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January 26, 2008



I added a few things like bacon, jalapeños to the cornbread, and extra cheese. My coworkers loved it, and they ate it up the day I served it and the next. I found the cornbread to not absorb any of the moisture, and the salad didn't seem to flow together. I'll make it again, because I know how popular it was. Maybe I wasn't at the top of my game the day I made it. I'll happily try it again!

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Theresa Wright

how long can this set in refrigerator before serving

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Billie Tyree-Wright

Hi We have a version of this in Missouri, I use the Jiffy Mix BAKE 2 boxes of the cornbread and use creamy ranch and use the lite or low fat for those who are watching the fat intake. IT IS WONDERFUL !! I make it all year round - Billie


this is a very good dish..

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i love cooking now because of your blog! :)

Mrs. U

I have GOT to tell you, I recently made this for my family and BOY is it GOOD!! And it was even BETTER then next day!!! SUPER YUM!! We are going to a potluck picnic this weekend and I'm taking this (and the recipe) to share!!

Thank you for posting this!

Mrs. U

Sheree Clooyd

Living in East Texas also, I always fixed this for any school functions when my kids were in school. I always got the bowl back with a note that said "Send Recipe". This is great for family reunions also!! yum yun!


I am not sure how much cornbread to add to the salad. If you measured it by the cupfuls, how many cups? I don't make my cornbread in a frying pan. I usually bake it in the oven. I am born in Texas but it live in Colorado now. I love looking at your pictures and recipes.
Thanks, Terry


Oh my stars!!! You had me at a pint of mayonnaise! I made this and CANNOT pull myself out of the bowl...literally! It is one of my new all-time favorite dishes. How can you go wrong with cornbread, bacon, and mayonnaise. Thank you, THANK YOU! I would like to share this on my blog, with credit to you, of course, if you do not mind.


Oh.My.Goodness! I made this today and my family loved it!! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe, it's definitely a keeper!


Man, that looks good. I've got to put this on the menu for this week. :)


Oh my word. I am currently reducing my fat intake so I really am traumatized that I cannot try this recipe immediately. I'll just have to earmark it for later use. :)


I can't believe that I have never heard of it either, but I am SO glad you brought this to my attention because it looks wonderful.

Your pictures are fantastic. I can almost smell the bacon sizzling in the pan. :-)


Andrea Bane

Wow, that looks delicious, but a pint of mayonnaise is not something I'm going to touch!!! :P Just looking at that recipe is upping my scale!!


One of my club members made this for us (she does catering) and it was the most delicious dish and one I had not tasted - I am so glad to see a recipe. Thanks dear Tina - you always come up with a winner.



Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! My hubby tried some of this from a place here in Dallas and loved it. Now I can make it for him at home! You're a PEACH!
Just one question though. When you say two pans of cornbread, do you mean like the kind you posted about earlier, with the cast iron skillet and 2 pkgs Martha White cornbread mix? That's always how I make cornbread too, so I'm just wondering if this recipe would use 2 batches like that, ie: 4 pkgs of mix.
Thanks so much for clarifying, if you get the chance to :)


OMG! You have outdone yourself this time.
How wonderful does that look! YUM!

Paula Deen has nothing on you! :-)


Mary Issabella

I have had it and have made it.It is really good and is great to take to poluck dinners...Smiles...Mary


This looks yummy! Thanks for sharing it!


Sounds delicious. I've never heard of it. But I will make it this week! Have a great one! Rachel

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I'll have to try this. It sounds interesting and different.


I've never ever heard of this one. Sounds interesting though!



Hi Tina,

That sounds absolutely wonderful! I'm going to make this today. Thank you for sharing it - I've never heard of a dish like this!


Jen R

That looks great and a great sunday dish!
Jen R


Hi Tina,
Sounds delish! Have a great Sunday!~Hugs, Rosemary


I make this from time to time and really like it.
HAve agreat wkend.


a southern dish? sounds yumo. Stop on over to the tattered nest for a visit, I am having a give away you may like!


This is a great favorite of our family. We add little chunked sweet pickles to it sometimes when we have them. Yours looks better because of the pecans. Never tried that. I love the way you take pictures all the way through a recipe. You lead us right to it! Great!


thanks for sharing the recipe, i will try it, this is the very first time i heard that recipe.

the farmers wife

I can't believe that I've never heard of this. It sounds fantastic. My entire family is from the south and I lived in Texas for four years and I've never had it. This will be on my list of things to make this week. Thanks!


Do you ever go to the Potpouri house in Tyler? It's a great Ladies lunch place they serve a cornbread salad and I have always wanted a recipe for it. Can't wait to try this on.


That sure sounds yummy. Of course anything that features bacon and mayonnaise sounds good, possibly not too healthy, but good :).


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