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July 23, 2013


Mrs Cherry Heart

Oh my goodness this lil princess is growing way to fast!
She is beautiful!
I bet she calls her Lollie ten times a day! :-)

My youngest didnt grow hair till she was almost two, we used to tape bows on her head...lol

Miss you Miss. Tina.


Just seems to me that each picture tells a progressive story the first being that she is placing that call..the others the mournful tale of how she is not happy and the torment of it all...lol..and finally the look back to let them know that her lollie is coming and they are in deep do! Wonderful pictures!


Love those expressions! So cute!

Gloria McAllister

Love all the different facial expressions she makes...espeically the 3rd & 4th ones where she looks like she is totally irritated with the operator on the other end!

She DOES look a lot like you.

Gloria in Virginia


She is adorable!


Oh my goodness! Haven't seen any pictures in ages! She sure is growing quickly! Precious!


Cute pictures!


I think we share the same sense of humor, Tina! LOL

Love the "1-800-Call Lollie" title. :-)

Marilyn (in Dallas)




Just precious!!!! I could smooch her little face off!!! God Sure blessed you all with this child!!!


So sweet!


She's really grown!

Deborah Tuttle

What a darling child! So much expression in her face, made my day.

Hassie Kirschenbaum

Precious, Tina; just precious!

Tina Smith

that's right Marilyn, a hot line direct to me!! LOL!! I think I'll go chance my blog title....


Is that a hot line direct to you, Tina??? :-)

(Miss Marlee Pearl needs one just in case her parents deny her that extra cookie, make her take a nap etc.)

She is a cutie-pie, for sure!

Marilyn (in Dallas)


Tina was she talking to Milton...looks like she fell asleep on the phone. Boring conversation huh. She is growing like a weed. She is sooo darn cute! Please tell her if she comes to my house she can play with the same phone, or call me. LOL.

Isora Martinez

She is so cute, God bless her


She is getting so big and she looks like you Tina!

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