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January 03, 2008



I grew up eating a variation of this pie. My mom always used saltine crackers! Still love it to this day!

Sweet pea in Wyoming

I schmish down the center and add fresh peaches and whipped cream! Leave a 1" border around of crust after adding about 5 peaches with whipped cream.

Jane Toms

My mother-in-law makes the Ritz Cracker pie for me and I just love it! I just wish it was a little moister. Any ideas? Another question: Could this recipe be made in a 9x13 pan and cut into bars? Thanks Jane

 Frankie Lawson

I made your Chocolate Cobbler yesterday and it is the best thing I've tasted and I'm always cooking.
This recipe sounds so good and I will be making it this weekend.
Do you have more recipes, I saw a picture of cheese and pimento but can't find it.

Mary Atkinson

I have the same recipe with 4 egg whites, 1 c sugar, pinch of baking powder, 24 Ritz Crackers, makes a 9" pie, It was served at George's Cafeteria in Coffeyville, Kansas.
Wow! So popular!

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Nice, and thanks for sharing this info with us.Good Luck!


So So Happy ! My friend made this recipe and we all loved it years ago ....just browsing at recipes and got on to your site. Have to make it this weekend or maybe sooner.....Oh Boy cant wait to taste it again Thanks......will call into your site again for sure

Marlaine...Perth Australia 23/1/11

Susan Brantley

Finally found this receipe. My mother made this pie every Thanksgiving and Christmas. She never wrote it down. Not to be found in her receipe book. I made the mock apple pie. Good but not the same. Momma is no longer with me but her memory lives again with this receipe. Thank you! This will be a happy holiday again.


I must make this - very interesting!


Oh Tina, this is great! My husband is a diabetic and if I sub in some Splenda this would be a yummy sweet recipe for us to have as a treat. Can't wait to try it.


OH, GOOD GRIEF....this looks and sounds so delicious! I will add this one to my recipe box, for sure. Thanks!

Jeri Aaron

Every time I stop by your blog, I feel like I've died and gone to heaven. It's so wonderfully put together, and I want to thank you for creating such a haven and sharing it with all of us.

Laura Lee

Oh, I will definitely be making this over the weekend! You come up with the most delicious recipes!

I want to invite you to enter my 100th post bloggity give-away, a sweet little redwork pillow. I know how much you love red and vintage. I'd be thrilled for it to find a home at Cherry Hill Cottage.

Sher's Creative Expressions

OK Tina, what's your secret? How can you "always" be baking and not gain weight? Do you give it all away? Just curious. . . and maybe. . . a little envious :)



Jen Rizzo

I am going to make that. It sounds great and we always have ritz crackers on hand...Thanks for the recipe!
Jen R

the farmers wife

Now that looks great. You know my mission in life is to find the perfect piece of pie. This is a pie version of a Pavlova I think. Thanks for the recipe.


As usual your timing is right! I have a ladies club meeeting at my home this coming Monday and was trying to find something different to serve. Thank you Tina.

Daisy Cottage

Girl, send me some of your energy PLEASE!
All I want to do is sit!
Happy New Year my dear cottage-soul-sister!!!



Hi Tina,
Thanks so much for sharing these great recipes. I will definetely try them soon. Stay warm. It's so cold here in New York! Brrrrrrrrrr! Hugs, Rosemary~


Many years ago in Oklahoma City there was a fabulous cafeteria, The Lady Classen, that my parents would take us to occasionally. They had the Ritz Cracker Pie and my brother and I would beg our parents to let us have a piece.

I have not thought about this pie until reading your post today. Thanks for sharing this great recipe! A little bit of nostalgia.


yes, yes, YES...

me, too...

thank you...

my grandmother's Mock Apple Pie...
~~lost for years~~
found HERE!


going out to buy some Ritz this moment!

carry on,
find more good ones to share here...


How do you stay so thin with all of these great recipes!
Looks interesting and definitely worth trying.


Old New Englanders ( my grandmothers' generation) used to make Mock Apple Pie with Ritz crackers instead of apples. Quite tasty actually. This recipe sounds good too, nothing quite beats the salty and sweet combo!


Thankyou, thankyou, a million times thankyou! I used to make this on a regular basis during the first 5yrs of our marriage (Been married 23yrs now) It was one of my husbands favourites. I used to whip it up without a recipe. Then other things took over, I forgot the recipe and lost the written version. It wasn't that long ago that I was reminded of it by my husband. What a surprise he has coming!

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