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January 02, 2008


Jordan Pas Cher

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Tina! Your pineapple sidedish is a total ripoff from my family traditions! Look at you getting all the attention off of something my family has been doing for generations! I hope your pineapple sidedish tastes like baby toenails this holiday season!

Pewter Salt and Pepper Shakers

cool! i will do this on my birthday! thank you! :)


I made this last night with ham and served it to two very skeptical and very hungry guys. I had to make them try "just one little bite", and they went crazy over it! I will now be serving this dish every holiday! Thank you so much for the recipe.


I've been making this great sidedish for a few years now and there are NEVER any leftovers! Everyone loves it. I especially love to have it on the table when I make a pork roast.



I have missed this one, too! I have to take a side dish to our home church group meeting on Sunday...this is what I will take. Thanks so much!

Melody from ~Pennies In My Pocket~

Yummmmmmmmmmmm I cannot wait to try this!!!


Sher's Creative Expressions

Tina, I've given you a blogger award. Stop by my blog and check it out.




oh geesh! I think I posted twice, thinking my first one didn't work. Sorry, Tina ~ feel free to delete me :)


I'm gonna try that this week, Tina ~ My DH love love LOVES pineapple. . . . Thanx for sharing! Geesh, now I've gotta make the popcorn cake and this one ~ we'll be fatter than cattle soon! :)


Oh Yummers! I'm gonna try that and SOON! My DH LOVE LOVE LOVES Pineapple so that yummy delish is sure to be a hit! Thanks for sharing Tina :)


I can't wait to try it, it looks and sounds SO GOOD! Thank-you for sharing.


Well, I am 66 years old and I have never had this dish either. LOL It sounds great -I wished I had this at Christmas when I served a ham. Thanks for sharing this Tina -I am going to try this one too.


Yummy! We call this Baked Pineapple. Ours doesn't have cheese, but that's an interesting twist. I think I'll have to put in a "pretty please" request to my Mama to make this for a family meal soon!

Daisy Bouquet

Sounds so good!!! Happy Day


Sounds yummy but I would have to eat the whole thing...not another person here likes pineapple! I love it!!!

tea time and roses

Yummy!!!! Thank you for all the lovely recipes and sharing the beauty of your lovely home. I so enjoy coming here, Tina you truly do all thing beautiful!! Happy New Year!




Hi Tina,
I absolutely love to visit your blog. You inspire me.
This recipe looks wonderful, I think my boys will love it. Thanks for posting the recipe:)


Hi Tina
OMGosh, who would have thought, this sounds sooo yummy! I’m so tiered of the same old potato side dishes. Thank you for sharing it. Oh and thank you for getting me motivated to take down my Christmas tree early this year. Your home is very beautiful and at the same time it looks like it feels like home.
Love Julia

the farmers wife

I've had this before and it's really delicious. Love the combination of the fruit and the cheese. I'm going to have to pick a ham and make this. Thanks. - Suzanne


Pineapple casserole. Yes, it's been around for a while. We also had it Christmas because we had ham and it goes so well with ham. I actually prefer the pineapple tidbits (smaller pieces) and it's good to use some brown sugar in place of part of the white sugar too.

Yum! It is delish!


Deborah Pemberton

Hi Tina,

Just wanted to say that I absolutely love to visit your home. You have wonderful recipes!

I especially loved the Taco Soup recipe!

Can't wait to try this recipe!

This is my favorite place to visit. You are an inspiration.

Thanks for taking the time to share your decorating talent and recipes.




Hi Tina, Happy New Year. Love reading your blog. Your house is beautiful. I too came across this receipe after moving from California to the south and met a wonderful friend. Thanks for sharing your home with all of us.

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