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November 19, 2007





YUM! I have never seen a recipe like this with crushed pineapple! I will make ANYTHING with pineapple, I loooooove it. Thanks for posting this yummy! I always want to don on an apron after I read your blog and start baking! Happy Turkey Day from Arizona!


Oh that looks yum - I want to make one now!

I am so sorry to hear about your Mum.


Cottage Contessa

mmmmmmm-MMMMMMMMMMM-mmmmmm! I love banana bread and banana muffins. Banana anything really, especially deep fried banana!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Elaine L.

Hmmmmm, that bread looks so yummy, I can smell it.

"If" by Bread really brings back a lot of good memories.



That looks yummy. I baked Pumpkin bread like crazy today and posted that recipe on my site. LOL Must be the cooler weather since we're all baking.

Jen R

I just checked in and am so glad your mom is doing okay...
Happy Thanksgiving.

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

This is exactly what I did on Saturday! Walked into moms house, smelled the ripe bananas and asked her to bring them back to my place. We made a loaf and a bunch of muffins! Yum! I like the added pineapple- will have to try that next time!

tea time and roses

Yummy, I love banana bread! It looks delicious, and I just know it taste heavenly! Thank you so much for the recipe. I am celebrating my 50th post with a give-away.
So when possible pop over I would just love for you to be a part. You and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving...

Smiles to you...


Sher's Creative Expressions

Tina, I'm sorry. I called you Susan in my earlier comment. I know you are Tina, but my fingers want you to be named Susan I guess. Sorry TINA.

Thank you for correcting the soda amounts.




Hello precious Tina!!--I baked up your recipe on here for "pumpkin-Pecan cake"--It was absolutely divine!- I made a few copies, too of it & sent to relatives in the North!-

I love and make a lot of banana bread- I put walnuts in mine sometimes. but I have never heard of Pineapple in it!- I am excited to try it that way! Is this a "Southern" recipe?--Thanks so much for posting these!-btw- My husband LOVES your "Tortilla soup" recipe too!--Love, Valery

Daisy Bouquet

Hope everyone is fine. I love banana bread. Mary


Hi Tina,
Once again, it's so good to have you back!
Mmmmmmwwwaaaaaaaaaaah! I will try this banana bread recipe very soon! Hugs,~Rosemary


I just baked some banana bread, too! I've never heard of adding crushed pineapple. Can you taste the pineapple? I always add mini chocolate chips to my banana bread...you can never have too much chocolate!

Mary Alison

I really only saw one thing as I perused this post: You have a REALLY clean oven.

And some delicious looking banana bread.


Beautiful bread! I'm fairly certain bananas were created to be used in baked goods rather than eaten raw. ;-)

I do hope everyone enjoys the bread. It's a great comfort food.


Oh, I can almost smell it. It looks yummy. Pass me a slice while it's hot.


Angela (Cottage Magpie)

That looks delicious! I'll have to try it. I posted my recipe awhile back and it uses spelt flour, orange juice and ginger which is always a hit. But I've never tried pineapple...genius!
~Angela :-)


lol! I re-read my post...why-o-why did I type in the additional soda? I deleted it. The recipe is correct now. ; - )

Sher's Creative Expressions

Susan, this looks great. I make Banana bread a lot, but never tried it with Pineapple. I will next time though. Thanks. Can you please post an edit with the 1 tsp. soda, 1 tsp. baking soda clarification?



Dolly~From my CHERRY heart

Mmmmm Tina that looks yummy!
Love warm banana bread with a bit of melted butter on top, Mum always puts chopped walnuts in her banana bread!

I posted the recipe for my grammas' rice pudding! {you asked about it awhile back}

Enjoy your day!
Hugz, Dolly


Sounds absolutely delicious but I'm puzzled. You say: 1 tsp baking soda and 1 tsp soda. Should it be baking powder and soda or only 1 tsp of soda? Thought I'd ask before I tried to make it.


Sounds yummy. I have never seen a banana bread recipe with pineapple in it. I am going to have to give this a try. I made the Pumpkin Pie Cake for a gathering at church yesterday. It was a hit. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful recipes.


Oh, man!!! That looks soooo good and I haven't even had breakfast yet and now all I want is a HUGH slice of this yummy bread that I can just smell thru my computer screen! Excuse me...I have to go in search of some over-ripe bananas.
hugs, bj

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