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September 16, 2008


Peggy Dixon

I made this cake, and when I went to cut it, it all fell apart. Any suggestions why? I'm suspicious of the applesauce that I used. It was so thin that I could pour it out. How do you find a "thick" applesauce on the grocery shelves?


This looks amazing and I am totally into cakes for the "season". it just feels good to sit down on a cool day and eat a fallish cake. I read on a blog recently that if you take the frosting out of the container and put it in a bowl and beat it with a mixer for thirty seconds or so, it doubles in size. I did it and it works. I was always a two-tub cake froster too, but now I can stretch just one!

Sandy Toes

Wow..that looks so yummy!!! I love your blog...I came over from Rocks in your dryer!
-Sandy Toes


I stumbled across your blog while on someone else's and have been captivated by your decorating style and I just love the recipes! I just baked this cake and have it cooling now. The smell is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Terri Steffes

I am making this for book club tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration!

Terri Steffes

I am making this for book club tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration!

Terri Steffes

I am making this for book club tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration!

Terri Steffes

I am making this for book club tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration!

Sheri May

Hey Tina,

I had just used this cake mix last weekend! I made cupcakes out of it though with the vanilla frosting. Yeap - they're all gone! Have a great weekend.


I made this and my family loved it!
will be one of our all time family favorites I can tell!
Thank you!


OMG, you never disappoint me on your recipes. This was absolutely yummy! Everyone loved it, so easy but the extras to the cake mix made it so great. Thanks much!


I made this cake today, I actually read your blog and went to the store to get the ingredients.. it's cooling now. Just wanted to say thanks for posting it! I'm a huge fan of using a cake mix to make something wonderful.. I'll be posting my Orange Chocolate biscotti using a cake mix tomorrow!

Janis Zettel

Yummy. I shall have to try it this weekend for my daughter's move. I'm in charge of the food. I have admired your Bell jar and butter plate now for quite some time. Would you mind telling me where you got it. I think it is wonderful


OMG Tina, my mouth is watering. I'm baking this one for sure. Thanks for sharing.


Looks great! Yum!


Oh YUM!! I love cake!!


Glad all is well on the homefront. The cake looks yummy. I must give it a try. Two cans of frosting, my kind of girl.


Hi Tina,

That cake looks fantastic! I love D-H Spice Cake mix, but for some reason have never made the recipe off the side panel.

That is about to change! :-)

Are you enjoying the cooler temperatures? I am loving it!!!




Hi! New to your blog (well, never posted before that I can recall) but I have to say that this cake looks and sounds amazing. I am making this for my family this weekend. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe. Yummeeeee!

Pumpkin Pink Cottage

looks yummy..Im so glad fall is almost here all the wonderful flavors and fruits..lisa


You are officially my new favourite blog! I've thought about your decor pictures on and off all day - I'm inspired. Anyways, this cake looks great. And I LOVE your cake plate! Glad you survived Ike.


okay....can you please bring me a piece of that tomorrow when you come to tyler....DONT FORGET! that looks sooooooooo goooooooood!

love you

Milisa Moore

Cake looks delicious! Wish I had a big piece right now.

As always I enjoy your blog sooo much.


Yumm, I bet your kitchen smelled heavenly when you baked this!


Yum! I'm going to have to try this. ;)


Tina, I cannot wait to make this cake! If I had the ingredients I think I would make it tonight! Thank you for sharing!
Tina in NC

Nola of Alamo North

Hi Tina, I just dropped by for a "quick peek" at your blog (I saw your comments on someone's blog, can't remember). I've stayed for a loooong visit; now it's time to start dinner, so I HAVE to leave.
I'll be back to read some more, but I wanted to tell you how beautiful both your blog and your home are! I've got a few great decorating ideas from you already!
Take care, I'll be back when my domestics duties are fulfilled.


Tina- this looks so good and easy too. Every year in the Fall in N.D. we always made a Spice cake for Dessert, during Pheasant hunting Season- it is the perfect dessert to have when we cooked up all of the Pheasant that the hunters in our family brought , during that Season.It does respresent Fall for us. Thanks for bringing back a wonderful Harvest Memory for me.--Love, Valery


Oh, I made this two weeks ago for a Bible Study and the ladies loved it. My hubby was very jealous so I had to make another last week when we had company over.

It's a delicious cake and really so quick and easy!

I love your blog and glad that you are all safe after yike.. Ike!


Oh this looks so yummy...yep gotta add this to my fall recipe list...hope you don't mind if I share it with my bloggers next Monday on my fall recipe day...I thought of doing a season cookbook and do it on Monday's...If you prefer I didn't let me know...Love your blog also!

Jean Eakin

Tina, there you go againmaking me hungry. This looks so good and so easy. I will try it soon.
Jean in Virginia


Oh that sounds really good!!! I will have to add that one to my fall collection :)



I'm glad I don't live at your house. With all of the yummy recipes lately I swear I would weigh 300 pounds. Check your email.


Love your blog, look forward to reading it everyday! I tried your coconut cake recipe, my husband loved it. I'm going to try the spice cake & the cake you made for Milton's b-day.
So happy to read that your sister is OK in Houston. My sister lives in Houston & they're still without power.
Carol-in Oklahoma

Aunt Barbie

We are having a Fun-Fest at church for Halloween. This is going to be my choice for our cake walk.Glad to know all is well in Texas. Congrats on you new son-in-law.Aunt Barbie


Yummy for the Tummy :)


That looks finger lickin good Tina.


This cake looks delicious and the recipe sounds super quick and easy! I can't wait to try it! I love the yellow cake plate!


Tina-I made your coconut cake as a thank you for a friend-it was absolutely fab-u-lous!! And the best part-it was SUPER simple to make. Thanks for the recipe-it is a keeper. Kate


When you said you were baking this, I was hoping you would share the recipe.
It looks good enough to eat :)

paula luckhurst

Oooh...It looks so good. Your cakes - and everything - look so good always.

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