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August 31, 2007


jean conklin

Just beautiful !! Also wanted to tell you that I used the rusty metal brackets on a wall shelf and it looks super. I'll send you a pic sometime... you may want to try it. Yours looks fabulous on your window.


Oh I'm drooling over that white rusty metal!


I've been lusting after one of those conservetories ever since the first time I saw yours. I'm going to have to start saving my pennies - wonder how long that will take? LOL.I showed them to hubby while in Canton yesterday and he agreed one would look pretty good on our front porch. Of course I might have to put plastic plants in mine - my thumb is not nearly as green as yours!
Wonder if I can find any pennies under the sofa cushions?


Very cute, I love the detail!


It is very pretty. We go to Canton flea market a couple of times a year. Plan on going again probably in Oct or Nov.
I found your blog from a link on another blog & have enjoyed reading it. I'll be back to visit again soon!


Oh my...I LOVE IT!! That is beautiful! Do you keep it out doors all year..?
Your blog is put together so beautifully..loved all your post...love your roses..gorgeous!!


Your blog is so fun and inspiring. Thank you for sharing.


I love your conservetory...it is awesome...I think I know exactly where her booth is...in fact I think I have purchased a few things from her in the past...she has great things...

Have a fabulous weekend...blessings...



Simply gorgeous!




Cottage Contessa

That's it, I'm officially jealous! lol Very lovely Tina, just as everything you do is.


What a lovely blog. I stopped by through some maze of favorite blogs and discovered you. This is so beautiful, and as I browse within your other posts I surely will add yours to my reading room.


Anytime I need to see a picture of something lovely, this is where I go!


That is so beautiful, I can hardly stand it!

the feathered nest

I remember when you got that. I loved it then. I love all the wonderful detail she put into this. It's gorgeous!



The first word was supposed to be Wow! I am a wee bit tired!~Rosemary


Hi Tina,
Wos, your yard conservatory is beautiful. How pretty is that to look at everyday! I have not seen one thing you have that I do not LOVE and do not WANT! Beautiful!~Rosemary

Linda's Blue Gate

Ohmygosh... it looks like a jungle in your Conservatory. With your long list of talents I think we need to add GREEN THUMB to them. WOW it looks GREAT. THanks for the high light. I had a great day Thursday... a decorator from Houston came and bought alot... she is putting my things in a 3 Million dollar show case home...very exciting...


That's a really cool thing! Is it square? It looks like it might be made from old windows, is it?

Paula Sealey

What a beautiful conservatory, the plants must love it in there:)


AWWW ~ I just love Linda ~ In fact I am blogging about her pretties tonight too ! Did you go to Canton this month? I just love to wander around there !


Is there any chance you could post a pic of the conservatory showing the entire thing??
I'd love to see that!
thanx :)

cindy~my romantic home

I fell in love with that the first time you put it on your blog! I want one too! I think I need to rent a U-Haul and drive to Texas!

Sweet Remembrance

Oh my...I love your conservatory! I have heard of Linda's work, I want one too!
Your flowers are beautiful...what a pretty sight to see!


Wow, LOVE your conservatory. Just wonderful !!!! Clarice


Seems like forever since I've visited your blog. I sure missed everyone and knowing what was happening while I was on my trip. It's been fun "catching up" with what you've been doing. So many good posts. I always love seeing your photos and your music makes me smile. Sometimes I keep your blog up while I read others, just so I can enjoy the music :-)



Ohhhh I love,love,love your conservatory!!!! What a special treat to see your impatients peeking out the top?!?!?! It was finally cool here this morning and everything looked refreshed....I can't wait for fall!!!!


Your conservatory is looking just wonderful Tina. Do you still keep it outside in the yard? or is it protected by a patio. Speaking of patio, I would love to see that back deck project you were working on last weekend.

I found some great Red letters today, and thought of you. Check my blog later (after 2:00) for pictures.


Ooh! I want a yard conservatory! Things will probably be well protected from frost in there. And it's so very, very pretty!

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