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June 13, 2008



I loved you sister's house.

Betty Jo

Amazing! I hadn't seen or thought of this in years. This is something my mother did when I was growing up. I had forgotten all about it. Thanks for the memory Tina. xoxo

Betty Jo

Amazing! I hadn't seen or thought of this in years. This is something my mother did when I was growing up. I had forgotten all about it. Thanks for the memory Tina. xoxo


It's funny that you should mention this. I was just at the local thrift store the other day and was looking at some vintage runners and thinking....hmm, i wonder what this would look like on my fridge? :)


When I was growing up Mama always had a "dresser scarf", as she called it, on top of the refrigerator. It had an embroidered Mexican donkey on it and red trim along the edges. It is now one of my cherished possessions. Thanks for the reminder.


That looks really great! Super idea!

:0) Sharon


What a fab idea!!! And as I was breezing through the comments, I saw someone mention putting one on the back of the toilet tank...how cute!


My Grandma always did this and it looked very decorative. She's turning 88 this year.

I always dislike the way the top of the fridge becomes a catch-all for everything non-decorative. I found a large, flat, open, picnic-type basket and I store my Lifetime Roll of Plastic Wrap (from Sam's club) and the wax paper and aluminum foil. I didn't have any room for them otherwise, and you cannot see what is in the basket. Its easy to lift down if I need it.


Thanks for the idea! I'll be sifting through the linens this afternoon for my own fridg topper. :)


Thanks for the idea! I'll be sifting through the linens this afternoon for my own fridg topper. :)

Anna in NC

Love your music. You weblog is helping me get rid of some stress today. I love all the pictures and ideas. It inspires me. Thank you for bringing such beauty into our lives.


Love it! Years ago I inadvertently tossed a vintage dishtowel over my microwave and *duh* charm was born. Now I always have one placed similar to a doily; atop it. I cahne them with the seasons




What a great idea - and on toilet tanks also. Now I have an excuse for buying more of them!!!


I love it! I just turned to look at my fridge...boxes of cereal, ever so not glam like yours :)


Jean Eakin

It adds a better look to the fridge. After all , the fridge is not really a thing of beauty. You can now help it match your decor. You could use one that is not in perfect condition in the middle since only the ends hang over.


I like the idea.
I believe it is an old thing to do and they were called refrigerator scarves. I found this neat runner on ebay and that is what she called it. It sure rang a bell. I have the refrigerator scarf on one of my Hoosiers since it wouldn't show on my fridge.
Anyway, that is a cute idea!


great idea-I will be searching for the perfect vintage runner. : )
thanks for this idea.


I have one up there over the years. It adds just a bit of a homy feel.


bs honey

Yep. My Mama did, many years ago.
I Love your's, too.
Blessings & Hug,


That is a wonderful idea. I love the vintage look to it =D

Debbie in Florida

My ex-MIL always had something on the top of her fridg to "collect the dust". Sometimes she would use pretty curtain panels. In your home, it looks adorable. In mine, it would look like a misplaced doily!


That is such a great idea that I wish I had thought of it. My fridge is almond colored so a vintage cloth would not be a dramatic as on yours. However, I'll lay red fabric a bit wider than the runner down first and the vintage piece on top of that. I can't wait to go home and do it.


I have used them everywhere - including the frig, but I like yours so much because it shows against your lovely black frig.

Did you and your DH put the beadbord on the walls of your kitchen? I love it! Your kitchen still speaks to me over any kitchen I have ever had the pleasure to see.


What a great idea! Adds a little charm to it! Thanks for sharing it!



what a cute idea! thanks for sharing. xoxo, Joanna

Dolly From my cherry heart

Looks cute Tina!

I use them anywhere and everywhere!
On top of the tv, {it pretties up the big ugly black box}
to hide the dvd player, on top of the toilet tank, shelves, backs of chairs, they even look cute hanging over a cabinet door!

Cherry Hugz,


Fabulous idea!



Does this mean I have to dust the top of the frig?


Really is pretty- the runner colors are the same as your deck-paint & painted red iron patio furniture.I Love the combination of the two colors, it is so fresh & perfect! I wish I would have saved all my black metal patio stuff I would copy your red idea but-- I left it all behind in N.D. --xo-Valery


What a great idea!!! And it really pops on your black/stainless fridge. LOVE IT!!!


This is such a coincidence. I just left a comment on another blog saying that I fold and press vintage dresser scarves to cover the top of the toilet tanks in our bathrooms. The designs hang off both sides, and it makes something blah look pretty.

Kelly~Rose Vine Cottage

That looks so cute! I love your place and visit often. Stop by and say hi sometime!

cindy~My Romantic Home

What a great idea! My fridge is white so it wouldn't show up as good as yours though!


It isn't silly, if after you have put it up there , it makes you smile. What a neat idea. I have to keep the top of my fridge neat and clean as we have A 6 and a half foot son in law. Maybe I will get one of my runners out and put up there for something pretty for him to look at..............JAN


I usually place a cloth up there that doesn't show to collect the dust. However I like the idea of having something pretty that can be seen.

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