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September 05, 2008



i just looove those plates.. do you have those up there without plate hangers... how did you do this? amazing!


Yummy yummy what a wonderful cook, come over anytime!
Hugs, Diane


Pink parasols are such a charming idea.

And I have to comment on that cluster of plates. It is incredible!


How sweet! Can't wait to see all the pictures from the wedding. I know it was beautiful.
Happy (belated) b'day to Milton!


Tina, I am a big fan of your blog and HOPE, HOPE, HOPE that you do not start plugging all those "pay per view" hyperlinks on here--as I am seeing on many other blogsites. You are full of fabulous ideas that you seem to enjoy sharing with all your "followers" and you keep it REAL...and I love that! I can't wait to see Mika's wedding pics, I know you are one proud mother of the bride.


so pretty and feminine and what a beautiful room.

melissa @ the inspired room

Always inspirational to visit you here! Ideas galore.

My new blog address is http://theinspiredroom.net if you don't mind updating you link! I'm in the process of a brand new blogroll, which of course your inspiring blog will continue to be listed. I always enjoy my visit.



Hi Tina,

I just found your blog on another bloggers blog. I'm glad I found it! We have something in common-both of our daughters got married this year! Our oldest on April 12th and the youngest just got married at our home on 8/30! Both weddings were different from each other but they were both very beautiful! I cooked all the food for the wedding on 8/30! I enjoyed all the pre-wedding pics of your daughter-it looks like you all had a marvelous time! I have posted some pics of both daughters weddings on my blog-stop by!


What a pretty idea!

Happy Birthday to Milton. Thanks for the recipe...I love, love, love chocolate so this is right up my alley!

I’m cleaning the master closet this weekend, but I sneak away periodically to read a few blogs. (Hey, a girl needs a break every once in awhile! Especially from a job I don’t enjoy…at all!) It’s been fun catching up with you. I hope you’re having a good weekend.


Cottage at Dove Canyon

Your blog is lovely - I heart about it from a fellow blogging friend at Sunbonnet Cottage. I really enjoyed the photos of your daughters wedding - I just got engaged and it was fun to see all of your creative touches!

Marlene Haveron

Hello Tina

I just love your blog....and the plate arrange is awesome - I will definitely be trying to do an arrangement for my living room but in a different color scheme....and just like lisa's comment I too just love the parasol and would like to know where you purchase them...I'm going to have a tea party for friends and I thought that would be a great decoration for the tea party....thank you in advance and again you have a delightful blog...

Have a joyful day
Peace 2 "U"


What a nice touch to a photo.

What I really want to know is... how did you get those plates on the wall ????

Please let me know. Thanks



Hello Tina, I am a big fan of your website!!! Your home is so beautiful. My sister is having an outside wedding in April and we LOVE LOVE LOVE the parasols. Could you please tell me where you purchased them? Thanks so much and have a blessed day!!


I LOVE the new look of your blog!! Beautiful! I love your blog and have been following it for some time now. I never get tired of seeing pictures of your beautiful home, and what wonderful ideas you will think of next.


Gather plates of various sizes and complementary patterns. You also will need nails and wire plate hangers. To begin, put each plate in a wire hanger. Then, hang one large plate on the wall. Hang a second plate on the front loop of the wire hanger that is holding the first plate. Continue hanging plates, staggering sizes, until you have created an overall pleasing shape. Keep plates close together and balanced, and be sure to let each plate's design show through.

Jean Eakin

I had forgotten how neat your plates were. I love them. The parasol is a great keepsake of the wedding.Have a wonderful weekend.
Jean in Virginia


Hi Tina,
Love the pink parasol!~So classy!~Hugs, Rosemary~



Such a pretty parasol and what a romantic reminder of such a beautiful,special day!

You realize you are whetting our appetites for those wedding pictures, right??? :-)

Kick back and relax this weekend. You deserve it.


In the Country Almanac dated Summer 2008
Tina explains how to put the plates on the wall using blue painters tape(which you later remove) and liquid nails.
Tina that parasol is so pretty.
Pamela NE OH

Kim G.

What a sweet little bed, I just want to lay on it and take a nap!!!

Kim's Cottage

What a sweet parasol!

And I love your plate collage. It's stunning!


Daisy Cottage

oh soooooooooooo sweet!



I have been enjoying your blog (as a lurker) for quite awhile - but those plates on the wall today - wow - I am also interested in how you did that. Beautiful!


So sweet.

Janet K

Love your blog!! I too would love to know how you put your plates togther so you could hang them on the wall. Thanks for all you share! HTH Janet


I absolutely love your house! Your decorations are so elegant and beautiful-how did you put the plates on the wall in this picture? I have alot of different pieces of china that I would love to combine for a look like this! Thanks!

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