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February 25, 2008


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Good stuff as per usual, thanks. I do hope this kind of thing gets more exposure.


I was wondering if you could tell me how long to bake the brownies. I want to make them and I didn't see the bake time. They look so yummy! Thanks for posting the recipe. :)

paula luckhurst

Ah! chocolate...
Chocolate is a girl's best friend.

Debbie Kay


Thanks for the recipe. I can't wait to try it. I just love your blog. You are such a dynamic person and I really feel your big heart in all your posts.

Thank you for making my day everyday.

Debbie Kay


I think I just gained 10 pounds !!!
I cant wait to make these brownies, they look amazing !
Thanks !


What a divine brownie recipe. I love the all chocolate candy layer.


Daisy Cottage

Well, I'm definitely needing chocolate now.


linda - 50isthenew30.blogspot.com

I just found the Country Alamanac Summer issue at the grocery yesterday and couldn't wait to get home and see your lovely home. The pictures were beautiful and I love your ideas.


YUM YUM & YUM! You know how I love your recipes, I'm trying this one for sure! I thank you, my hips on the hand....LOL

tc sheeley

Oh good heavens---is this legal?? :)



Tina,I searched three store's today for the "mag"no luck.The hunt is now on,can't wait to get my hands on it.


Wow...okay, I'm making this for our Women's Club meeting on Thursday night. Can't wait!



Tina this is just too funny. I was just looking for that recipe on your blog last night. Because I remembered you had shared
that brownie recipe with us. This over 50 lady NEEDS her chocolate. HA
As an RN I read alot of medical facts.
And reseachers are still saying chocolate
is good for you. Esp. dark choc. I also read
chocolate appears to slow down the aging
process! I hope!! :-) Pamela in OH


Awesome recipe, awesome music, awesome blogster!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing all you do!!!



Yep - I've made those and they are fab! Might have to make them again for stitch night this week.

Wally World didn't have the mag here in town but I have to be in Tyler on Thursday and surely I can find it there - but I'm not good at waiting!


You think that is good try it with the
Symphony family size (2). The most amazing
brownies ever. Try it and let me know if I am right.
As Rachel Ray would say YUMO!


Wow...that looks great! I can't wait to try it out when I am having a choc. craving!

Terry B.


I have seen many of you asking where to find this magazine. I also looked at several stores, finding nothing. I have located this on BooksAMillion..a website. Just go to magazines and search for Country Almanac. The shipping is high, but at least you can find the magazine. :)


WOW I just gained 10 lbs....they look yummy...this is a keeper

Kathy :)

Mary Issabella

I love brownies and candy and you put them together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome.


Oh surely this recipe will be served in heaven!
Thanks for sharing the recipe. (o;

Kathryn Bechen

Hi Tina!

I need chocolate too! LOL How do you stay so slim with all that wonderful food you and Milton make?! The brownies look yummy!

Love, Kathryn


Darn, wish I would have read this post BEFORE I went to the grocery store!! Those look so yummy!! I will also have to look for your magazine while I there...
Hope you have a great week!

the feathered nest

I saw Paula Deen make these on her show and had to try it. It's so delicious - I made mine with white chocolate bars. Yummmmm!



Wow, those look heavenly!!! Saving this recipe for my cheat day this week. Yum.


Hi Tina,
Congrats on the magazine article. I've got to have it! I look back through the photos of your home a lot and drool!! Now I can drool over the magazine pics!! :o)

I think you need to do a recipe blog too..in your SPARE time, of course. LOL You always have so many good and simple recipes to share and I've tried several of them. But you're right, they get lost in the archives!! I always copy the recipe but there have been times when I have gone back to search your blog so I can see the pictures again to make sure I'm doing it right..like the Crescent Roll Apple Pies. I've made those several times and they are wonderful! I've shared the recipe with everyone I know!! Thanks for sharing with me!

This brownie recipe is over the top!!




I consider Chocolate to be the 5th food group. This recipe looks incredible! :-)

It sounds so rich and chocolate-y. I know I'm going to love it!!



Looks yummy! We will have to try this one...


oh sure now that I have given up sugar. *giggle* I am so sure my family will enjoy this recipe for me. tfs! btw. . .did you know instead of using oil you can substitute applesauce and it tastes so much better! NO oily residue left on your pallette. I learned this trick many years ago and everything just has such a yummmmmmier (my new word LOL) since I have used the applesauce. I hope you try it out.

Mrs. Mordecai

I bet it tastes better on a cute plate.


I remember this. I have made it and it is wonderful. Last time I didn't have the hersey's bars so I dropped in some hersheys kisses.....mmmmmmmm goood. Thanks tina...


Oh Tina, I got the magazine yesterday,it is awesome. I am so happy for you. I saw the brownies on your previous blog and my family has enjoyed them several times. Thanks so much for you inspiration.



oops, I mean the cherry Glass and the red plaid plate....bj


GREAT BALLS OF FIRE...this sounds so good I am having a slobbering fit! I WILL be making these for my dinner guests tomorrow night! They sound sooooo good. I love the cherry plate, too! :)

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