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December 24, 2012


Sweet Cottage Dreams

Hi Tina! Just have to tell you I am catching up on blogs and love your pictures of your home, sweet Marlee Pearl and you and Milton. Love your outfit, too.

Hope that all is well in your neck of the woods! All the best for a wonderful New Year.


Andrea Rayna

So sorry you've been sick....it must be contagious because I've had it too! Naughty Santa delivered me the worst cold ever on Christmas...and I'm still not up'tah'snuff.

So I am hopeful you are feeling better and sending you good thoughts and best wishes all the way from frozen Iowa.


I had a Christmas like that many years back. It was the year I was giving my daughter an American doll. I couldn't even get out of bed to see her open her gift. It was a Christmas of chicken soup, sherbert and 7Up. Hope your on the mend now. Marlee Pearl is just adorable and so good to see you and Milt posed by the cute camper. Are you going to decorate it with any red? Your tree looks pretty spectacular for you being so sick. Happy New Year and I'm hoping 2013 is good to you and your family.

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Gloria McAllister

Your Christmas tree is soooo pretty. I love the red flowers....are they geraniums? Maybe next year I will have a red tree too. I am such a copier....of you. :-) You know what they say...it's the most sincere form of flattery!

I have the cold myself now. Hope we all get well soon!

Gloria in Virginia

Paula Jo @ home and garden decor

I hope you are finally feeling better..I didn't get to decorate as much as I wanted because my back went out on me, but better now..Such a cute picture of your grandaughter and santa..Happy New Year!!


sorry to hear ya been sick! The lil trailer looks really good. Happy New Year!


Oh, we've had times where one sickness follows another. It isn't fun at all! Your house looks amazing to me.

Always love seeing your posts and hope to see more of you in 2013. :)


May the new year find you happy and healthy!

Kathie Truitt

You may feel like crud but do you know how adorably cute you are? Seriously, I just love your style and what I'D like to see more of on your blog is more pictures of what you're wearing. And more photos of you and Marlee Pearl together. Happy New Year.

Beehind Thyme Garden & Wares

Merry Christmas, my dear! I'm SO sorry to hear of your sickness... I truly hope you are on the road to recovery... my thoughts & prayers are with you.

Your precious granddaughter takes the cake... she is adorable & SO is this Santa!

Blessings to you & yours this up-coming New Year... HUGS from Kentucky!

Pamela Anthony

Donna Vaughan

So sorry you have been so sick - your fans are selfish - we miss you so much. That baby girl is beautiful - what eyes! Take care of yourself - and know that you are dearly loved.


so sorry you've been sick but glad you are better now.
hope the new year brings in a lot of happy, good, and healthy things for you!

Rita May

Merry Christmas Happy Campers! Take care of yourself!
((HUGS)) Rita


Merry Christmas, Tina! Whether large or small, I love seeing pictures of your decorations. I do hope you get to feeling like your old self again very soon.
PS-love the little camper and that adorable picture of Marlee.


Feel better soon! I miss your posts, wishing you and your family a merry christmas and happy new year!




Tina, its so good to see you post. I am so sorry you and Milt have been so sick. I sure hope both of you get better soon. You and Monica gonna be our neighbor for a fun weekend in Canton. Love your camper and I can't wait to see the inside since you had the makeover.
I have a picture of my daughter and "me" sitting on Santa's lap. Yup, all she would do is scream. You guess it one of the twins was exactly like her mom, she screamed every time. Love that picture of Marlee, she had him wrapped, thus the candy. Guess I should have sent a candy cane in my package. LOL.
Love your pic, was that the Christmas card I didn't get this year? hmm!


Hope you'r feeling better real soon. Marlee Pearl is precious! Merry Christmas! and a Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas Tina! Miss your posts so much!! I hope you are now on the mend!!!! Blessings to you!


Feel better soon. Merry Christmas!

Angele Hudson

Welcome back, we missed you! Hope you get over the sickness real soon...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...God Bless!

Becky from Tennessee

Sure have missed you, Tina. Hope
you are feeling much better and
will be able to enjoy the holidays!

That little Marlee Pearl sure is a
cutie!! I know you are enjoying her.

I also can't wait to see what you've
done to your little camper. I know
it's going to be adorable and very
"Cherry Hill Cottage!"

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to
you and your family!!



So sorry to hear you've been sick. Hopefully the worst is behind you so that you can enjoy the holiday season.

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with much happiness.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Laura Lee

Feel better soon! Merry Christmas!

Patricia Eaton

Tina, Stress will do that every time. I'm glad you are feeling better at least some better. Some rest might help....please do know that you have been missed. I see Marlee Pearl is growing like a weed. She is dear.
Love your Christmas tree and the sign!!! And, what a cute photo of you and Milton. The best and happiest of Christmases, dear friend, and a wonderful New Year too! I do so enjoy your blog posts so will look forward to them whenever they happen! ENJOY EVERYTHING...pat

PS. Hoping to see more of your vintage camper in 2013...it's cute and so YOU, love the way you have it 'decked out' in this photo, it's own little wreath and those red chairs!!


It has been a rough year. Happy to see it good. Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful honey, and extended beautiful family. My little girl is 5 and still won't sit in Santa's lap. Miss Marlee Pearl you are my hero...sitting there in Santa's lap.


Feel better - here's to a healthy New Year !
I miss your blog posts . . .

I know how you feel, I had it for two weeks so far and I threw my back out on top of it. UGH crazy times . . .

Have a Merry Christmas in spite of it all,
enjoy sweet Marlee Pearl . . .


Oh, I hope you are feeling better.
Merry Christmas!

Lisa~A Cottage To Me

What an adorable picture of Marlee Pearl! Hope your on the mend so you can enjoy your family for the holidays! Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas! Hope you feel better soon!


Tina, have a wonderful Christmas and I hope you are really on the mend! Love that photo or Marlee Pear and you and Milton!!
Merry Christmas@@

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