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July 31, 2007



I have these same plates, bowls, etc. I absolutely love them. I want a plate rack in my kitchen I love yours. Your home is wo warm. Good work. kudos to you.


Love this! It's to drool for! Where did you find this?


Hello Tina,
I found your blog threw oldpainted cottages website. I love her site! I love your blog it is so good. Maybe you could check out mine and give me some pointers. Thanks
Kim cottageinthecityblogspot.com


Tina, I can see why you love your plate rack. It's beautiful, and I love those great plates - the color and the patterns. It looks so cozy. I've always wanted a plate rack. Yours is so cute!


I love the plate rack and the plates. So fresh and clean. Thanks for sharing.

HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs - Kim

BEAUTIFUL...I just love your plates and plate rack, Tina!


Great plate rack - and plates!
God bless :)

Chef Bren

I love red and white, they are so cheery together. I love the plate rack, they look lovely displayed.

: ) Bren


Oh heck! It's all been said. I just love everything about your kitchen and your color scheme.

I just saw some red checked plates on clearance at JoAnn's fabric store, however they are melamine. They, also, had them in yellow, green, and blue.



Well Tina, I have been dying for DH to see this platerack. Its so pretty filled with your red and white dishes. Love it!


I must join in and say I love your red plates too. I bought mine at Target a few years back. Your kitchen screams clean, cheerful and lots of love. The plate rack is just an added bonus to your kitchen. Of course, I can't leave out the island and all those "cherry" items you have. LOL


So cute! Love your wonderful white kitchen! That was my vision...but I lost out to my hub's choice..cherry wood. Next time..... xo, Becky



Yes, my Podunk has 2 super Wal Marts, but I have never seen anything that looks like that. :( I was in that department just yesterday and didn't notice any like that. Oh well. *SIGH*


Absolutely adore your red and white dishes and a peek into your kitchen. What a terrific blog! So much fun to read. Warmest Regards, Lynn


I saw Ann's post about your gingham plates...if she can't find them at Wal-Mart...tell her to try CSPost.com The Shabbee
Chick put it on her blog yesterday as a place to check out...I saw some melamine red/white check dishes there...interesting place! Gotta go do some more looking....



Hi Tina! I just found your blog and love it! :) Your house is adorable and so perfect. I just love blogging too. I do a lot of picture posting, but have a 4 year old blog already! It's nice to have found you on the internet. Hope you and Milton and Mika are doing great. Love - Andrea


Ann~ Does your Podunk have a Wal-Mart? Cause that is where I bought my red and white gingham plates! lol! Sure did! But, it was a couple of years ago..maybe your store has them...they came in one of those "box sets."


Another red and white fanatic here. I especially love the red and white gingham plates and sure would love to have a set like them. Would you care to divulge where you found them? I'm sure my area of Podunk doesn't have them. :(

By the way, I have the peach cobbler in the oven as I type. :)



Love it!

Valery Schweitzer

I LOVE your home Tina- your kitchen esp. to me, is so cheerful & I would love to wake up everyday to that! I have actually had dreams about your island-pot rack & also this plate-rack!- The view out of your kitchen window, is that really as beautiful too, as I picture it?All of your cooking recipes look wonderful too,- honestly, it is the most "Happy", kitchen I have ever seen, the way it looks & I can just smell all of the goodies you make too!-Love, Valery


I know everyone keeps using the word cheery but that's the first thing I thought of when I saw your dish rack! I'm buzzing through another day at work and I pop in to look at Cherry Hill and it's such a nice pick me up!


o.k Typepad doesn't like me today! It just wiped out my whole comment. Anyway, what I said before was that you have such a cheery kitchen and I love those gingham plates.



Hi Tina - Every little nook of your home is so charming & perfect! Thank you for sharing it.


Tina...your plate rack is awesome...I really love the red/white plates...I am especially fond of the ones w/little flowers...they're just so darn sweet lookin! Also, do you clean all the time...cos I don't know if it's the fact that red/white is just so crisp or that you are just a whiz at cleaning...cos your house always looks so fresh and clean...I can smell lavender or lemon while viewing your post...now that my friend is CLEAN!!

Enjoy your day...



Now who would not want to wake up to pouring a cup of coffee in the cheery kitchen! Love the plate rack and dishes. Simply charming.


So cheery! I can see why you love your plate rack it adds such a happy look.


Love it, love it! I covet those plates......They would look marvelous in my home, too! Such good taste....so many fabulous things!


Rosemary..the red gingham curtains are just cloth dinner napkins. Folded in half on the diagonal. I bought them at Wal-Mart~ two in a package...

Betty Jo

Your plate rack is beautiful. I would so love to have one. I've got to stop blog hopping. It makes me want more and more!! xoxo


Your dishes are so pretty. It is so nice that we can find such things in our lives make us feel so good! I have to ask, I have been admiring your red gingham curtains. Did you make them yourself? Rosemary~


Hey Tina...Lovely dishes. I just lined the inside of my cabinet with Tole fabric and have my red and white rooster plates facing outward. Thanks for sharing your home.


Oooo I love your red and white plates. I have red countertops in my kitchen and this plate rack would look awesome there! Thanks for sharing part of your home with us!

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