more interesting!!
I think I will call it that now and all my friends will think I have learnt a new dish :)
Hugs Jen


OH my does that look wonderful. I want to make it but hubby is out of town, kids are grown and gone so that means I would eat the whole darn thing....shoot! Guess I will have a little party all to myself.


Wow, that looks amazing! I've had something similar but by a different name. Of course I can't remember now what it was called. Looks yummy!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Now I'm making this.

Helen Charlton

Oh my goodness!! I can smell all those calories, never mind taste them!! Yum, yum!

Brenda Kula

I LOVE chocolate and certainly will have to try this one! The "not stirring" sounds like my Hello Dolly cookie bars. The trick to those is not to stir either.


OOOhhhh! Yes, chocolate! I have made this wonderful dish many times, but my "cake" part is made of chocolate instead of yellow. Hmmmm, I will have to try it this way! Thanks for sharing! (love your site BTW!)


Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!}

Yummy! Maybe that is what I can make for dinner tonight! Seriously, can't wait to try it.


Yum, yum and oh yes yum!



OHMYGOSH...that looks VERY DANGEROUS! I must make it! WOW! Thanks for all the wonderful recipes you share with us!


Looks wonderful. Thank I will try this weekend!!

hip chick

Oh my word...that looks like I wouldn't mind if it killed me.


Ok....gotta try this!!!

Cass at That Old House

Oh wow, I made this years ago, and lost the recipe! It's fabulous...and I am printing it out ASAP and KEEPING it in a safe place. Thanks... Cass


Oh my.:)


Oh my this looks delicious!! Funny thing though...I am the big joke in the family because of a recipe that said "DO NOT STIR". I can't even remember what the recipe was for but it did not turn out, and no one believed me that it said not to stir it!!! HA! I am going to show them this recipe!!


I am so HAPPY! I am having a barbeque tonight and I had no idea what to make for dessert, but now I do! Thank you sooooo much!!! Hugs, ~cindy s~


Chocolate cobbler? Doesn't it look yummy. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us!!! xo Joan


Oh!!!!! Now this is a must try!!! You don't even need to know how to bake... let alone know how to stir!!! My sister once phoned me asking me how to make whipped cream!!! I told her ... you 'whip' cream!!! ... She replied... "you mean there's no flour or anything?!"... This recipe is definitely for her! Thanks for passing it on! Can't wait to try it!


Hi Tina,
Thanks for passing this recipe to your fans. I am having company this weekend and think I will try this....I was looking for something new and different. What color have you decided on for your patio set?
Your Hoosier Friend,

Theresa - Garden Antqs Vintage

You are making my mouth water, that's look devine. Never heard of it but will be making it soon. Thanks for sharing the recipe and always you share the best ones. Have a great day, T

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