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January 20, 2009


Jesse Hake

Wow, they look delicious; I almost ate my monitor just by looking at them. I just started making chocolate chips not so long ago, and I'm still currently looking on how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookies, until I stumbled upon this blog. Thank you very much, this will surely help me make the perfect chocolate chip cookies, my little brother, who is 8 by the way, loves them. He even told me that he'll brush his teeth everyday just to eat chocolate chip cookies, since I promised him that I'll make him one every day, if he can keep his teeth healthy.


How long do you chill the dough? I've heard that the longer the better......up to 72 hours! is this true? Carol

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home

I could use a little danger.....you bringing these to Canton? ...jk.... well maybe I'm not kidding!

Miss you Tina!


chris glynn

LOL! I am just mixing up a batch myself while it snows here yet again in new england! I will try the different flour & see how it goes! Looks yummy & delicious from your photos-I feel like I am baking my way thru our awful winter here! LOL! :) chris


You really are trying to ruin my diet, aren't you :)? These look amazing!


Really they seem to be delicious


I had given up on homemade chocolate chip cookies. They were always flat and just plain boring. I made these the other day and LOVED them. My family loved them. This is the ultimate chocolate chip recipe! Will be the only one I ever use from now on. Girls, you gotta try these. You will not be disappointed.

Lavender Dreamerl

OH MY! What a temptation! Very yummy...the pictures are so great....I feel like I just gained 5 pounds! heehee!


I think "cherry hill cottage" is turning into a recipe blog!...but I'm not complaining, you recipes are always great...makes my mouth water!!


Looks good, I was just talking on my blog about my massive cookbook collection, now i'm gonna have to go look for some cookie recipes but not til I try this one!!! yum!


Tina, they sound fantastic !! We love a good choc. chip cookie...thank you for the recipe I will definitely give this a whirl...

One ? do you have any idea why the bread flour ???

Have a great week-end....

Kathy :)


Hello -

My name is Abbey - I found you blog through a link off of someone else's blog from a link off of someone else's blog, etc. : o )

These cookies look great! I am definitely going to try them.

Thanks for sharing!

Jean Eakin

Chocolate chip cookies are my hubby, John's favorite cookie of all time. Thanks for the recipe.
Jean in Virginia


I'm making them tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

kathy b

How in the world did you have the self control to chill the dough overnight? I so wanted to stick my finger in that cookie dough!

Kathy b

Cindy Sue

YUM YUM!!! Going gluten free, this is a recipe that I will have to try adapting.


Oh My Gosh-those look so darn yummy! That is how I make my chocolate chip cookies! Except that I melt my butter in the microwave, and if I want them to be more chewish I use margerene. Oh man now I want to make a btach! LOL! Have a terrific Thursday!~Smiles~Tam!

Angelnina's Cottage

Those chocolate chip cookies look AMAZING! I'm going to try them too.

Jules from The Roost

They look perfect! Thanks so much. My mouth is watering at the thought of one in my mouth! :)

Teresa Sheeley

Oh I love Cherry Hill Cottage!! :) Last night I made your potato soup recipe, and it was the best potato soup I have tried yet, I doubled the recipe to make sure I had some for lunch today!! Now I will have to try these cookies. If I keep coming here my Weight Watchers plan will just fly out the window!! :)



I have to say I am a big fan of the Butter Crisco recipe. They turn out perfect for me each time. I will try this sometime but I can't eat just one. Nancy from OHIO


Hi Tina,
Have I told you lately that I love you!! Chocolate chips rule~ Those cookies look delish. A cookie, or two or three and a cup of tea, yumm! Hugs, Rosemary~


i so have to try this one. i have been craving good chewy cookies with cold milk!

have you seen this?
i was soo thinking about you when i saw it!

Carol M

Hi. I've been lurking here for a couple of months now, and I am finally commenting to tell you, first, I love your site, your decorating and recipes and, second, as a few others have commented, how do you cook and bake all these goodies and remain so slim? I am very impressed! Do share that secret with us.


I don't think I haev ever heard of melting butter before. Now I need to try this since you said the word dangerous!

Debbie P

I'm going to have to stop reading your blog, it is so bad for my diet. ;) I made the coconut cream pie yesterday, and it is so good! Now the cookies.......how in the world do you stay so thin?!

I do love your blog, so I will be here again tomorrow to see what wonderful things you bring.:)

Betty Jo

Goodness Tina, those look wonderful! Joy's blog is yummy too. xoxo


Ok--you share the most amazingly yummy recipes--how do you stay as big around ad my pinky!?! Now I must go make these, for my children of course!

Cindy~My Romantic Home

I'm going to have to try it! Those look so GOOD!!!

My little cookie baking secret is that cookies turn out so much better when they are baked on a foil-lined(shiny side up) cookie sheet rather than parchment paper...just my opinion!


Those look amazing!


I just got some chocolate chips on the weekend to make cookies. Perhaps I'll try your recipe. Iwonder how you stay so slim, since you seem to bake a lot!
Hugs, Rhondi

Sweet Cottage Dreams

My mouth is watering! Bread flour? I will check that out next trip to the grocery store.

Thank you for sharing!!



We've tried this recipe from Alton Brown before. It's a keeper!

Diane the Library Lady

Enchanting. That's all I can say. Everything you do is so very creative and inspirational. I think the photos that go along with your recipes are an ART form. They are delightful!

Bobbi Jo Nichols

Tina those look so yummy! My problem is I love the cookie dough. Probably make them on my free day.
Thank you for sharing.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo



They look yummy! Using bread flour and then sifting the ingredients, intriques me. I bet they do have a different texture.

I'm going to try this out! :-)

Marilyn ( who is now craving chocolate chip cookies!!)


WHAT ? No PECANS ? Out here in West Texas, we always add all the pecans we can to our cookies ! :>O
Your recipe sounds delicious and I think I have some cho. chips in the fridge...might just make up a batch! Thanks for the recipe.

Debbie L.

Wow those chocolate chip cookies look so dee*licous Tina! These cookies are my hubby's absolute favorite so I think I will make a special batch for him on Valentines Day.

Thanks for sharing.

Debbie L.


Hi Tina,

Could cookies be a breakfast food? I'm thinking that they could :) Oh and I am still pouting over here because Walmart didn't have those ding-dang adorable bowls! Cookies look so perfect in them too.



TWO STICKS OF BUTTER? Holy cow - how many cookies do you get from the recipe?

Did you like them? Were they GREAT? LOL

I always melt the butter but have not used bread flour. My favorite remains the original tollhouse recipe.



Lisa ~A Cottage to Me

Mmm...love your pictures. I can almost taste them. Thanks for the new recipe!


My Rachel has made these three times now. They are remarkably good. Great even! And I have fought with chocolate chip cookie recipes for the better part of 35 years. Seriously. So many are NOT good! Too flat, too puffy, too dry, too gooey (yes they can be TOO gooey). These are just that perfect combination of texture and taste. Rachel made one little adjustment on the last go-round by adding a cup of chopped pecans. Now THAT made them perfect!

I rarely comment but I have to tell you I visit here pretty much daily. Your home, your writing...just so inspiring. I will be redecorating my kitchen over the next couple of months and I will visit here for ideas. And to think you are a hop skip and jump from me!

Sandy toes

Those do look like the perfect chocolate chip cookie!
-sandy toe

Lady Dorothy

So....was it? Was it the perfect chocolate chip cookie?

sandi a.

Chocolate Chip cookies, gotta have more....that was a song my daughter used to sing when she was little (like almost 30 years ago). My kids and my dad loved my chocolate chip cookies. I will try your recipe because I never pass up an opportunity to make a better chocolate chip cookie!!! :-) P.S. I am in Henderson, MN.....we have good friends who live on a ranch near Brownsville and they often call to let us know how warm it is when they hear how cold it is up here!


But, but, but.... you didn't say if they are SO much better than your normal recipe??? I mean, I assume so, since you posted it, but I just need to hear it... it's the indecisive part of me ;)

Delighted Heart

I will try your recipe... it's a little different from mine! :-) I don't want to go dissappointing my fans tho! LOL How've ya'll been? I miss seeing you and Monica! Always had a great time with you guys!



TINA! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Now I've got to make the chocolate chip cookies AND the Coconut Pie this weekend! Holey Moley!


Tina, those look great! I will try the bread flour.

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