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February 18, 2009


IT Consultant Dallas

Steaming the potatoes is a perfect way to cook them without the becoming water logged! First time baking this, with a few minor alterations, and my family loved it. I added a tiny bit of ground clove, nutmeg, and vanilla. Also, I skipped the nuts on top. The pie took longer than the recipe to set so you do have to keep an eye on it.


Hey there! I'm new here, and I'm loving your recipes and photos! Great job! I was wondering, though, how do you get to the other recipes? I can only see the first page, and I can't figure out how to see the older ones. You have several links from your Flickr photostream, but I can't seem to locate the recipes, and they look *really* scrumptious! Please Help!! :) Sorry to be high-maintenance! Thanks Again! :)


Will you be my personal chef when I win the lottery? Heehee....

stella Trueman

Your pie looks delicous, thanks for sharing your recipe. Something new for me going to try it.
New Brunswick

kelly henderson

Well I've never made a sweet potato pie.. but now I just might have to! Looks sooo yummy. Thanks for the recipe, Tina!

Kelly Dotson

Just wanted you to know that I just made this pie today and it is wonderful! Thanks for sharing this recipe. It did make 2 regular size pies and I think my husband will take one to work tomorrow to share. I'm adding this recipe to my collection. I'm a GA girl and love sweet potato anything. These would be great during the holidays!


I've been in that cleaning, redoing mode lately, too. Thanks for the recipe. I love anything that is sweet potato.


OMG!!!!! how freaken sweet this looks! OK.. I'm home playing house all weekend.. I just might have to make one of these!!
thanks for sharing the recipe!


Gosh, that looks good, and I am trying to eat more pumpkin, squash, sweet potatoes, etc. I just don't want to use that much sugar. I bet it would be fine with less.


I love sweet potato pie, but have never tried making it myself. Thanks for the recipe!


Yummy I love sweet potatoes. any way I can get them . Thanks for sharing this recipe.Linda


Love that you made this from scratch. I've never made or tried a Sweet Potatoe Pie but you've got me curious. I noticed from the comments that many like it better than Pumpkin Pie so I'm wanting to see for myself. You're fast becoming my go-to girl for pies. Thanks:)


Thanks for sharing your recipe!

Just added you to my blogroll. :)



I love reading your blog. All of your recipes look wonderful. They make me want to run out and buy the ingredients and make them immediately....sometimes I do. Your house is beautiful and I have gotten so many decorating tips from you. I have just started a blog and would love for you to add me to yours.


Mmmmmm..... Looks YUMMY!
My mouth is watering.
I am on my way over for a pie of that delicious looking pie!

Hugz, Dolly

Jean Tuthill

The sweet potato pie looks delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe.


My husband has been wanting me to make sweet potato pie for years....he likes it much better than pumpkin. Your recipe looks delicious, I especially like the addition of the buttermilk!


Oh Tina I wish I could have a peice right now!!! Looks sooo YUMMY!
Hope you have a wonderful week~Tam :D


Sweet potato pie is really better than pumpkin I think. Looks really good! :) Wonderful in fact!


My husband loves sweet potato pie. I might have to give it a try! Yeah right, I don't bake!!

Have a great day, Denise

Wife of Rob

OH TINA---first coconut, now SWEETPOTATO! Do we get a discount to Jenny Craig for reading your blog?



Thank you. I haven't had one of these in years. I will try it. Love your Blog..
The Vintage Barn


I was waiting for this recipe! I am surprised it doesn't have brown sugar in it.


I am making this tomorrow! It looks amazing!
Let you know how it turns out.

Rosie's Whimsy

Yummy .....Tina ........Yummy!


Yum. My little sister is the sweet potato pie baker in our family. Of course she is, she lives in the land of the Yamboree. Yep. East Texas Style!


Hi Tina,
Wow that looks fabulous. I am going to make this when my daughter comes home from college in two weeks. She has had a craving for a Thanksgiving type of dinner. You are the best!~Hugs, Rosemary~


You are such a wondeful baker, Tina! Those look absolutely yummy!


All your recipes look so yummy. What I want to know is how you stay so fit after all this butter and sugar! Pam

My Maine Cottage

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Delicious! Thanks for sharring!

debi @ life in my studio

The pie looks absolutely delicious! I haven't had sweet potato pie in years. But, honestly, did you make that perfect-looking pie crust? It's gorgeous! If so, how?
Have a great week,

Rita Bush

Tina, I am so glad you shared your recipe with us as all your recipes are the best. I dont expect to have much timeto try one though because I am going to be to busy working at Kroger from about 4 or 6pm to 11 at night and then up at 5am to work at the school. I just have to take what I can get to pay my bills now that Jimmy's no longer here and with this economy the way it is going. It is kind of scary now. Anyways also love your desk area and LOL to you,Rita

Diane the Library Lady

That's born and BRED not BREAD.

The Library Lady

Diane the Library Lady

I think SP pie tastes a lot like pumpkin. I do have a story of my 31 year old son (when he was in 4th or 5th grade) sneaking and eating a WHOLE pie. My mother (SC born and bread) had baked several from home grown SP's, left them out to cool, was going to freeze some and when wrapping for the freezer noticed one missing. We found him later behind the pump house and YES he was throwing up. He since will not eat SP pie. So sad.

The Library Lady
"Take surprise and delight in the little things" - my son did


Those look really delicious! I have never had SP Pie either. I might just have to try it though. Thank you so much for sharing with us...
:) J


Your pie looks delicous, thanks for sharing your recipe.

Lisa ~A Cottage to Me

I don't think I've ever had sweet potato pie. This looks delicious though! How is the flavor in comparison to pumpkin pie? Just curious! Thanks for another mouth watering picture!

Linda Lulu

Tina Lee - thanks for sharing your recipe with us! Your pies look scrumptious! I can't wait to try making one! Love you, Lulu

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