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January 04, 2008



ok, what is Canton time? I'm from NJ, and never heard of this. but would love to learn, thanks!!!


thanks for the fun updates and the new recipes to try. i love to get new ones and these are really different! thanks for such a fun blog. i hope to see you again soon. love, AM :)


What a good year it was, wasn`t it? I hope that the next one will be even better!
So, happy new year to you!

I am sooooo enjoying your "cooking classes", the pineapple side dish, and the Pie looks, looks OH so delicious!
Do you attend classes yourself?

Sees yah!

Linda's Blue Gate

It was so fun to meet your Mika..... I hope I didn't freak her out when I called her name as she walked by my booth. What a beauty she is...the pictures of her are pretty but she is even more striking in person...


whaaah!!! I wanna go down to Texas and go to Canton, too. HEY! Maybe you can come up here and go to Brimfield in the spring. . . .we can trade, just once, huh, huh???!!! Ohhhh, have a wonderful time, Tina ! I'm Envious. . . Patrice

Debbie Kay

Wish I were there....Canton sounds like heaven!



I just linked over to your blog and imagine my surprise when I hear the music of "Southern Cross." How great! I will definitely put your blog in my favs.
Thank you so much! Now ... on to read. :)
Carolyn xxoo


Oh Canton sounds so wonderful, everytime I see your note that you are there I wish I could go too! Stay warm :)


Beehind Thyme

Oh, Tina you have no idea what your blog does for me daily. It gives me such energy. I just created a blog myself, will strive to be like you. Blessing & Goode Day, Pamela


Hi Tina,
Love your panseys, love the door, love the little guy...and luv you!!! Have fun at Canton and stay warm!~Hugs, Rosemary


I Love your picture in todays post.
Hope you have aGReat wk.end!
Blessins', Lib


see you tomorrow little tinka. i guess we will leave whenever i can get mika out of bed. love you


Have fun!



Tina ~ Which booth do you work at ~ I am going to go tomorrow when it is warm and I would love to meet you !


Awh Man....I do wish I lived close enuf to go to Canton just one time. I've heard so much about it for so long.
Great luck!

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