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June 27, 2008



I LOVE looking at this but how in the world does she keep it dusted???? I'm just too scared of that idea to even begin doing mine copycat!


oh I want to see more


Hi Tina
Thank you for sharing Kathy's beautiful kitchen with us. I am indeed envious. Our home is very small but would love a kitchen like that. Love it and yours.

Lynn Bean

What beautiful pics! Wonderful ideas.

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Ok, I cannot stop drooling here! Everything is beautiful an so tastefully done! Kathy, your home should be in a magazine! Thank you so much for opening up your home for all of us to see! Stunning! Gorgeous! Fabulous! I cannot say enough!!



Wow. Gorgeous. I love it!

daisy cottage

ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE, DELIGHTFUL, AND SOOOOOOOOO CHARMING! I love it ALL and it is so nice to meet you Kathy!!! Your home is precious!!!
Thank you Tina for sharing your sis with all of us!



Hi Tina!!
My mouth is open and drooling. I am at loss for words! Everything is drop dead gorgeous and I want one of everything! Kathy's home must be enormous! Very, very pretty~thanks for sharing. Hugs, Rosemary~


I love the redness of the center island!


I'm just drooling all over Kathy's kitchen! How precious is this? I love all her pretties and she has a zillion of them. Oh, and she is your sister? If you ever need 'anything' you know where to do look for it, don't cha? Thanks for sharing this charming storybook wish I had it but I'm not jealous one bit kitchen!
Shelia ;)pp


Absolutely LOVE this kitchen! I have been coming back to read and look at this post for days now and see something new and exciting each time I look over the photos! Pure eye candy!! Love it!

Kathy Sue

Tina, just wanted to share with your friends the paint colors. I got a few emails and thought maybe others would like the names of the colors to. The green on the walls is from Lowe`s and is called Heath Green #3. And it is Laura Ashley. They will mix any brand for you though. And the red is from Sherwin Williams and it is Heartthrob.Perfect shade of red for sure. And the yellow on the hutch is called Hope. It is the Ceramcoat brand from hobby stores and sometimes Walmart carries it in the hobby section. It is a perfect paint to sand if you want the piece to look like someone drug it behind their truck to get that rough look.And the entry hall is Twine from Martha Stewart.The paint chip came from Kmart but I had it mixed at Sherwin Williams. A funny story to tell you all about Tina. Years ago I thought of something good to do in her kitchen under the bar.( before she remodeled it)It was 11:00 at night and I called her.They were in bed and Milton was already asleep when I called.I told her the idea,she loved it and she woke Milton up and yelled, Milton wake up, we have things to do. I laughed until I cried because you could hear him saying What?? funny, Kathy


Hi Tina,

I am just loving everything, talk about eye candy! Your sister has an amazing touch and it clearly runs in the family :) Just absolutely delish! Thanks for the link on the plates too. I will be back tomorrow, can't wait to see the living room!


cindy ~ My Romantic Home

Wow, it is just adorable! It really should be in a magazine...along with your cute cottage! There is just so much stuff but it all comes together so beautifully, which is hard to do!!! I'll be coming back to look at this often!

Rochelle Gaukel

Okay...I have to get me some of those plates! I have already added homealamode to my bookmarks bar and plan on shopping there! I just love everything about her kitchen - it screams out cute redness! Thanks for the tour!


You and Kathy have a knack for putting things together. Everything is perfect. Just gorgeous. I'm enjoying the tour.



Both of your homes are sooooo nice! Clever ideas and very magazine worthy. My favorite is the picture of the counter space with her computer. I love the balance of "old" and "new". Thanks so much for posting these pictures. Inspiring! :)


I am in sensory overload. It is hard to believe that that kitchen is used daily. It looks just like a store. I can't get over the dog bed, what a way to use vintage luggage.

Kathy Sue

Tina, thank you so much for sharing my home with your blogging friends.All the compliments make you feel wonderful. We both have the decorating bug and have a really good time shopping together.There is never enough time in a day when she comes to visit for us to shop.We stay in antique stores until they lock the door.Sharing over the phone and emailing each other on ideas is great.Our brothers Ric and Tony look at us and just shake their heads. Mom understands because she has the bug to.But I just had to thank you all for all the sweet compliments and thank Tina for doing this.She is one in a million and I am so glad to have Tina for my sister.Love you Tina,and thanks,Kathy


I see that both of you girls are very talented and gifted ladies. Love your sharing your sister' kitchen. It is simply awesome. Love everything I haven't seen in her home/porch. Thanks for sharing with us Tina.


Teresa Sheeley ~ French Poppy

Tina you and your sister are incredible decorators!!! My goodness, I feel so good when I come to your blog, the photos, the music, thank you!!! :)


Jean Eakin

WOW! My head is swirling with new ideas. The kitchen is fantastic. I love the green wall color. It works great with the red. I am a cupboard nut. I love all of Kathys. I can't wait for the next pics. I've got to hit the yardsales hot and heavy tomorrow. I need more stuff like Kathys and yours! Thanks again for the tour. Jean


Gorgeous! You two definatly have similar tastes! I love that yellow hutch :)


I like lots of stuff too Tina.
But I keep my decorating to the bare min. :=) I do the less is more. :=) Because I do not like to dust. Now if I had all that stuff in our house it would look
cluttered. But you and your sister
have such a way of decorating.
That neither one of your houses look cluttered. Your sisters house
should be in a magazine.
If she had a blog I would look at
read every day at all the eye candy.
Thanks again to you and your sister
for allowing us to see inside
her beautiful home.
Do we get to see the bedrooms and
bathrooms also? :=)
Pamela NE Ohio


are you sure we can't go shopping here? oh my love it.... she is so blessed to have such a cozy home... i just love it!!! thanks for sharing your pictures with us.


What a dream kitchen! I have to go back and look again. You two have the same blood pulsing through your veins!! Thanks for sharing!


The two of you should put a book together. I know that I would love to have eye candy like that in book form. Beautiful!!!


Ditto, ditto, ditto........what more can I say? I feel like I just had my own private tour of a decorator's cottage! What a great idea with the china plate inside the picture frame.....can't wait until tomorrow!!


You two should write a book....with tons of pictures. I'm lovin this fantastic photo shoot.
Keep em coming Tina,you sweetie pie you!


Unreal gorgeous! WOW, to have the room for all of that nice stuff- & a sister to share the same decorating interests with is such a blessing- unreal fun , the two of you muct have!!-- You guys really should both be paid to have both of al of the roomsin your homes featured in many magazines, & also get paid to help others decorate- you guys are so talented- I am just in Awe of these gorgeous cottage style homes- & until I met and saw Tinas I never even liked "cottage" --now the way you two decorate cottage style, I absolutely LOVE it!!-Valery


What a lovely kitchen! Simply charming!!

Kathleen Grace

Between your house and hers, I am deeply, deeply in love. Deeply. I mean it.

Debra from Illinois

Wow! Kathy did a great job with her kitchen and her things. I love red and white plates and cute cherries towels.

Excuse me, Let me wipe my drool out of my chin ;o)



sigh . . . It looks like home! I want to live there.

Sharon Stanley Ruggerio

Okay, I'm lighting the match and setting my kitchen on fire. Just one question....I'm begging for a glimmer of encouragement/hope/validation here: How in the world does Kathy keep this jewel box of a kitchen dusted? I live (exist) in smoggy, polluted, low-air-quality Houston, and I am a virtual slave to the household dust monster. Seeing this totally adorable, happily pristine abode has surely brightened my day. But please have mercy, and tell me she has household help.


Ca-yute!!! Almost as ca-yute as your kitchen!


Fabulous!!! Can't wait to see more. I spotted the red snacks tin from Walmart in one pic. I have searched several Walmarts and have yet to find one. Just my luck!!


This is an amazing kitchen so much to look at.


Oh my golly goodness!!!! You girls have the genes and I want a DNA transplant! I simply love everything I see in your sister's home, as I do yours, Tina. It's just delightful and in colors I love. Thank you so much for sharing. And thank you for the link to the dishes. I just said yesterday I wanted some red plates to compliment a new white set I have. I think I've found them! I will probably be back to look over these pics many times, so don't be alarmed at my lurking. LOL

Also, I've had the ingredients to make your salmon, asparagus, pasta dish for two weeks waiting in the wings. Hopefully I will make it this weekend and will let you know if I do. It looks and sounds soooooo delish!



I so glad she let you share her kitchen with us....it's completely charming! It's all perfect!

Elaine L.


You have such similar tastes. Your kitchen is the mini version. You must have loads of fun when you're together.

I can't wait to see the rest of her home.



So Pretty! Tina, how are the stained glass panels attached to the windows? I want to do that in my Kitchen, are they vintage? if not do you know where she bought them? :)


Oh my gosh... you two are the most talented sister! What beautiful homes you both have.

Rosie's Whimsy

Ok, it's a consensus ..... we are moving in with you and your sister! I have never seen such pretty decorating that wasn't staged for a magazine!

Miss Jean

Holy Moly! I want to buy her house and I want all of her stuff. I'm sure she can find somewhere else to go, can't she? PULEEEEZZZEEE!

Becky from Tennessee

Ohhhhh Tina, thank Kathy for sharing her beautiful home with us. As everyone else has said, your home and Kathy's are absolutely wonderful! It's obvious you two share the same style and talent! Kathy's house looks like a floor plan that I've wanted to build for years. LOVE the porches!!! Like I've told you before, I think I'm going to have to change my color scheme to red/white. I've already told you numerous times that I want to move and live next door to you.......now, I can go visit your sister with you!!! LOL!!!! I have got to write her and ask about the green paint in her kitchen. Can't wait until tomorrow!!! By the way, has she or is she going to be featured in any magazines???? If not, she should be!!!


Love the whole kitchen.. My heart is beating really fast.

Kelly~Rose Vine Cottage

I just love it! You two are something else! It's perfect. Thanks for showing us!!


There is nothing that I can say that hasn't been said by others. Love her style. Plan to spend lots of time looking over each photo much more carefully when I have the time. There is so much to see. Love the linens. Love the red. Amazing job and amazing style. Thanks so much for taking the time to photograph and post these pictures. Rita


There is nothing that I can say that hasn't been said by others. Love her style. Plan to spend lots of time looking over each photo much more carefully when I have the time. There is so much to see. Love the linens. Love the red. Amazing job and amazing style. Thanks so much for taking the time to photograph and post these pictures. Rita


OH MY! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I am so very inspired as Kathy and I share the same wall color. I have builder's grade oak cabinets and have been debating on whether to go light or dark with them. Now I know....white it is! Also, I love her red island with the beadboard. I had already decided to go red with mine as well.

This indeed does look more like a darling shop than a lived in kitchen. Bravo to her, for it looks maaavelous. You guys must have tons of fun together.


Hi Tina,

Be sure to give Kathy a big hug from us, and also a big thank you to YOU for sharing her lovely home with us!

I think I would be perfectly happy and comfortable being in both your homes. They radiate warmth and charm!

You, Kathy, Mika and Tambi..what creativity! It's just got to be in those genes. :-)

Looking forward to seeing more pics, and a great big WELCOME HOME to you.



Hi Tina,

Be sure to give Kathy a big hug from us, and also a big thank you to YOU for sharing her lovely home with us!

I think I would be perfectly happy and comfortable being in both your homes. They radiate warmth and charm!

You, Kathy, Mika and Tambi..what creativity! It's just got to be in those genes. :-)

Looking forward to seeing more pics, and a great big WELCOME HOME to you.



Just as I expected! Just stunning!! Thanks again for MORE EYE CANDY! Okay I'm in the mood for some antiquing now. LOL! Thank you Tina and Kathy. Have a Blessed Day.


OK~ that's it! I'm leaving Ohio and coming to Texas...one of you will have to let me move in as I love both of your houses! Thanks for the de-lish eyecandy~ can't wait to see the rest of the house


I LOVE your sister's kitchen. Unbelievable. That yellow hutch is incredible...I love the bloom balls in the egg cups, the dog bed. I need to put my house on steroids...make it bigger and do some of that. Man, she has the touch. The two of you together shopping must be a blast..oops, just gave my age away there!!
Thank you for taking all those pics and taking the time to post them!! Can't wait too see more.


Thanks so much for sharing your sister's house. What a dynamic duo the two of you are! I so appreciate your generosity in sharing all of your ideas (and now your sister's decorating). You inspire me to play in my home too!


I love Kathy's kitchen. Every single spot oozes charm. I'm so glad you shared. And, thanks for the link for plates.

Rusty Cottage

Ok, so I am in love with your sister's house. That wrap around porch is to die for and for heaven sakes, she has so much beautiful white wicker furniture out there. The kitchen is amazing and I cannot wait to see more. This gives me so many ideas and inspiration for our "Rusty Cottage" remodel. Thanks for showing your sister's house off to us. God bless you!!!


This is just like looking at a magazine! Can you teach me how to make my house look like yours and your sisters????

Can't wait to see the other photos!


Kathy's home is absolutely fantastic! I can tell that you are sisters. Both of you have such a wonderful way of decorating your cottage homes. Thanks for sharing it with us. Can't wait to see more. ~Adrienne~

Mrs. Rabe

I love, love, love the red kitchen island!

You both have taken your gifts and made lovely homes for your families!

Thank you for sharing, Tina!


Amazing! Thanks for sharing.


I am ready to move in!! What an amazing house, her collection of the stuff I love is amazing. Thanks for all the beautiful pics. Love the dog bed. I have an 8lb. shiztu, who has been asking for one. :)


Wow! I came to my computer first thing this morning and have been checking back in anticipation....just getting ready to leave for a work meeting and I am not sure that I can leave!!!!! I just want to go back through these pictures!!!! You girls sure know how to decorate cottage style!!!!! Love it! Can't wait for tomorrow!


Wow! What a great kitchen. Love, love that dog bed. What a great idea. Love Home a la Mode. I just recently bought all my new bedding from their site.


I absolutely lovelovelove your sisters house!!! And you said she has horses? I think this would be my dream home.


Oh my goodness! I feel like I've just been on the most wonderful home tour. Great decorating skills must run in your family. Thank you for the delightful tour Tina.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Are you quite sure this is your sister's kitchen? It looks like a wonderful gift shop. You two are very talented decorators.


I can't stop staring. I could look at and study these photos all day. I live south of Houston and might just have to move in with your sister. Her linens alone are enough to make me swoon. It gives me so many ideas. She loves so much of what I love. I have been making pillows and she has pillows aplenty to inspire me.


OMG!! What a great kitchen....wouldn't want to dust it though....lol. I've been looking for an old suitcase for my dog...I LOVE how she put legs on it....kuddos. I also LOVE the frame around the plate...I have my grandmother's china and wanted to hang some on the wall....what a great way to showcase it. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy Lowry

Holy COW to the 10 th Power !!!-- I am absolutely drooling over these pictures --I love your kitchen also --- These color combinations like yours also are what i have been working on -- so thanks a billion for further inspiration -- Can't wait to see the rest

kathy - GA

Claudia Hill

I love your sister's kitchen - What a fabulous decorating job she has done. Of course, I love yours, too. Seems like the decorating gene runs strong in your family. Where did she get the little lettered balls in the egg cups?


Great minds think alike. Love your sisters kitchen and all those hutches are beautiful. I bet you have a lot of fun talking and trading accessories. Can't wait to see the rest.

Thanks for the eye candy.


Vee~A Haven for Vee

So charming! Really, I can tell that you two fell off the same tree!!

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