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April 26, 2007


Allie from Minneapolis

Your kitchen is so cute and cozy, comfy. Makes me want to have a mug of coffee and sit with you at the kitchen table for a chat.

The Feathered Nest

Your kitchen does look like a happy, cheerful place! I love those stained glass windows and I wish I could find a place in my home for a few.



I love your kitchen! I'm painting mine cream (rather than the old wallpaper) so that I can show off my vintage stuff like you have done.


What a pretty kitchen! My kitchen makes me happy too! :)


this is the sweetest story I've heard all week....my gramma loved cateloupe


I have always adored you kitchen , Tina. The island pot-rack is my favorite thing!- I still havn't any luck in finding the exact one! your kitchen does make one smile- it is so" homey"!-I love the way that you can look out your kitchen window above your gorgeous farmhouse sink too!-Mine has no window.- I miss that a lot.- , Valery


I love your kitchen too Tina! I love your cabinets they are so bright and cheerful! Love the bunny sitting beside your sink- whats it called? Everytime i see pictures of your cozy kitchen it just makes me smile! :)


I'm just loving the shots of your house. The little bathroom is adorable. And I really like the little corner thingies (don't know what you call them) with the stars in them on your porch that you can see through your kitchen window! (Whew! That was a run-on sentence -- sorry!)


I love your kitchen, Tina! Wish it was mine!!!!! I need windows but of course, my kitchen is in the middle of the house with no windows.
I have a cantaloupe in the fridge that I got at Sam's and it's just now looking and smelling ripe after 2 weeks. Hmmmm, sounds pretty good. Maybe I'll have it for lunch!!


Love your site!I visit your site daily and it is VERY inspiring! I am new at blogging and would love for you to visit mine.. not near as good as yours but I'm just learning. okiecottagebliss.blogspot.com I hope that is how I get my blog out to the blog world.



Your kitchen is so cheery I can see why it makes you happy. We bought a cantelope recently and it took about a week to ripen. My daughter said it was the best cantelope she ever had...she ate the whole thing!


Your kitchen is beautiful! I'm painting my cabinets white and using bead board also, that way I can throw in whatever colors I want. I especially love the stained glass in your windows!


Good morning Tina!

I love your kitchen. I sniff cantaloups too - that's how you tell if they are ripe! YUMMY!!! There are not in season here yet - soon!!

(the other) tina


Good morning... Isn't it nice to walk in your kitchen and the first thing you do is smile? I think in this fast "dod eat dog" world there isn't anything better then to have something in ones own home that makes our hearts smile. Is that a BEATRIX POTTER rabbit gaurding your sink? Have a good day..

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