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January 14, 2009



Hello. Yum, love peas!
Is the third cup on the top of your stove Watts?
It looks like it. Love it!



Hi Tina,
Those peas look awesome. We love peas in our house! I agree with the other girls, I am pretty much wondering what I am going to cook at about 4PM! What I wouldn't do to move into to your house! I also love the drippings container, and the stove and the cups! Hugs, Rosemary~

Becky from Tennessee

YIKES! I'm with Teresa.....your supper is
almost ready at 4 p.m.!!!! I, too, am still
wondering what I'm going to cook. The peas
looked wonderful. Diane's menu...fried
chicken, your peas, sliced tomatoes.....oh,
I am sooooo hungry now!!! By the way, is
your adorable jadite drippings container
old or a reproduction? If it's a repro,
could you tell me where to get one? I love
it!! Have a great weekend! Becky


I call those cream peas, too. Those look like they came from Sides Pea Farm! Have you ever had their peas (in Canton)? Yummy!
We try to get some every year so we can have fresh peas whenever we want. Hmmm. I'm going to have to go home and look in my freezer!


Hello Tina! Hope you enjoyed your dinner or is it supper where you live? Hope you are having a nice day!~Smiles~Tam!

Sandy toes

Those peas look good!


Very yummy, what type of peas? You can pass me a bowl of those :)


They look yummy... a bit of butter, a dash of pepper... makes my mouth water.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Diane the Library Lady

This North Florida girl by way of South Carolina know those as butter peas. I want some. I also want some fried chicken, sliced tomatoes, cornbread and sweet tea.

"Take surprise and delight in the little things"

The Library Lady

Elaine L.

I would call those butter beans.



Hey guess what??????

I made one of those cheese cover dishes with the upside cup as the pedestal. Actually I made 2 and waiting for another plate and cup for the 3rd one for a gift. I love how they turned out and I have you to thank for it. I originally saw the idea on your blog and then started to see it on other blogs too.

I will blog and show pictures when I give them as gifts so that the recipients dont see them first on my blog.



With sliced tomatoes and crisp thick bacon...oh lordy me!


I really believe a cook book is in the works for you... Wishing you happiness and fun days!


Oh, what I wouldn't give for a bowl of those with some hot buttered corn bread and a tall glass of sweet tea. And a slice of onion. And maybe a sweet potato split open with some more butter. Heaven on earth, I tell ya.



Pretty Peas!


OK...you are such a good wife...you not only knew what you were having for supper by 4:00 p.m....you had it on cooking at 3:53 p.m. or at least I hope it was p.m.! YOU rock...domestic goddess that you are...shoot...I'm still scratching my head at 4:00...much less cooking!!



We call them cream peas where my hubby's family is from in Centerville, TX. They are in my freezer too. Delicious!


I have never heard of butter peas. They look like lima beans. Enjoy!!

Lavender Dreamerl

Did you make cornbread in a cast iron skillet? That's my favorite! The peas look delicious for a cold night!


They are Butter Peas...and, they were delicious!


Yum! Peas and pie! How can you beat that?


Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

Mmmmmmmm..... We call these Butter Peas here in Georgia. Is that what you call them where you live? I love them!


Ummm, I'll have a bowl of these, please and then a nice HUGH slice of that coconut pie.


I love peas and those look delicious! Enjoy!


That looks like a yummy mixture. Is it northern beans and lima's? Please post your recipe!!!!!


Thanks Tina!! What kind of peas are those? They look yummy.
Almost look like Baby Lima Beans
which I love! Hope to see more of what you are cooking during this
wintry month of Jan.


:) Just makes me "pea green" with envy. Simplicity works. Tina...can you..um...call a little bowl of peas..sweet?

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