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June 16, 2009



Can I freeze this cake after putting the glaze on?

Corey Glenn

Yum! I love dessert and wine, but mix them together -- that is my personal heaven. There are several dessert recipes that use wine. I particularly like using red wine in mixing vanilla ice cream or perhaps sherry and mix them together. It’ll be absolutely perfect!


my grandpa has made this recipe for years. it tastes great and is super moist. we use Royal brand blackberry jello. they carry it locally in midwest, Ok at Crest groceries. and manishewitz(sp?) blackberry wine. everyone should make it!!

Kelly Franklin

Only someone from The Great State Of TEXAS could make it look so elegant, simple, and good. All while making me very very home sick. I have never seen a blackberry wine cake until I moved to South Carolina. I have alway been taught to bloom where you are but you have given me an extra flower from home. Thank You

vigilon complaints

Cant wait for the next season!

Hypnotherapy London

YUMMY!! Can't wait to try making this. Thank you


i am making this cake right now 2 of them actually...my ex mother in law made this year ago and we still chat so i got the recipe from her however it doesnt call for the butter in the glaze....im wondering if i should try it with the butter or stick with the recipe i have...also ours doesnt call for the nuts but i guess that is a preferance :) this is a great cake!!

chanel bags

It really an excellent post.It not only make me realize the charmity of words and pictures but also help me to learn a lot.Thank you very much!Looking forward to see more outstanding masterpiece from you in the future.Best wishes.


Can someone tell me how to find blackberry jello. None around in central arkansas.


This reminds me of Anne of Green Gables and the tea that she made for her best friend, Diana.

I'll have to try this! :)

Tami Chasse'

Hi Tina:

I would like to purchase the faith necklace you have on your blog today. Please let me know how we can arrange that if still available. Thanks!

Tami Chasse'


Hi Tina,

This is my first post. I tried the blackberry cake and it got raves!! It was wonderful. Thanks also for the tip on the lemon glasses. I went to three dollar trees before I could find them. A similiar glass was at Pier One for $4.00 each.
Thanks again and I love reading your blog.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

That cake looks wonderful. I think I'll try the recipe. But you know what? I personally know that the blackberry merlot is delicious all by itself!

Cheri Peoples

Will try the cake, it sounds scrumptious.



Yum oh! Pass me a slice...pretty please!


Irma's Rose Cottage

What a great recipe! Now I have to go out and buy some blackberry wine. WooHoo! Also, loved your chocolate cobbler recipe. Thanks so much for sharing.

Hugs :)



I have my cake in the oven this very minute..and we don't even have anyone coming for dinner!!
We buy our Wild Vines Blackberry Merlot by the case. Hubby and I both really like it.
Son has a large vineyard and they are really into a lot of wines...they kid us about OUR wine not even having a cork.! :O)
Will let you know how we like the cake..and hope it will be ok to blog about it, linking back to you, of course.
xo bj

Brenda Kula

You manage to get hold of the best-sounding recipes!


This is a perfect recipe for us...Blackberry Wine is the only one we drink.
Thanks for the recipe....

Summer Kitchen Interiors

Wow... this sounds very interesting! We can just imagine how it smells, too!
Karla & Karrie


OMG!!-Tina- this looks so good & it is so pretty too! I had made your Chocolate cobbler recipe-it turned out so delicious,that I even wrote you a "Thanks for the recipe", e-mail!!I mean it is now our favorite easy to make dessert! This blackberry wine cake-- I just gotta try real soon- I just got a new bundt cake pan- lol- & now here is the PERFECT recipe to use it for!! Now , off to buy a bottle of blackberrey wine!LOL- Thanks so much again!!--xo Valery


What a fun cake! I tend to use wine in just savory recipes but I'm tempted to see what it tastes like in a cake, such a pretty color too!

Cindy Sue

YUMMY! Can't wait. The blackberries in the garden are turning red now, so shouldn't be too long before their ripe. Tina, you gotta recepi for Blackberry wine by any chance?


Tina you are killing me this morning! This looks sooooooooo good! You always have the best goodies at your place :)



OHHHHH I so want a slice! I wonder if I can find the wine here? I love blackberries!! Lori

Jules from The Roost

That looks absolutely fabulous. I am so making this for my father on Father's Day! Thank YOU!

Wife of Rob

....and one more thing....will you update my new blog on your sidebar? I'm now a TypePad girl. The new address for A Pair of Bartletts is the same as the old one...just use typepad instead of "blogger" in the address.

You're the bomb...love ya

Wife of Rob

Girl...you've done it again! I've got to add this to my whole recipe box that is set aside for "Tina's Tempting Treats"....you've made me outgrow my original recipe box!

I'll bet some good peach wine (and some peaches from Chilton County AL) would be a good spin on this too....I'll have to experiment and let you know. We also have big, fat, juicy blackberries in LA too (Lower Alabama)!


This is going to be my contribution to Book Club! They will LOVE it.


O yum ! I will have to make this for sure!
Thanks for sharing, its pretty too :)

Diane ~ The Library Lady

Our library is under construction. We're getting an addition with an elevator. Yeehaw! But boy are we working in tight spaces, on our feet way too much because there's no space to really sit down and work. Crunched, scrunched!! But our eyes are on the prize ~ a beautiful addition and elevator. Hopefully it will be done the end of August.

Anyway - as good as that cake looks, and boy it does look good and yes I want some. BUT MORE THAN THAT - I WANT TO DRINK THAT BOTTLE OF BLACKBERRY WINE. BOY WHAT A DAY!

The Library Lady

sandy toe

Amazing!!!!!!! I love berries!
sandy toe


That sounds so delicious!


If you only knew how you have helped me out the past few weeks....Have needed quick desserts several times...have made the banana cake, the chocolate cobbler...which my son LOVED!! and now this one! and I just bought blackberries yesterday!!
Thanks for all the great, delicious and quick ideas!! Adding this one to my collection!! (but where can I find blackberry wine? never seen it and I AM a wine ho!!)


OMG this looks wonderful! A must try. Thank you,


Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

Theresa - Garden Antqs Vintage

Again, Tina my hat is off to you for providing us with the best recipes around. Have you thought about putting a cook book together? I think I'll make it for Father's Day since my husband doesn't like cake that's too sweet!



This looks absolutely delicious! I'm salivating just looking at the picture.

Marilyn (in Dallas)


This looks like it would be so delicious, Tina! Thanks for passing the recipe along.


I have had this cake before and it is wonderful. For several years now I couldn't find the Blackberry jell-o!

Elsie Andrews

yeah! New wine bottle for my french drying rack.lol. Good excuse to buy one, the cake
looks very berry delicous. Good job Tina,
you always make me hungry.

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