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July 14, 2013


Sweet Cottage Dreams

I never find cool stuff like this at our Wallyworld. But, will have to check it out. Tina, LOVE your trunk tray and how cute it looks filled with your pretty stuff.


Judy Miller

Well, my Walmart doesn't have the olive bucket.....yet. I'll keep watching out for it. Keep posting, we've been missing you and your grandbaby.


Thanks for posting where you found the bucket, Tina.

I am so going to borrow (ok.......steal! ) this idea. :-)

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Deborah Tuttle

Love the olive bucket! I have looked at "real ones, and they are way too expensive. I can see these used in any season. So glad you are posting more because yours is my very favorite. Thank you for sharing the tips.

Judy Miller

I'm going to Wally World today and will see if they too have the buckets here. Also, I have waaaayyyy too many tole trays and since I am buying a new house I want to get them all out and display them (I've been living in an apartment for over a year now). How do you best display them on the wall. I really hated to glue something on the back but plate holders won't work either...and show. How do you do it? So glad to have you back in blogger world. How's that grandbaby????


Such a charming cottage you have!!
I love everything!!


Hi Tina,
Darling! I think you have a real gift to see things and then use them differently. Very clever!



Hi! I love your new find and would like to get one also. Can you tell me your technique for making new items like this look old?I'd really appreciate it. I love your blog. Mona at peaceandquilts@gmail.com

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Wally World??? Wow I never would of guessed! Cute!

Tina Smith

I found it in the section where you find clothing hanger....there were also bins, baskets. Things to organize.


Adding Wal-Mart to my errand list today!! Thanks for posting about it, Tina. Hope and pray You have a wonderful week full of blessings.


Cute as can be, and a bargain! A win-win situation.

As Stacey mentioned above, please tell us the section. I love that bucket!!!! :-)

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Rita May

Nice to visit you this morning. I also love that you have the roaster out. Gotta go and dig out my old blue speckled roaster.
Yikes, you keep me busy!
Rita ;)

Hassie Kirschenbaum

Love it, Tina! Also love your new photo. I hope all is well with you!!!


Oh yay!! Going to go look today. Do you know what section of the store it was in?


So cute! Gotta go get me one of those! :)

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