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July 29, 2013


Leslie Hayes

I'm so glad you're posting again! I hadn't checked in several months so I've had fun gong back over your posts. You are always so creative in your decorating!

Paula Jo @ home accents

She might not have a beak, which proves nothing is perfect. Adorable with what you have done with her. Puts a smile on the face. Another great idea of yours. Love it!!

Sandra Lee

I LOVE THIS!!! Makes me smile :))


Love her!


Talk about a speechless chick, ain't she cute.
Her lips are sealed, she won't tell anyone you put Watt pottery in the garden. I love her red and white transfer hat, very stylish.
Too cute!!!

Gloria McAllister

Hahahaha....I thought that red stuff on her neck WAS her beak!!! That's adorable.

Gloria in Virginia


How do you make a bird without a beak look so stinkin' cute?! Love!


Cute !! and yes, you have a great hat.


So cute Tina !!!


She's got the perfect accessory for working in the garden under the hot, Texas sun!

Marilyn (in Dallas)


Just perfect. :)


Che bel cappellino!Carinissima la tua tacchinella!Rosetta

Marissa Polk


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