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June 17, 2008


melissa @ the inspired room

Love those shoes! Have a great time!

Sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Precious Memories!
We can't wait to hear every detail!


How fun and exciting! I love the shoes in the picture! Hope you're having a blast with Mika!

Hugs, Sharon

Northumbrian Cottage

Lovelly pictures! good luck on your trips!

Mary Smith

WOW! I LOVE those shoes!!! Have a great time!


In Germany, it is a custom that the bride buys her shoes with 1 penny coins only - for good luck. All shop assistants fear the brides coming in with buckets full of pennies. You gotta collect a whole lotta pennies for those shoes :-) Good luck and have a great wedding day!


Oh Tina! This all sounds so fun! Love the silver shoes! Mika is going to make the most beautiful Bride! I am so Happy for you all.

My Ebay framed prints arrived here yesterday, I am so glad to have them here, finally!These kind of Frames would make a beautiful way to display Mikas wedding photo's in too! Love,Valery

tea time and roses

Hello Tina!

Have a wonderful and safe trip.



kari & kijsa

Have a great time!!

kari & kijsa



I can't even imagine the emotions you're going through watching your beautiful Mika become a bride.

I have a feeling that her portrait is going to be so special! Enjoy your trip to Houston.



Have good time with Mika. Remember we want a lot of pictures and a piece of wedding cake when the time comes. JAN from Iowa

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Have a fun, safe trip.


Enjoy Tina!! This very special time.

My daughter got married 6 years ago. I had a lot of mixed feelings.
As she is our youngest and there are 7 years between her and her older brother.

Thanks for letting your blog commenters/friends know you would be away for a few days.
Pamela in NE Ohio


Safe travels and enjoy this time...


Love the song you have playing with this post (I Hope You'll Dance). You are an awesome mom. I am dedicating this song to you and your daughter. Debbi :-)

Chris in Iowa

I love your blog, just wanted to de-lurk and tell you that.
Chris in Iowa


Have a safe and fun trip. Hope the weather is good.


Hi Tina,

What a magical time. Enjoy every minute of it! See you soon :)



What an exciting time! Enjoy every minute of a safe and fun trip!


How exciting. I know it will be wonderful. Have a fantastic time.


Have a wonderful, safe and fun trip. Can't wait to hear all about it.



Hi Tina,
Wow, those shoes are so pretty, especially next to the pearls! I am so excited for you and your daughter. Are these portraits with gown and all? I can't wait to see photos, I know they will be perfect. Isn't it great having daughters? We are so blessed. Have a wonderful, wonderful time with Mika! HUGS, Rosemary~

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