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June 30, 2008


Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

Oh how I wish Kathy would start a blog! I am still going back to look at all the photos! Cute name that you picked out for her too!

Summer Kitchen Interiors

Wow! We have been setting here forever taking in all of the pictures of Kathy's house - oh so wonderful - wow again!! Where do we start? Great ideas and fun things! Thanks so much for showing us her home - we wouldn't have missed it for anything!
Have a great 4th
Karla & Karrie

PS - we found your blog off of Melissa's blog!


Kathy's hair is so dang cute!! I love this house....I cannot believe you skipped the bedrooms!!!!

I was going to ask who the heck Harry was....I was wondering if we'd traded Pete in on a newer model or something!! LOL

I love, love, love it all!!!


Erin Houghton

Hi Tina and Kathy, Thank you for sharing the photos of Kathy's darling Texas cottage - how fun that two sisters share so much creativity and artistic talent.. . and thank you for sharing your source for the great cottage plates.

Tina, I live in California and am a writing client of Kathern Bechen's. She introduced me to blogging and to your fabulous blog. I loved reading the article she wrote about you and your family and your fabulous cottage.The photos were wonderful. Blessings and best wishes for a beautiful wedding day for your lovely daughter. Erin


What a cute photo of Kathy and Kellie! I'm amazed at how everyone in your family has a creative, artistic flair not to mention warm, engaging smiles. :-)

Elaine L.

LOL on the dusting.


Miss Jean

LOL! I wondered about the dusting!!! He He. I still want her house........Wouldn't she like to live in sunny California? Amazing home. I'm really interested in knowing what paint color it is in her living room and her kitchen. Maybe you could ask her. I know you must be busy with wedding "stuff". Have a great time.

Teresa Sheeley ~ French Poppy

Your sister is the sweetest!!! I emailed her for paint samples, and she was just delightful and oh so helpful. I wish she would start a blog too; but can understand why she doesn't! :)

I want to say thank you to you for posting all of those photos of your sister's house, it was a fabulous few days of looking at the beautiful home. I know it took a lot of work on your part - so thanks!! :)



Your blog is always so nice. I just love to come over and go through all your pictures and adventures.



Oh Tina,

thank you for sharing pictures of your sister's beautiful home. I would love to read her blog. Maybe one day she will reconsider, and start one.


Hi Tina! Well this is intesting to see a pic of your darling Sister- Do you have one of yourself, with your newer "victoria Beckam haircut"-?. before you go cut it off shorter?- Please ,.oh pretty please,lol will ya-?-I've only asked you for a year or so now...

I thought the gal in the pic at first -named Kelly , was "Mika".?-

Kathy- I didn't see a potrack in your kitchen pics. Where is it hanging? I've looked for one just like it for three years now is all.-{Tina it has been three years, since I noticed your pot-rack on your home pics.--Oh doesn't the time fly?LOL.-Love, Valrey


Hi Tina,
Thanks again for Kathy for sharing her amazing home. I will continue to be inspired by her photos (and yours as well). Kathy and her daughter in law are lovely. Thanks again to you Tina for sharing and for having Cherry Hill Cottage come into our lives. Hugs, Rosemary~


Its so nice to see Kathy and put a face to that unique talent she has in decorating. Of course, Tina, is as talented as her sister. Two great minds think alike.

I love your home! I go to bed thinking about it and wake up thinking about it. Tina's kitchen has always made my heart sing and so does yours.

I have one question. Where is your sink in that beautiful kitchen. I couldn't find it in the pictures. Did I miss it? LOL

Thanks Tina for sharing Kathy's home and picture.



I have really enjoyed reading and seeing the pictures of Kathys house. Did ya'll catch the picture of the ceiling fans on the front porch!!!!! that's Texas for you.. It gets hot here fast... THANK YOU AGAIN FOR SHARING YOUR HOME WITH US., BOTH TINA AND KATHY...


i would read chatty kathy's blog... i still want to go shopping there.. thabks for sharing her home with us... I am inspired...


I've enjoyed Kathy's home so very much and have gotten so much inspiration from her style. I've had friends who never read the blog before get hooked because of these posts. Kathy - you can hire someone to dust for you and blog for the world!

Julie Size

Oh - what a shame.. :0( I was just drooling over her home, inside and out! So much of her decor could easily go in your home too. I love the bird houses and old bike garden decor!!!

Jean Eakin

I can BELEIVE how much time she spends dusting. When I was younger(I"m 60 now) I cleaned all the time , now a little dust doesn't bother me because dust really protects your "stuff" from the elements. HA! If only that were true, but I have to have all my treasures because a house is boring without our beautiful collectibles.
Thank you again for sharing your sister with us. We loved it!
Have a wonderful Monday, Jean


You gal's have given me so many ideas that my head is spinning! I just love everything Kathy and Tina, thanks for taking such great pictures, it is just like being there with you.


Oh man! :-) Thank you for sharing your amazing home.

the Farmer's Wife

Kellie and Culley??? Say that ten times fast! They are both so cute with friendly smiles. OH...I'm missing Texas. I need a Texas fix.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife


ah ha ! I KNEW it! LOL! She spends her day cleaning :) Rose

Sweet Cottage Dreams

You all are going to have such a great time at the photo shoot!!! Hi Kathy and Kellie!!! Love your "do" Kathy!!!!!

Tina, thank you so much for featuring Kathy's amazing country home! You girls just really know how to pull things all together - that is for sure - hands down! Now come to California and y'all can have some beach time and help me re-do my living room!! haha.

Love ya oodles and bunches!


PS: Chatty Cathy would be perfect! That was my favorite doll, too!


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