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June 15, 2008



Hey you made me cry! What a beautiful tribute. Your daughter has been so fortunate.


Mika, I'd say you're a very lucky and blessed young lady to have Milton in your life.




What an astounding tribute. This made me totally breakdown and sob. Thank God for people like Milton.


That was beautiful!...I cried through that post...I had a "Milton" when I was growing up, too...He was my everthing! It's been 8 years since he has past...Thank you for sharing that beautiful post...meme


Sweetest post I have read in a long long time. Milton, you da man!


Sweetest post I have read in a long long time. Milton, you da man!


That is without a doubt the sweetest thing. We don't have children that old yet but I sure hope they see all that their daddy does and appreciate him like this.

Kay O

Oh my goodness, if this Father's Day post doesn't break tears to your eyes I don't know what would. It sounds as if you've all been blessed.


You are a blessed woman!


Tina and Mika,

What a warm & wonderful tribute, obviously written straight from the heart. There is no disguising the love you feel for one another.

Hugs to you all!



That is one lucky Milton and one lucky sweet little family ~ Happy Fathers Day Milton, and all the other Milton's out in the world. . . . . xoxo

cindy~My Romantic Home

Wow Milton sounds like one special man! It really does take a special man to be good step father and it's very rare when you find one that treats your child like his own. Mika and you are very fortunate!

Mary Jane Smith

Hi Tina:

What a sweet post about Milton and Mika! Thanks for sharing!

Mary Jane

Rachel Going



How sweet! What a blessing Milton has been in Mika's life and your own! What a great man!

Hugs, Sharon


Milton, Tina & Mika,

I am so glad you "found" each other and have made such wonderful family memories together.

Thank you for sharing with us!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Beautiful tribute. I hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Beautiful tribute. I hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day.


What a lovely way to honor a great Dad! Milton is one lucky guy!


Mica, your poem is beautiful. Milton and Tina, well done on raising such a beautiful daughter. Milton you are obviously a very special man. Blessings to all of you. Rachael

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Happy Father's Day, Milton! Way to go on being there for your family! Huge kudos to you!!


Theresa @Take A Sentimental Journey

that was so sweet and that Milton sounds like a swell guy!


AWWWW Mika and Tina that was beautiful.!! Such loving words.
My Father passed away 10 years ago
and he was only in his early 60s.
Pamela in NE OHIO


Hi Tina - I loved this post which is a wonderful tribute to Milton!! My own brother (Mike) is a stepfather to a sweet 7 year old named Malerie and he feels the same way about her as Milton does for Mika. And now he has a 2 month old son to complete his family. God bless the Miltons and the Mikes of this world.

I continue to enjoy each of your posts! Your friend, Sheila in west Michigan


Tina, I just read your posting for today and tears starting flowing. I'm sure Milton got a double good deal when he found ya'll also! Lucky little family!


what a sweet post. it doesn't matter who your Dad is, but what he is!

Mary Isabella

This beautiful post brought me to tears. It touched my heart on so many different levels....Mary


Oh Tina, what a beautiful post and a very loving tribute. What a special man and a blessing to be sure.



what a great Dad, what a great family!!!!

thanks for sharing.


Hi Tina,
Beautiful post, I agree! I also am married for the second time around and both my daughters are treated so wondefully by their stepdad, Tony. We are so blessed. Happy Father's Day to all our fabulous dads!~Hugs, Rosemary~


Beautiful thoughts! Thank you to all of the 'Milton's' in our lives. Happy Father's Day from our hearts to yours. ~Adrienne~


What a wonderful post...


Happy Father's Day to Milton - everything that a father should be.

Tina, I read this with goosebumps and tears.

God is so great.

An Enchanted Cottage

Okay, no fair.. That post, the poem, the sentiments expressed and the music in the background did me in... tears are flowing. Beautiful post, Mika and Tina! Happy father's day, Milton :)...Donna

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